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Lee Sin Build Guide by wardwood

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author wardwood

Jungling: Learning the ropes ft. Lee Sin

wardwood Last updated on February 2, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi, my name is Wardwood and this is my first guide.
I've seen some good Lee Sin guides but I wanted to make one myself and add a personal touch to it. I hope you could use this guide, and concider leaving some feedback and constructive criticism. Let's start with the guide shall we!

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Let's talk abilities

Flurry (passive) - If

Lee Sin
uses an ability, his next 2 basic attacks gain 40% Attack Speed and return 15 Energy each.

Sonic wave
- A skillshot nuke which deals physical damage to the first enemy it encounters. If S
onic Wave
hits a target,
Lee Sin
can cast
Resonating Strike
for the next 3 seconds. This ability reveals stealth.

Resonating Strike
(Q) -
Lee Sin
dashes towards the enemy revealed by
Sonic Wave
dealing a base amount of damage plus 8% of their missing health as physical damage. (Max 400 damage against monsters)

Safeguard -
Lee Sin
rushes towards a target ally, shielding them both from damage for the next 5 seconds. After using
Lee Sin
can cast
Iron Will
for the next 3 seconds.

Iron Will
- For the next 5 seconds, Lee Sin gains bonus lifesteal and spell vamp.

Lee Sin
smashes the ground dealing magic damage to all nearby enemies and revealing them for 4 seconds. If
hits an enemy,
Lee Sin
can cast
within the next 3 seconds.

Lee Sin
cripples all enemies revealed by
reducing their movement and attack speed. The movement and attack speed recover over 4 seconds.

Dragon's Rage (ultimate) - Lee Sin performs a powerful roundhouse kick, dealing physical damage to the target and knocking them back. Enemies the target collides with take the same amount of physical damage and are briefly knocked into the air. Dragon's Rage can kick units over walls; use this to your advantage.

I see alot of people 'lasthit' champions with their ultimate for the kill. I personally can't really stand this, it's best to let your team-mates grab most kills (especially your AD or AP carry!), however, getting a kill is never a bad thing.

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Why these runes?
This is simply the best overall AD rune page in my opinion.
The attack damage runes help you clear the jungle faster, the armor yellows defend you from jungle creeps and the armor and magic resistance runes helps you survive ganks better.

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For masteries I like to go defensive with a 0/21/9 jungle mastery tree.

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Jungle paths

For the jungle path I will discuss 2 different path.
- One regular path
- One agressive path (counterjungling)

For the regular path I like to take this way:

This path is very chill. I recommend taking your first point in W for great sustain early. If you like to sustain your jungle BEST max W first. If you prefer to gank better max Q first for a great damage boost. I usually max E last.

Tip: To even have more sustain get a cloth armor and 5x health potion.

Now for the agressive (counterjungling) path:

The X on the picture stands for a place to wait for your enemy to ambush him, like so:

As the enemy jungler approaches you should have a health advantage because they will be damaged by red buff quite a bit. Smitesteal the largest lizard and attempt to kill the jungler. The easiest jungler to do this against has to be Amumu. I don't recommend doing this against a Nocturne, Olaf. It's possible; but they are quite deadly early. Especially Olaf for his passive. Once you smitestealed the Giant lizard and don't see an opportunity to kill the jungler, get your butt outta there, because the mid and/or bot lane will be on their ways towards you. ;)

NOTE: This path is obviously much more dangerous, so I recommend getting
boots of speed
first to get out of sticky situations better.

The benefits of this path are:
- Enemy jungler will have weaker ganks early on due to no red buff;
- Enemy jungler will have less experience;
- The enemy jungler could be a potential easy kill (first blood?).

If you go this path, I recommend bullying the enemy jungler even further by taking all his big wolves, big wraiths and buff monsters. When you do this, always leave one small creep in the camp to prevent them from respawning. Like so:

The enemy jungler will be underleveled if you keep on doing this. Make them scared to roam their own jungle! >:-D

Other fun stuff to bully the enemy jungler is to place some kind of traps in the brush between the two mid-lane towers. Whether it's a Caitlyn trap, Nidalee trap, Shaco jack in the box, it doesn't matter. It can allert you when he's comming and will deal a little amaunt of extra damage.The enemy jungler will feel really unsafe because you have vision on them.

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Jungle creeps respawn timer

- Wolves: 60 seconds
- Wraiths: 50 seconds
- Golems: 60 seconds
- Blue Golem: 5 minutes
- Red Lizard: 5 minutes
- Dragon: 6 minutes
- Baron: 7 minutes

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Lee Sin
is a very strong ganker. Especially when you have red buff. His slow and gap closer are amazing!

How to gank top lane:

There are 2 ways to gank top I use:
- The what I call the 'sneak technique'
- The river gank

Sneak technique

With this gank, top lane being pushed is no excuse. Use the fog of war to sneak into the brush and wait a little until the enemy has pushed the lane. They won't know what's hitting them.

River gank

Now this lane is just crying for a river gank. Walk up to your enemy, lead with your E to slow them and follow up with a Q and some auto attacks, because the lower their health is, the more the next Q will hit!

How to gank mid lane:

Mid lane is most vulnerable when it's (a little) pushed. Position yourself like the picture above demonstrates and walk up to your enemy. Lead with E (2x) for the slow and follow up with Q. Only use your second Q if they flash or when it's almost going on cooldown! Alot of people make the mistake using their Resonating Strike way to early so their gap closer is on cooldown the moment you need it the most.

How to gank bot lane:

When the enemy's are over the red line bot lane is worth ganking. However bot lane will be warded almost the entire early to mid game. Ask your support to get a
vision ward
or two, to have more successfull ganks and don't feel like you're wasting your time.

At bot lane it is also possible to use the sneak technique but again; there are probably wards in the brushes.You can try to avoid the Tribrush and go through the lane instead.


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Map awareness is one of the most overpowered things in the League. A 75g worth ward can prevent alot of enemy ganks of success. It can also alert you and your team for when the enemys try to get a Dragon or Baron Nashor kill.

The jungler could look out for these wards:

- The green dots: Regular sight wards
- The pink dots: A vision ward or True sight
- The orange dots: Here you can place a ward but it's optional

Wards help you keep track of the enemy jungler's progress. It makes it alot easier to counterjungle and maybe even countergank.

The wards at the enemy buff camps are for smite-stealing the biggest monster in the camp. With a good timing and a little practice this should be easy.

Dragon and Baron control

This is very important! In most cases the support should be warding the Dragon early; and the Baron Nashor mid- to late-game, but why not help by warding sometimes aswell?

Here some examples of Dragon and Baron control.

Baron shouldn't be pink warded too early, though warding always helps.

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Item discussing

This is my favorite build:
Mercury threads are for high CC enemy teams (alot of snares, stuns, slows, etc.)
Mercury threads can be swapped forNinja tabi if the enemys have alot of very high physical damage carrys (standard carrys: Miss Fortune, Caitlyn; and AD off tanks: Olaf, Jarvan)

Frozen mallet is a perfect item for Lee Sin: it brings tankyness, utility and some damage.

Wriggle's lantern is a must-have item for jungling early on. (Can be swapped in a Bloodthirster lategame)

The Black Cleaver is an item you want to pick up early. This is an awesome item. Cooldown reduction, health, damage and armor pen. Lovely!

Maw of malmortius is really good if the AP caster nukes you down. It gives you a great survivability in team-fights and can save your life.

Randuin's Omen feels like a must-have item on Lee Sin. When you dash in the middle of a team-fight, use the active of this item to stack with your tempest/cripple and their attack speeds and movement speeds will be dramatically reduced.

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Lee Skin

Lee Sin
has 5 very nice skins.

Lee Sin's classic skin.

Lee Sin

Traditional Lee Sin

Dragon Fist Lee Sin

Muay Thai Lee Sin

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Extra ;)

This song is very fitting ^^

A more in-depth champion spotlight than Riot's spotlights.

Lee Sin's emotes:
2 Taunts

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Thanks for watching!

Thank you for watching; please leave some feedback or constructive criticism so I can improve eventual future builds and guides.

This guide took me very long to make.
It takes 1 minute to give feedback!