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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gandalfzer

Jungling Morgana

Gandalfzer Last updated on December 15, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Utility: 21

Thank You MeowThief For Info
Pros: Fast end-game jungler
Fantastic Ganker
People will ragequit
Escape Tactics
Allows 2 lanes to solo.

Cons: A bit fragile
Your partners might quit from the idea from the build
Dependent on Golem Buff.
Two summoner spell slots are taken up D

Hello, Before you read this build please keep in mind this build can be very risky and one mistake will more then likely lead to your down fall, Also this build is for levels 1-6 and what you should buy and where you should go and what you should do.
Do not attempt if there are 2 junglers.
Also Read The Guide, Please post feedback on the build
*Do not use guide if you are not level 30*
Be sure always to use tormented soil on the jungles when attacking
Not A full Build just a guide for jungling i recommend Morgana prime Build after you have bought madreds sell madreds after you are done jungling

Early-Early Game 0-1 mins

At this time your team mates should be wondering how this is going to work.
Start At your teams twin golems as soon as they spawn Use Tormented Soil so that it hits both golems then smite and auto attack the golem you smited. and pop your health potion torment soil until both golems are dead the golem you smited and since smite is magic you will heal for about 90 health.

Early Game 3-10 mins

Move Your Character to wolfs, Torment the soil so that it hits all the wolfs and activate your Health Potion.

Now head over to the enemy's golem please keep in caution to take the safest route to there golem without attracting attention. Torment The soil so that it hits both Golems smite Activate your health Potion, And attack the golem you smited

Head back to your teams golem , Use tormented soil so that it hits both golems then smite and attack the golem you smited.

Now head to your wolfs dont worry about your low hp weyll take care of that
Use your hp potion torment the soil so that it hits all of them then use your Summoner Spell heal.

Next head to the Wraiths on your side Smite the blue one Use tormented Soil make sure to hit all of them then use your hp potion

Head to your golems Smite then tormented soil and auto attack the one you smited and continue to torment the soil.

By now your team must be like Oh My God This guy actually did it

So now you should buy your madreds and if you can buy a couple of health Potions make sure your fully Replenished.

Blue Buff Golem

So for this jungle it will be tricky but you'll pull it off so first of all

Dark Bind the Blue Buff golem then immediately tormented soil right under him then smite him and auto attack him and continually use tormented soil so that it hits all of them

Now you can spam your skills without the fear of losing mana head to wolfs and use Tormented Soil till there all dead

Head to golems use Tormented Soil and smite and auto attack the one you smited

To pull of a successful gank
you will hide in one of the 3 lanes bushes closet to the jungle as soon as you can indicate with a ping or a written message which Enemy your going to darkbind

as soon as you dark bind your target from the safety of the brush dark soil run up to them and use your ultimate and if there low hp it should kill them.


I Thank Shmexy for helping me create this build or jackzer on League of legends

(My Summoner name is Gandalfzer)