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Shyvana Build Guide by dragons hell

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dragons hell

jungling shyvana for pro's

dragons hell Last updated on January 27, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, this guide is for jungling Shyvana, The Half-Dragon properly and in a way that helps not only you but your team as well. Seeing as League of Legends is a 5 vs. 5 game not 1 vs. 5.
Anyways I just have not found any other jungling guide, for Shyvana, even close to this one so I decided to make one and see what others think and hopefully take some advice, not only from me to you but also from you to me to see what I can do to improve an already awesome jungle. Also this is my first guide on anything so if you have any hints or critisizim for it please be genrous about it and not a complete douche about it. Thank You.

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Honestly there is not much to put here. Just based on Shyvana's ult and nothing else I decided to try an all-out AS rune page and believe it or not it actually works wonders in a lot of situations. First off i must say if you have her built right in the rune page section then at lvl 1 you should have pretty close to 1.0 AS. This actually helps quite a bit in the speed of clearing out the jungle. In an average game I can clear the jungle and gank about once every thirty seconds or so. Keep in mind that is starting at wolves working your way down to golems and then picking a lane getting there and ganking.
And on a side not a pure AS rune page works wonders on Vayne and a AD Shaco.

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The masteries I have on Shyvana are based on clearing the jungle even faster and being able to survive even the hardest of ganks if played right. 21/9/0 is the way I went with Shyvana going for as much armor pen as i could so your early game is completely dominate even if you get ahead by just a little. Also the 9 in the defensive tree is the part where you can survive those early mistakes if you can play yourself out of them, not to mention the armor is helpful so you dont have to buy cloth armor and waste money on pots early game.

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Alright the item sequence should be pretty easy to understand but just in case I will explain it just a little. First Wriggle's Lantern I think is required for all AD jungler's.
With how mush AS you have from runes and masteries a vampieric scepter is perfect to start jungling. Going into the the Complete Wriggle's BEFORE you get any type of boots. Before you get your boot's your W (Burnout) should be your primary source of getting somewhere quickly seeing as how you need no mana to use any of your abilities. More on that later though. Now next is the Merc Treads. In my Shyvana build early game you are playing the part of junlger/ganker/tank where as mid game you are more the ganker/tank so you need to be able to be mobile at all times so the tenacity helps here. Next go for Frozen Mallet. First of it is an awesome item to begin with needs to be used a lot more then it is. Second with your AS and your W you should be able to catch up to anyone and take about 3/4 of there life just from your mid turret to there mid turret without any help just the Frozen Mallet and your Abilities. Not to mention even IF they where getting away from you before (really hard to do btw) now just one auto attack and they will almost never get away. (Only exceptions are people you can teleport then stealth or just tele/ flash away at an extremly fast pace IE: kassidan or shaco) Granted you should never be chasing those kind of enemies anyways. Next is the Giant's Belt for even more tankiness at this point you should be pretty good into mid game. Then Zeal for even more AS and yes even MORE movement speed. Plus the crit chance is pretty usefull too. Now after this is where I decide what items i need to get next. If I need to get even tankier then I finish Giant's Belt into Warmog's Armor. If I feal i need to move around more I finish Phantom Dancer. With me I almsot always finish off my Warmog's first so that way my next item can be Atma's Impaler. with how much HP you have at this point this damage is what should be rounding off your team. This way even if they focus the carry there is still someone else on your team who can do some really havey damage in a very very short period of time. (you)
Now by this point if the game is not over i usually sell my Merc Treads for a second PD. Just the movement speed alone will make it seem like you still have boots but its more about AS and crit chance at this point. Lasty to make sure you still have VERY good sustainablility I get a Bloodthirster. Damage from this item is nothing but iceing on the cake.

Possible alternates might be a Tryn force. Havent tried it just yet. And I always see Shyvana's run with malady. I guess its a good item on her but without Frozen Mallet to be able to slow them down to be able to keep landing hits its kind of pointless. I mean PD gives a better AS and move speed with a crit chance.

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Skill Sequence

If you are jungling with Shyvana EVER you should ALWAYS MAX YOUR W FIRST. This is to be able to move as fast as possible and take out the jungle as fast as possible. Secondly your Q should be second and you should use it as much as possible. Every basic attacks lowers its CD by .5 sec so Q away. Last your E. such an underrated spell. In my opinion one of the most underrated abilities in the game. First off, yes it is a skill shot. Secondly yes the first thing it hits, it hits. BUT here is where your E comes in handy a lot. After hitting someone with your E for about the next 3-5 sec (how ever long it last) with every basic attack you deal an EXTRA 15% damage based on how much damage your E does. So in jungle always lead with it. When ganking USUALLY NOT ALWAYS lead with it. There are times when you should get in a few hits first before you hit them with E

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust and Smite SHOULD ALWAYS be your summoners when jungling Shyvana. Unless you are perfect in postioning with your teammates in every gank exhaust will let you pull of that much needed gank almost 75% of the time resulting in a kill. Now for Smite I really do NOT want to explain this but becasue so many people think they can jungle without smite now i have to.
SMITE is REQUIRED FOR LAST HITTING OBJECTIVES.lets use dragon as an example, you can ward dragon find that 3-4 of the enemy team is there trying to take dragon with noone around you can sneak over there do wahtever to get close to dragon smite it get the last hit and the 190G and escape with almost no problems. and there you go they just did all the tanking on dragon for you. same thing goes for Baron. Just with Smite I myself have stolen baron from the enemy team at least 6 times just as shyvana alone. If that doesnt work imagine this happening. (Its a really close game goign back and forth all game. whoever gets an ace or baron is goign to win the match. Your entire team goes over to abron to try and take it. NO ONE on your team has smite, unknown to you they warded baron. Their jungler comes out of nowhere Smites Baron, steals it then gets away.) O **** IS RIGHT. I have had this happen to me at least twice becasue of this " I jungle without smite now".
Please if your going to jungle PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TAKE SMITE.
O and one more thing I have heard this with Shyvana as well your Q is NOT and I repeat IS NOT a Smite. Keep in mind Smite deals TRUE damage to the monster. While your Q deals PHYSICAL damage, therefore armor will be used to REDUCE damage taken by the monster.

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Pros / Cons

Every guide I have seen does Pros/Cons first. Well I'm going to be different I'm doing them here.


very easy to learn laning or jungling
very fast jungler if you know what you are doing
Naturally tanky
very often left under the radar
can turn straight tank if falling behind anytime in the game


Very Very hard to master her ganking styles and techniques.
NEEDS farm or feed to be able to get going as anything wethere tanky DPS or Tank
Has no real CC of her own
Has no real counter to any type of CC

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Creeping / Jungling

Alright here is wher ei will put how i jungle and how you should jungle if you follow this guide. First off start at wolves they should spawn at around 1:39 i think. get wolves if you do it right you should get wolves before blue even get sup.
NOW HERE IS THE PART MOST PEOPLE DONT UNDERSTAND. YOU ARE SHYVANA YOU DO NOTUSE MANA Therefore you do NOT need blue. I dont care about the 10% reduced CD your cooldowns are low enough. remeber this is a 5 man team give blue to someone you can actually use it like mid or solo top or if need be your support. NOW make sure you get the 2 little ones. BUT MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT GET BLUE. save smite. use it on big wraiths first time. then clear wraiths then golems then see if you can gank if not wait for wolves and clear jungle once or twice. if you can build your wriggles awesome do it. by about your 3-4 time through jungle you should be somewhere between lvl 5-6 depending on how much you gank and you get red at this time. If you need it sooner get it. but you should be constitanly ganking with how fast you can clear the jungle and come back. by mid game if your doing ganks properly no matter how good the other jungler is you should have at least bot and top turret gone and working on mid.

MOre to come as I work on perfecting my shyvana jungle.