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League of Legends Build Guide Author K06a

K06a's 3v3 Builds - Miss Fortune

K06a Last updated on June 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Miss Fortune was one of the first champions I fell in love with when I started playing. She was the first champion I saved 6300IP for, and is still one of my favorite champs to play. An important note is that I almost always play 3v3. I normally only have time for the shorter games, and I've become very accustomed to the play style needed to be successful in 3v3. This Miss Fortune build is very different from what I have seen on here and I thought I would bring my build to light. This is my first build/guide, but it works very well for me so I wanted to share it.

This build is all about a delicate dance that Miss Fortune does so well. If done properly this build will net you early lane control (whether you are top solo, or bottom with a partner) and you use this early lane control to farm minions, starve enemy xp, and gain a few kills where possible. What this does is puts you ahead by mid game, and way ahead by endgame. Miss Fortune, like most carries, has an expensive build, and this early control will help you secure the gold you need to get there.

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Runes are very helpful, yet really don't make a huge difference at the same time. (I know that's contradictory) The point is that runes differ greatly depending on your play style. I prefer
Attack Speed Quintessences ( Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed) This build is an Attack Speed based build, these quints help all game, but really help with early Impure Shots
Armor Penetration Marks ( Greater Mark of Desolation) for obvious reasons,
Health per level Seals ( Greater Seal of Vitality) for some added survivability
Flat Cool down reduction Glyphs ( Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction) for more harass early and more ULTs later.

Attack Speed Seals ( Greater Seal of Attack Speed) and Glyphs ( Greater Glyph of Attack Speed) can also be substituted, but keep in mind they offer lower bonuses since they are secondary runes, as opposed to primary.

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These masteries are just the generic 21/0/9 you would use for most AD based DPS champions. The only questions I could see about these are those that don't fully understand the worthlessness of (Greed) and (Perseverance). There are plenty of forum threads and other guides that can illustrate this for you, if you are really curious. Obviously I hope you don't die and therefore never have to take advantage of (Good Hands) but we all know it's gonna happen.

Alternates mastery options just depend on which summoner spells you take.

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Summoner Spells

Another area where preference is key. I prefer Exhaust and Clarity but there are several spells that are beneficial for Miss Fortune, it just depends on your play style.

Exhaust - I love this spell, especially when talented (masteried? you know what I mean) It's great for that pre-minion gank, very helpful in early chasing, Amazing for running away, and I love to use it on that heavy hitter ( Warwick, Tryndamere, Jarvan IV, etc..) that's either on you or a teammate to slow their DPS long enough to secure the kill.

Clarity - This spell is often overlooked, or looked down upon for Miss Fortune, but I love it. This spell is what keeps you in your lane harassing early, and allows you to take full advantage of Make it Rain early game. Late game, it's not as useful, but most summoner spells aren't. and it can still help if an ally is low on mana, or if you find yourself away from base for an extremely long time.

Ghost - Would make a great alternative to exhaust if it fits your play style more. Still gives you an escape, and a chase mechanism. and can be used with her passive movement speed to jump across the Twisted Treeline very quick for ganking or to secure a tower under seige.

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Skill Sequence

This is where I assume I will get the most flak or disagreement. I build my Miss Fortune very different in that I highly prioritize Make it Rain. This is an amazing harassment skill that most Miss Fortune players see as just an AoE slow. The problem is the damage on it is low and most players choose to max Double Up first, so by the time they pick up Make it Rain it's prime damaging/harassing window has already past. Don't get me wrong, I've played Double Up harass, it can be very effective, however it's glitchy and unpredictable a lot of the time. For this reason I often don't pick up her 'Q' until I'm forced to. This gives you the perfect use of her 'E' in it's prime, and when you finally do pick up the 'Q' you are deep enough into your build to actually have some Attack Damage to make better use of it.

Impure Shots is another really mean ability to max out early that is also normally put on a back burner when getting Double Up so early. My 3v3 build is an Attack Speed/Attack Damage Hybrid and this ability combined with early AS items makes this "carry" put out decent DPS early, especially when harassing properly with Make it Rain.

I will describe how I take advantage of these skills early in a later section.

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This is my core Item build, my fifth and sixth items depend greatly on the situation but normally include items like Trinity Force, Malady, Wit's End, Guardian Angel, or just another Phantom Dancer. Since 3v3s don't normally last long enough to build that far (MF with Phantom Dancer and Infinity Edge is pretty much good game) I'm not going to stress on these last items much, use whatever feels right for the situation (whether you want to finish capping attack speed, gain some more AD, or build some survivability)

Starting Items
sight ward
This is my initial buy. This build is all about dancing around your enemies and the best way I've found to start the build is to get movement speed first, then work on attack speed to peck away at your opponent. I pick up Boots of Speed for a quick rush to center bush, the Health Potion to stay in my lane longer, and the sight ward for the middle to watch for ganks

First Trip Back

Hopefully you haven't died yet, on your first trip back you should be able to afford to finish your Berserker's Greaves and possibly pick up another Dagger If you have extra money consider another sight ward you can never be to careful, and never want to be caught by surprise on any squishy character like Miss Fortune. You can place this ward either by red buff if you are still seeing a lot of traffic in that area, or near dragon to see the goings on in the top jungle.

Mid Game

At this point you'll either find yourself going back to base often (as part of your constant dance) or if your team is dominating you may just have a whole bunch of money. Either way The Black Cleaver is the official start of you becoming a DPS powerhouse. By now your attack speed is respectable and your Impure Shots is quickly gaining rank. The additional attack damage given by the B.F. Sword and eventually The Black Cleaver will allow you to start farming very quick minion waves, hard pushing for player kills, and start destroying towers. After grab a Zeal to help you continue to dance around your enemies, further increase your attack speed, and prepare your crit chance for your end game.

End Game

As the game progresses farther you should now be constantly bouncing lanes, farming kills (minion and player alike). Time to decide what to build next. If I'm going against a more tanky opponent team whether it be tanks ( Rammus, Cho'Gath, Alistar) or just tanky DPSers ( Warwick, Mordekaiser, Nocturne) I tend to finish my Phantom Dancer or just build a second Zeal first. This allows me to pluck their health faster with more The Black Cleaver and Impure Shots procs. However, If I'm going against squishier opponents I will stick with one Zeal and build my Infinity Edge before finishing the Phantom Dancer.


For games that last longer than just the core build I normally go with a Trinity Force and a Guardian Angel (I just LOVE when enemy team focuses me only for me to resurrect with the quickness) but many other items can make these two slots it's really going to depend on how the game goes. Luckily most games won't last this long.

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The Dance

Ok, now for the "How to Play" section. Miss Fortune is a hard hitter, but she's also a delicate flower. Her passive is perfect proof of how she is supposed to be played, move quick and don't get hit. At level 1 you should take Make it Rain grab your boots and head for the center bush. With your boots and her passive you should almost always get there first to prepare for the pre-minion team fight. It shouldn't matter which lane you take, your harass can compete with almost any other champ, this is the great thing about using 'E' instead of 'Q', it has such a large radius that it keeps even annoying champs back. If they are in the minions use it there, if they are staying behind the caster minions use your 'E' so that you barely hit the caster minions with the front side of the circle. This should force your enemy even further from the fight and will start to starve them of experience. Now you are leveling faster, and farming minions faster than your opponents in the lane. You are squishy, and your opponents know that, this actually works to your advantage. Your opponents will likely "dive" at you, this is where you dance. most enemies should move slower than you, simply kite those until they turn and run. Once they start to run CHASE. this is the easiest way to drop their health. If they come back at you, kite again. Once you have their health low enough for the kill hit them with Exhaust, Make it Rain on them, and pop your Impure Shots for a quick kill.

Throughout the later game you should be constantly moving, farming minions in either lane, killing jungle creeps, ganking weak/open enemies, and coming into team fights fashionably late. Late entry into team fights allows them to focus one of your harder teammates, while you mop up the kills with your AoE and massive auto-attack DPS.

In short: your biggest goal early game is to harass without dying, while endgame you should have your opponents scared of you. At the sight of you they should run away.

(note: as Miss Fortune, you should never stand toe-to-toe with an enemy, no matter how squishy you think they are. If you are 1 v 1 KEEP MOVING this is your advantage, use it.

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This is my first build so I do appreciate any constructive criticism and feedback. I realize that a lot of the text can be considered long and will work to make this a better guide in any way I can. I plan to make other 3v3 guides as 3v3 is where my expertise (if you can call it that) lies.

I do ask that you please refrain from non-constructive criticism and remarks. I understand that most people play 5v5 and that is perfectly fine. but I would like to bring some guides to those who, like me, enjoy 3v3s. Please try the build a few times before posting negative comments or voting down.