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Karthus Build Guide by drakomania

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League of Legends Build Guide Author drakomania

Karthus : Yes, Death Defied twice

drakomania Last updated on February 4, 2012
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Hi everyone,

This is my first guide, so fell free to leave some suggestions. :)

So, many of you think that Karthus should be played as a squishy AP nuker (which is also a great way). Today, I will show you a new kind of Karthus: double off-tank AP Karthus. Yes, it will be a triple with Revive and Guardian Angel. I'm not trolling. >:\

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So here are the runes that I recommend:
3 Greater Quintessence of Revival
9 Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
9 Greater Seal of Replenishment
9 Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction

- Greater Quintessence of Revival is for the death timer reduce. Even you have Revive and Guardian Angel, you need those when they are on cooldown. With Good Hands , you have 25% less time to spend death.

- Greater Mark of Magic Penetration is for the little bonus damage. You don't want them to live with 5 HP, don't you?

- Greater Seal of Replenishment is for the mana regen that you really need in early game. Missing a Lay Waste will be less painful.

- Greater Seal of Scaling Cooldown Reduction is for the cooldown reduction that you really need for Requiem. With the masteries, you will have 18,1% at level 18 without items. This mean 22 seconds less to wait for your Lvl 3 Requiem.

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For the masteries, I like to take 9/0/21. Even you are a off-tank, the standard caster masteries are quite effective. For 9/0/21, make sure to take:
- Sorcery and Arcane Knowledge for more damage and less cooldown
- Good Hands for less time spent dead
- Intelligence for less cooldown
- Mastermind for less cooldown on Revive and Teleport

The rest is for your unique playing style.

9/21/0 is also a great choice, but for an off-tank the masteries above are better. If you choose this, you will be tankier but with less cooldown reduction and mana regenaration. For this setup make sure to take:
- Summoner's Resolve for a speed boost with Revive
- Durability and Veteran's Scars for more health
- Enlightenment for more CDR (CoolDown Reduction)
- Juggernaut of course

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Revive and Teleport (Summoner Spells)

Yes, this is the guide that features Revive and Teleport for Karthus. If you want others summoner spells, what can I say? At least, try these first! :)

This spell instantly revives your Champion on your spawning pool with a scaling Health bonus for 2 minutes. If you took Summoner's Resolve , you will also gain a speed boost but not for 2 minutes. (540 sec or 459 sec with Mastermind )

Only use this when the death timer is too long (more than 20 sec) AND\OR your team needs you quick. Otherwise the cooldown of Revive is not worth.

This is also know as the Trolling Spell, but most of people that calls this trolling don't know how to use it well.

Fun fact: This can make people queue dodge. If you clicked play accidently or you don't want to play with this team, pick Revive. (50% success rate) BUT, you can be in queue for a long time. My record is 5 dodges.

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Skill Sequence

R > Q > E > W is the skill priority.

At level 2, you need to level up the right skill that solves the problem you have.
- Wall of Pain is needed if your enemy is too fast OR if you can finish them quick. (very rare)Suited for aggresive play and duo laning.
- Defile is needed when you have mana problems AND/OR you want to go in and kill them with your passive, but this will give them first-blood and yourself a kill or two. (not recommended)Suited for passive play and solo laning.

At level 4, you can level up the skill that you didn't take. (W or E)

After that follow the normal skill sequence and it's done. That was Easy! :P