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Kassadin Build Guide by stinglock

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author stinglock


stinglock Last updated on December 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to my Dominion Kassadin guide.

I'll add images to this eventually, until then the skills will be referred to by the following terms.

Q Null Sphere : Silence
W Nether Blade : Melee Skill
E Force Pulse : Wrble/Warble
R Riftwalk : Rift

This build will keep you tanky, keep you alive and pretty much allow you to kill and chase that Akali/ Shaco/ Evelynn down IF YOU HAVE TO. Cos yeah, you know you don't have to right?

Don't you forget that! You will notice your ap start to go over 500 and your damage start to melt them, but know when to fight, and when to kite, and when to engage.

You're role is the primary assasin, moving from point to point killing and allowing others to cap, and ensuring they wont get distrupted should some nasties start rolling/creeping your way.

21/12/11 EDIT: Reworked for S2 Masteries, and Images added.

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Quints = Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
Reason: You're starting with an item that only provides (reduced)surviabiliy, you need ap from somewhere otherwise people will laugh at your lack of deeps.

Blues = Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
Reason: duh, earlygame. As you're not going to be touching on mres until after you're ap sauce is done, you want something to go with your sexy passive to keep you up against those nasty casters.

Yellow = Greater Seal of Vitality
Reason: This gives you a nice hp boost during the frequent level ups. If you have a problem with mana get mana regen. (Had to replace Greater Seal of Evasion, they were great and worked well with minion farming and the s1 masteries. )

Red = Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
Reason: Limited imagination possibly? Kass is all magic damage. Should you really need to, this will allow you to skip sorc boots for another set and starts you off with pretty standard magic pen.

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Yeah, that's right, you're going into the def tree hardcore, get that 1.5% reduced damage (used to be 4% :(), add it to your passive Void Stone, and that's 16.5% less magic damage from the start of the game. (odyn's veil will take it to 26.5%).

We're going to use that to get up close and personal to the casters and make their life hell.

Ardor used to go lovely with the archmages and your build. Now with the s2 masteries, there is no real need to dump into the def tree as much and you could probably skip out the last 9 points if you wanted some utility.

We go through and grab hp masteries, pickup some move speed as well as finish off with the reduction on disables which is always handy.

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Items items items....
Runes/Masteries set you up with some nice (but small) ap pool, and a pretty solid build that can take some hits and dodge some hits too. This being said, you want to get your rod asap, so start with half of it.

Catalyst the Protector: The half that keeps you alive.
Reduced regen yes, so it's not as effective as it was on SR or TT, but that's okay, we passively lvl up in dominion, it gives us some nice hp, and mana to keep us up, and casting in the first few battles.

Rod of Ages: Hated, loved, despised, famed.
This Rod doesn't take ages to charge, check the tooltip, 1 charge a minute, 10 charges max.
Get this item before 3-4 minutes if you're unsure about it. I end up throwing boots on the first chance to shop and I get it finished around the 5 minute mark.
They key point to note is this will be an endgame, not a midgame item for you, as it was on SR, it shines endgame on dominion when it's always fully charged and midgame you will smile as those green bars get smaller and smaller.

I nice serving of HP/Mana and AP, you won't find another item that provides the benefits that the rod does, should you not like this item go for a ryalis or something, you get the full slow with your silence and a nice aoe with your rift walking.

Sorcerer's Shoes: You get these boots (or whatever boots you prefer) for mobility and magic pen, should they be all AD based champs get your feet on some dodge boots, should you truly fear the cc and despise cleanse, sigh, mercs.
Mobility if you want to be a cap***, but don't forget to slap on a Phantom Dancerafter you've grabbed the Priscilla's Blessing.

Rod of Ages: Pull on a pair of lvl 1 boots after catalyst if you need movement, otherwise just focus on holding mid and bot, or cleaning up top until you can get your rod done, once that's done the fun really starts.

Rabadon's Deathcap: I see most guides suggest the large rod first, really, it doesn't matter too much, get what part you can afford, and the other one after, should you encounter a vast amount of magic damage get your odyn's first, should their be an abundance of stealth (of even just one roaming capper), get the hextech sweeper before this item. Should you not care just get your magic cap on and get to work.

Odyn's Veil: Check it's passive, it goes nicely with Void Stone as mentioned above.
24% magic reduction, and a free aoe too, oh, and did I mention it comes with 50 magic resist 350hp and 350mana? That's pretty nifty hey.

Hextech Sweeper: This is your anti-stealth item, you are teh assasin. You don't want them to be using silly things like shrubberies, cloak, shroud or stealth or deceive when they're on 10%hp do you? This ends the games and brings the pain. Nothing like just Force Pulseing an akali shroud or landing it on the shaco as he decieves behind you. I'm pretty sure I use the active endgame as fireworks, feel free to use it brushcheck or antistealth an areas should be you even slightly concered as it has a 1min cooldown and lasts for 6 seconds.

Skip it if you don't need steath detection Usually only really needed if you come up against two stealthers.

Archangel's StaffArchangels: This is like, um, well, not really for the mana regen it provides, more for it's passive and that 3% conversion. Watch your ap boost after this item and forget the charge, it's endgame now, hold the three you have or cap cap cap.

For AD heavy teams, look at, Frozen Heart and/or Zhyona's Hourglass.
Perhaps swap out Hextech Sweeper or Odyn's Veil for them.

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Skill Sequence

Playstyle usually determines this, and as such, I enjoy having damage at my disposal for capping the windmill earlygame. 2 points to Force Pulse, and 1 point to Null Sphere.

By the time you have capped mid and are walking up to the second point, bam, lvl up.
Get a second point in Null Sphere or Nether Blade(great for triggering Force Pulse with low cost and mana regen should you be hitting with it)

And ensure you lvl Force Pulse at every chance you get, should they have some pretty crazy cc or damage Null Sphere is your goto skill, this allows you to poke and has a greater range but at the sacrifice for damage.

Force Pulse is your main source of damage, until hitting level 6, you can silence, run in and then drop this on them, and anyone near them for the slow while you melee them and get some mana back.

Once you get Riftwalk, more possiblities start opening up and there's not that many walls you can't jump over, every few seconds. The key with rift is knowing when to charge, and when to time it out to conserve mana and cover distances.

With your Riftwalk you generally always want to charge if you're going to def a point from a capturer, silence them first, then close the gap with your charged rift onto their head as you silence and melee them for some lovely mana as the tower drills down on them.

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Summoner Spells

Flash: I tend to use flash very very loosely when playing as kass, I keep it up for large fights and don't hesitate to flash afer capping mid at the start to get me to the windmill faster should our team be scrambling back from the point and not dominated it.
Use it space out our rift jump if you're chasing and don't need to rift onto their heads or want it charging, the mana usage is quite ridiculous when chained but single use it helps you bounce around the map from point to point.

Cleanse: Dying isn't great in dominon, this bad boy is use sparingly and is your get out of jail card, you only have one of them, and you usually will be using this after eating the enemy teams's cc and then rift/flashing out on 100-200hp.

Both flash and cleanse are not fixed in stone, should you feel you need something else, take it, but these two are the only ones that can save you in a pinch.

I won't discuss the other options, take them if you want. Good luck trying to rift out when OOM and covered in CC and/or silenced/feared/taunted, I hear it doesn't work so well.

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Unique Skills

Pushing Minions:
Do it when you're low on mana and have atleast one point in your Nether Blade. You don't have to trigger the skill as the passive is enough, but push push push, after about 10-20 seconds of this you should have more than enough mana to deal with the approaching threat, but if they are slow like rock, you will easily be able to Riftwalk up, meet and beat them meanwhile your your minions are capping/neuting the point for you.

Timing, then Riftwalk, then Force Pulse, then Null Sphere.
That's the order of importance I find, not for leveling but what you have to remember and focus on to kite properly. well timed rifts give you the element of surprise, a well placed pulse will do the main damage and slow, and the null just gets put on the lowest/most dangerour foe.

To kite effectively, you want your timing sorted . No point rifting in too early when silence isn't up and you have no charges on the Force Pulse, if in doubt, get the fk out.
There's always a squishy sitting on a point that thinks he's safe and doing a good job defending, make his life hell and he will get backup. The moment they divert forces to help defend, they have just made themself vulnerable and your team should strike while you play kite and killing times with them.

After your timing is good and consistent, you want to work on your rift walking, do it randomly, smart cast fkn everything, learn, judge and estime how far you can rift over things and predict where you will land. Did you land where you thought you would? Smile as you drift past the bush to their point, you are slowly getting it and riftwalking will become second nature.

With your Force Pulse, if it's up, and you can hit one or more, do it, othwerise Null Sphere and use an unstacked riftwalk to catch and start some melee, they will either retaliate, or flee, both of these will hopefully be made happen with skills, which means bammo, it's slowtime again. Just remember not to miss this skill, it's a skillshot and your main source of damage and needs charges to be used.

Last, and most certainly not least, is the Null Sphere . Use this when running away or as an opener if you need some charges for the Force Pulse, depening on how you're playing, this can be used tactially on certain targets, or simply as a damage and charge tool, which is usually how I use it. Don't forget to use it to end any of those damn channeling spells.

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Kass is build stronger to last longer.

I seem to always want to get a pd on kass in dom mainly for the AS, as I just love his melee skill when you're build is almost done, nothing like crushing minions waves and getting mana back in the process.

This build as you've problably noticed ends up with just over 3khp, and well over 3k mana with your kiting skills you can ruin people who try and take your cap points, I tend to occasioanlly when on ~50% hp grab a health pack, and sit in the bush if I see someone prancing or rolling over, nothing like rifting out with a silence to the face, and big fat slow and some awesome looking melee animations.

Oh , yeah, and you end up with a bit of ap too, i dont think this guide fully rocks the archagels or rabadons math.