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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author gozip

Kassa, The Rage Quit Master(edited ver. December 17)

gozip Last updated on December 17, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Here some lovely picture of Kassa ^^

Okey, here we go. In this build youll see some old ideas but youll find some big changes.


Okey, lets start with this. Youll ask:"Why did he put 21 points into Defence?!WTF!1!11!" Answer is:"Because I can!" Hmm, not very persuasively. -_-
Ill explain it then. I just cant see a point in putting masteries into Utility. Kassa becomes really usefull in mid game and i ***uer youll not going to have any problems with mana in mid game. And i dont think he need more speed or even CD reduction. But on the other hand Defence gives you a really good chance to survave in early game and even help you a bit in mid-late game. With this only one problem now exist for you - lack of mana in early game. So dont do anything dangerous. Watch your amount of mana and always save some for Rift.


My build dont have big changes here too.
Why did i put Force Pulse as thirst spell to learn. Ok, see for yourself - whats the big deal in taking Null Sphere as thirst. At 1 level it dont dealt any big damage and just a vaste of mana. On the other hand Force Pulse can be charged by the enemy and your comrad spells. So by the time you gain the 2 level this spell will mostly be charged or on 3-4 staks already.
I take Nether Blade on 4 level to make my mana pool at its full for max time.


Here i came up with a really good ideas.
Since Patch you can start with Meki Pendant and 2x Health Potion, because Meki Pendant will outrange Sapphire Crystal after about 2,5 minutes.
First trip back: Boots of Speed & Tear of the Goddess

Your next item is Haunting Guise. In my opinion, this is the best Casteritem in LoL, especially in early game. Some Mathematics will show:
Lets say your victim has 30 magic resistance. When you become lvl 9, your Force Puls will deal 300 dmg + an ability ratio of 0,8. With your Marks, Haunting Guise and Masteries, the magic resistance of your victim will be: 30 - 8,5 - 20 - 15% = 1,275 MR
Without Haunting Guise: 30 - 8,5 - 15% = 18,275 MR
Your real damage with Haunting Guise will be calculated as follows:
(300 + 0,8*20) / (1 + 1,275/100) = 312 real damage
Now without the 20 magic penetration to show how much ability power you would need to do the same damage:
(300 + 0,8*86) / (1 + 18,275/100) = 312 real damage.
The same calculations with 50 MR...
...with Haunting Guise: (300 + 0,8*20) / (1 + 18,275/100) = 267 real damage
...without Haunting Guise: (300 + 0,8*67) / (1 + 32,275/100) = 267 real damage

As you can see, Haunting Guise will improve your damage more than a Needlessly Large Rod would do at an enemy with 30 Base-MR, but with less costs AND 200 HP for free!
With 50 MR it becomes a little less effective, but it still pumps up your damage like no other item you could afford that early in the game. And without any risk of failing because you don't get the stacks for Mejai's Soulstealer.

I exchanged Banshy Vail to Abyssal Scepter(or you can use Void Staff). I dont want to say that Kassa dont need Vail. You can take it if you feel that you get ganged very constantly. But i must say that if you want to be the "****ING IMBA HERO I HATE HIM.. OH **** HE IS BEHIND ME AAAA..." Kassa this item will be very usefull. It makes Kassa spells really painfull. Just dont let yourself in some stuped batch. Attack then enemy dont expect you. Attack solo heroes. Make them afraid of their own shadows =3

And one edition. You can buy Deathfire Grasp if there is such heroes as Cho-Gath in enemy team. Its for you to choose.



Marks: Greater Mark of Insight I think, this is pretty obvious
Seals: Greater Seal of Vitality This will give you some survivability
Glyphs: Greater Glyph of Force Kassadin has good ability ratios on his spells, so in combination with Zhonya's Ring these are definitely worth it
Quintessences: A mixture of Greater Quintessence of Fortitude and Greater Quintessence of Potency. Depending on what you feel more comfortable with.

Okey, ill stop here. If ill come to some more ideas itll be here. Its not the final version of build description. So wait for more.
Saiyonara minasan ^^

PS: This build is my build. I know you will say that Bad *** Rift build is better. Yes, its better for a most of people. But this build i made for myself after trying Bad *** build a lot. It is just more suitable for my playstyle. I dont give you garantie that itll be better for you. If you like it - try it. But plz dont write that this build sucks then you dont even tryed this build once.

Some proof screenshots. Wait for more.