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League of Legends Build Guide Author badastronaut

Kassadin: Melt Faces

badastronaut Last updated on August 5, 2010
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Gonna try to keep this guide shorter than my Kayle guide (shameless plug). Kassadin is my second most played champ right behind Kayle.


Void Stone

15% less damage from all abilities. Pretty damn good if you ask me. The decreased damage is converted to attack speed for you. Not all that important for this build but every little bit counts when you are chasing someone down.

Null Sphere

An amazing ability. Silence is so powerful and absolutely disrupting. Besides being a great damaging spell and initiating attack, it is great in a defensive sense. If an enemy is charging in, silence him and watch him walk in confused. Generally you can escape easily with Riftwalk, however, your team mates cannot. If you see someone chasing a team mate, silence him before he pops a cc on your friend.

Nether Blade

It has been buffed. It's great for restoring some mana and adding a bit of damage to your down time. Kass is a burst character. He fires off his spells and has to wait for them to come back up. Pop this to get that little bit of extra damage. It's also great for building up your Force Pulse.

Force Pulse

Hit's intensely hard and slows in a frontal cone. You can easily stop that runner with Riftwalk > Force Pulse. Defensive and Offensive as well. Again, if your team mate is getting chased, you have silenced the chaser and now you can slow him and Rift Walk away laughing at his ruined attempt.


This is the reason you got your *** handed to you by Kassadin and decided to play him. One of the best Ultis in the game and the main cause of your defeated foes calling you OP. It's like the summoner spell flash with a short cooldown and an increasing damage component. Being that it is like flash, you can use it defensively and offensively. Remember that you can flash through obstacles! Enter Baron's little cove, only to flash through the back wall. Also use this in combination with your Nether Blade at the summoner circle if you don't have a Force Pulse ready. You can build up a full force pulse for free this way!

Summoner Spells:

As always this comes down to preference.
I go with Ignite and Clarity for these specific reasons...

You are a nuke character. Which means sometimes you will nuke someone and they will be close to death but not there yet. Ignite can net you a lot of kills for that very reason

Clarity is a beautiful counter-part to Riftwalk. Riftwalk takes increasing amount of mana for each subsequent cast within a 7 second time frame. For that reason sometimes you will chase a character, get the kill and be met by his friends hungry for revenge. Your mana will be low. Clarity ensures that you can get away easily and/or continue to chase if you didn't get that initial kill.

Some other spells to contemplate:

Is great because it makes it unnecessary for you to have to chase as far with your riftwalk. Improved Exhaust will also provide you with some extra oomph. I find it gimmicky though because people might have cleanse or other abilities that allow them to escape. This is why i place it below clarity as you have a built in chase ability.

Somewhere mid-game people will start fearing you. This is when they will start CCing you and focus firing you. Add insult to injury by cleansing it off and melting their faces.

Personally I feel the other spells don't have as much synergy with Kassadin. Except maybe Teleport and Clairvoyance. But those are the same for every champ pretty much.


Quint's of Fort are a staple for me. Change them as you see fit.

Mark of Insight is really the only mark you should consider.

Seals of Fortitude and Seal of Clarity are both viable. However Fortitude will see more end-game use. You are a end-game character so I prioritize Fortitude over Clarity.

Glyph of Force because you are all about AP. I also think Glyph of Celerity would be nice, but have yet to try it.

Item Build:
1. (470 G) Sapphire Crystal and 2 Health Pots
2. (930 G) Tear of the Goddess and Boots of Speed
3. (1235 G) Mejai's Soulstealer (If you are doing well)
4. (1325 G) Catalyst the Protector
5. (1710 G) Rod of Ages
6. (1610 G) Sorcerer's Shoes and Blasting Wand
7. (1000 G) Archangel's Staff
Core is Completed

Some other items to consider at this point (semi-ordered according to usefulness).

(2600 G) Zhonya's Ring: It's Zhonya's Ring. You are AP, that should be enough before the shield is even mentioned. This will most likely be your next item.

(2610 G) Deathfire Grasp: An added nuke to open with. Remember that Kass has downtime when his spells are recharging. Just gives you one more thing to cast. Stats are good too and CD reduction will make that downtime even less.

(2295 G) Void Staff: Great for fighting those tanks or those MR teams.

(3075 G) Frozen Heart: Against heavy physical DPS teams + CD Reduction is nice.

(2715 G) Banshee's Veil: My staple anti-caster item. It's awesome.

(2650 G) Abyssal Scepter: If you don't want to sacrifice a potential AP slot to Banshee's Veil but still need some MR.

(2635 G) Lichbane If you are loaded and didn't get Mejai's or the other more situational items above, it's nice. Makes that downtime more dangerous as you will hit really hard with your first melee every 3 seconds.

Comments, Constructive criticism, suggestions, please let me know. Thanks for reading.