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League of Legends Build Guide Author Brister

Kassadin: Nom Nom Squishies!

Brister Last updated on October 10, 2010
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Hi, I've been quite obsessed with Kassadin for the past two weeks, before him I was enjoying Malzahar very much. I've gone through many builds and I decided this one fits my play-style and usually causes a few rage-quits (poor ezreal).
A few things you should know before playing Kassadin. He is very squishy, and should never initiate a team fight for obvious reasons, he also is not a very strong team fight champion... well until you realize you can spam your Force Pulse and destroy the fight! Also Kassadin has very low lane staying power, and you should never buy health potions unless the situation really calls for it(apart from level 1). Because of this you will find yourself returning a lot which also allows you to keep your items up to date.

You may have noticed that I completely broke down every item to an exact order, this is because no matter who I'm facing I always buy these items in this order. The ONLY two exceptions are I change Mejai's Soulstealer with Void Staff[ if their team team is stacking heavy magic resistance. And second I buy Deathfire Grasp in place of Mejai's Soulstealer (or in place of Lich Bane if you already replaced Mejai's with Void Staff) if their team is very heavy-set health wise.
The other reason I broke the items down so much is because Kassadin has to return to heal quite a bit, so my list broken down allows you to know just how much gold you need to acquire (if possible) before returning each time.
Lich Bane and why, many people say not to get this on Kassadin but I feel its as necessary on him as sheen is on Poppy, Nassus, and Blitzcrank. Why? Kassadin has two main damage abilities, Force Pulse and Null Sphere, by buying Lich Bane your melee attacks following any spell will do as much as Null Sphere or Force Pulse. Lich Bane also makes your Nether Blade a spell that is useful to you... Typically you Teleport in and cast Force Pulse, and Null Sphere all within two seconds, by the time you melee the enemy once you use your Lich Bane buff and since Lich Bane's cooldown is started on buff activation not use you are able to simply cast Nether Blade[ after the first melee attack to make the second also do 800-1100 dammage. The result? Force pulse ~1100 damage, Null Sphere ~900 damage Melee ~1000 damage [Nether Blade] Melee ~1050 damage, total: 4000 damage in 3 seconds, can you say... "poof you dead"?

Runes, Masteries, & Summoner Spells
It's all preference, you already know what I use but if you like you could substitute the AP quints for HP quints, the MP5 seals for AP/level seals, however the glyphs are quite needed, and the marks are an absolute necessity.
Masteries & Summoner Spells
If you prefer using Clarity over Teleport which I do not suggest since you will most likely need to return often then you could re-mastery to support the improved Clarity or just to get out of improved teleport. Some people use Cleanse, Flash, or even Ghost and if you decide to, you should obviously mastery to fit this style (apart from improved cleanse).
No matter what summoner spells you get you can choose one of two general mastery builds, and they don't differ more than 1 mastery point, that is changing Presence of the Master to Improved Ignite for it's ability power.

Beginning Game:
If possible you should always go middle, solo lane with a jungler on your team however is not a very good idea. At level one and two try to let your enemy know you aren't passive by using Null Sphere on him/her a few times, this allows you to farm minions with some ease, obviously try to last hit minions, and if you see fit use Null Sphere to get last hits, but not Force Pulse[. You can really start harassing at level 3 and 5 due to the rank ups in Null Sphere, which has one of the longest targetable (totally not a word) spell ranges in game. This makes it amazing for harassment combined with it's semi-low mana cost and high damage.
Upon reaching level 5 try to get your enemy to 2-4 bars of health or 20-45% health, rite when you hit level six make sure your Force Pulse is ready and teleport in, Force Pulse FIRST followed by Ignite, THEN Null Sphere. If they don't die kick yourself. The reasoning why we do the spells in this order is; Teleport first is self explanatory (for the surprise aspect and to get in range to cast everything). Force Pulse second because it has the shortest range, as well as it slows long enough for your other spells to be applied. Ignite because it will prevent their heal if they have it, it's range is shorter than Null Sphere and if you decide to mastery into improved ignite your Null Sphere will do more damage. You should always cast Force Pulse before Null Sphere so that it can be recharging by the cast of your Null Sphere and any other casts of surrounding enemies.

Mid Game (Gank time!):
While you are in mid in level 6-9 you should be in the side bushes constantly teleporting out after periods of time, and damaging the other mid, this will keep the entire other team guessing if you are really "mia" or not, and they will let their guard down, it will also force the enemy in mid to be on heavy defense, so that while you are gone they are afraid to push your turret.
Do your best to prevent them from calling you "mia" and when you do decide to gank, make your way to the enemy by using your ultimate to travel, make sure not to stack it's buff unless you have mana to spare and plan on teleporting on top of the enemy for extra damage. The problems with doing this and the reason I usually don't do it is that beginning game you rarely have the mana to support this, and once you kill that one person, chances are that you will need to escape from the other enemy, so you will need to teleport away, however since you built up your buffs you are probably at 4 to 6 stacks now and your next will cost 500-700 mana, I highly doubt you have this much.
You should always be aware of your current mana, and quickly do calculations in your head if to find if you will be able to teleport in use all your skills and teleport out. Let me break it down for you.
Teleport: first cast costs 100 mana, second (chasing or escape 200), third (escape 300)
So you will need a maximum of 600 mana just for the teleport, and minimum 300 (get in and get out)
Force Pulse: you will usually only use this once per gank, and this always costs 80 mana.
Null Sphere: By the time you are ganking you are most likely level 7 so at this level Force Pulse will cost 100, and 110 at level 9. And you will use this between once and twice depending if your enemy runs and you need to finish them off by chasing with your ultimate.
In conclusion minimum you will need 480 mana to teleport in, slow, silence and get out.
Maximum you will need 900 mana, 600 for teleporting to, chasing then getting out, 80 to slow once, and 220 for two Null Spheres.
Everything changes if you decide to build up your Rift Walk before a gank.

End Game:
As I said before you should NEVER initiate a team fight, and just like Twitch of Evelyn you should pop in about 2 seconds after the fight starts to burst down the enemy with getting minimal damage to yourself. Make sure to always silence the enemy champions that can aoe CC (crowd control, I.E. silence, stun, fear, slow) or do high damage. Good champions to silence are;
Fed Katarina
This will allow your team to freely fight or get their stuns off for three seconds before the enemy. A good strategy while waiting in a stand off is waiting in the jungle, by a wall you can Rift Walk over and score a kill, just like the cove where the neutral Wraiths sit.
Turret/Inhibitor/Nexus Pushing:
Basically you suck at this, you are probably one of the worse champions because not only are you melee but you do minimal melee damage, even with your increased ability power. HOWEVER everything changes when you get your Lich Bane. OH MY GOD, your enemy will cry when their turrets fall in 4-6 seconds. By the time you get Lich Bane you will have over 750 mana and your melee attack will do about 200 damage, so combined you will be doing 950 damage after casting a spell before mitigation. Typically I find that I hit turrets for about 800 damage with the Lich Bane buff. You can use Rift Walk, and Nether Blade to activate your Lich Bane while attacking a turret without enemy minions around, and you can add Null Sphere in the equation if there are enemy minions in the area. You can laugh as you chunk the enemy Inhibitors for 1/6 to 1/4 of its health in one hit.

Good luck and don't give the void a bad name! (lol)