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Kassadin Build Guide by OverU

Kassadin Support OP!

By OverU | Updated on January 12, 2013

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Ability Order


Hey Guys this is my Support Kassadin Guide.
This Guide shows you how to play Support Kassadin succesfully and make your AD Carry raging like a boss.
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For Runes I take magic penetration marks like every AP Caster should do, flat armor seals to make myself stronger vs the enemy AD Carry, magic resist per lvl glyphs for late game and flat ability power quints for more burst in early game. This Runes are examples and you can change them like you want.
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For masteries I take 21/0/9 like every AP Caster but I take only 2 points in havoc and use 1 in spellsword because kassadin needs as much late game dps as he could get on his auto attacks.
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For items I start with boots and 3 heal potions. Many guys will say now that it is important to take wards as a support but it is not because your silence and flash should be enough to keep you alive till your are level 6. The Coreitems are kage's lucky pick and catalyst the protecter. If it starts bad pick up 1 or 2 dorans ring. After this you start to build a rod of ages and pick up sorcerer boots if you need them. Then rush a rabadons deathcap and a void staff. After this build a abyssal scepter and iceborn gauntlet.
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Skill Sequence

Skill q first and max it first.
Skill w once at level 2 but max it last.
Skill e on level 4 and max it after q
Skill r on 6,11 and 16
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Your common spells are ignite and flash.
Ignite allows you to pick up kills in the early and late game and works good against the heal which most of the AD Carrys got.
Flash helps you to survive the time till level 6 and gives you a good escape and hunt tool for the entire game.
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Laning with Kassadin is pretty easy.
Take some lasthits and start spamming your q on the enemy AD Carry when you are level 3.
Go aggressive when you got your Ultimate because you will be able to kill the enemy ADC with 2 or 3 Combos.
Placing wards isn't necessary because you will get away from every gank and your AD Carry can look after him/her-s
Always try to get the kills because its you how will carry the game and not the AD Carry. Ignore the AD Carrys flame.
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Farming on lane is very important for Kassadin.
Taking lasthits will give your AD Carry a special training in lasthitting because Kassadin has one of the fastes autohit animation ingame.
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Pros / Cons

- Kassadin has very high amount of burst in early and late game and is also strong in long fights.
- His high mobility with level 6 and his great burst gives him a very strong laning phase.
- Kassadin profits from the normaly pretty low magic resist of AD Carrys because most of them take Mres per level and not flat mres.

-Only in normal games viable because the allied AD Carry will flame at you most of the time which makes your communication in team bad.
-If you are not able to win your lane you will be useless in lategame because you wont be able to snowball
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Unique Skills

For playing Kassadin you should be able to play with smartcast because it helps a lot if you can do your moves as fast as possible. You also should have expirience in playing Kassadin because playing him is pretty hard (only in late game).
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Creator's last words (after his AD Carry founds his home...)

This Kassadin Guide is a Troll Guide and not made for competitive gaming. I'm not a pro. I'm playing at EUW with the name OverU. My currently elo is only at 1450 so I can only talk about my expirience on low elo. This Kassadin Guide works most of the time but is only viable on my elo. You can also look up my ranked stats where most of my Kassadin games are as Support Kassadin.