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League of Legends Build Guide Author milebril

Katarina - How to start off a game (low levels)

milebril Last updated on March 31, 2013
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Hi there,
I'm milebril, and I'm going to tell u guys how I usualy start my game off when i play with katarina.
In this guide i'm going to show my masteries ( there not complete yet, I'm only lvl 14).
No runes in this guide, because it's made for the low lvls under us who aren't level 20 when u get the good runes!
Hope u guys learn something from my guide, and will use the tactics I use maybe!

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This is what we get if we use our 14 masteries (I'm level 14, so.. i'm using all i use).
We put 3 out of 4 points in this to get 3% cooldown reduction, when higher level we will put 4 out of 4 points into it.

4 out 4 points into this, to get a nice bonus of +18 ab when we are level 18 ingame.

3 pout of 3 points to get a 2% more damage dealt increasement.

1/1 points for this to get a nice bones, that 8% off the enemie's magic resist is ignored.

1 out of 2 points to get us a 2.5% critical chance bonus

1 out of 3 points to get a 2 ability power boost!

These were our pregame preperations. Only masteries, because i'm making it for the low levels, and beginners, and the better runes only come at level 20.

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If we start a game there are some possibilitys, but I'm going to explain tha one I normaly use!

Boots of Speed + 3x Health Potions are the standard opening items on ADCs as they give you a movement
speed boost and 450 effective health.

This is what we do with our 475 coins starting money in the begining of the game!

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Bouncing Blades is the first skill u want to unlock at the beginning of the game.
Because it's range, and u hit multiple targets with it. You can also strike an enemy minion, and even hit the enemy champion that is beside that minion.
sinister steel

sinister steel is the next skill u unlock, to get again multiple enemy minions to hit, and get as quick as possible as much mionions to kill to get some money.

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So, this was my guide, on how to start a game with katarina in the beginning 5-6 minutes.
After that time it's up to u what u want to buy, but if I was u, i would buy as quickly as possible a lot of AP-items like: Rabadon's Deathcap and Zhonya's Hourglass for some extra defence.

Hope u guys liked the tutorial on how to start off a game in style, and especially learned something.
i'd like to thanks my two friends who helped me starting to play lol and leanr the basics and gave me a lot of tips. And now i'm bringing those tips and tricks to u guys!
If this guide helped u, then i'm really gald for u, and maybe share what I could change, or could do better.

ps: It's my first guide!


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