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League of Legends Build Guide Author Scene Undead

Katarina, The Early Game Pwner

Scene Undead Last updated on December 9, 2010
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Hi there!

Katarina, The Sinister Blade

So this is my build with Katarina and i think is the best build in my opinion and im gona explain why.

Early Game

With Katarina you usualy get kills in the start of the game because in the start she is very strong, u might want to give a watch on theyr jungle early game to try a kill on the jungler, there you will need ghost to run faster so they dont have time to call a miss and you might even get the jungler with low hp with some luck :)
Feel free to go on the other lanes to gank, Katarina is a good ganker because she "flashes" to the opponent champion and nukes them and if your teammate can stun or slow you get one more kill/Assistance.

Mid Game

At this time of the game you might have some stacks and some Survival because of your Relays Crystal Scepter and the Sunfire Cape, so you win stacks and if you stay near your team you surely wont loose them. You shoud use your ultimate properly in the teamfight wait for theyr champions to be together and jump into the fight and smash them with a triple damage wich will surely help much winning the teamfight.

Late Game

Ok in this time of the game if you havent died and the things goin how you want you must have about 15 stacks or maybe even 20 if you really killed alot instead of assist.
This build gives you alot of confidence to go on the teamfight or even towerdive because you have alot of hp and zhonyas ring to activate and with this build you will deal just insane damage even to the tanks, you might even triple-kill if you use your ulti correctly.

So no matters how do game will go, with this build you will help alot your team.


You shoud start with normal boots and 2 potions of hp if you wanna go very agressive, else take 1 pot hp.

Then go with Amplifying Tome that soon you will evolve into Mejai's SoulStealer, at this time you dont have much survival so try to get stacks and keep them safe.

After you have your Mejai's you shoud get your Giant Belt that will finaly give you some hp and high your chances to get away alive from a fight.

Then evolve it into Relays Cristal Scepter, buying Amplifying Tome and Blasting Wand first.

At this time you have some survival but they will try to shut you down if you have alot of stacks, so you will get a Sunfire Cape wich will give you armor,hp, and some damage exactly what you need to survive!

Now you have the survival, you will need some serious ap "to get this over with" , so go for Zhonya's Ring that gives you ability power and even raises it for 25% with an active option that makes you invulnerable and untergatable for 2 seconds.

At this time of the game you can finish your build with 2 things: Void Staff or Abyssal Scepter.

I personaly recommend Void Staff because you penetrate 40% of the targets magic armor, and 40% is really alot combinating with your ulti damage, against those who build Magic Resist it will be very effective.

But if you wanna go for Abyssal is also good cause it gives you some Magic Resist and takes magic resist to nearby enemys so it helps your teammates also.

So basicly it depends on your team, if you have a teammate nuker ap then you or him shoud get Abyssal Scepter.

Thank you for watching my build, ill update i might update it sometimes.

If you have an Suggestion give your commentary bellow :D