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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vertical Dsb

Kayle - Boom Shake The Room

Vertical Dsb Last updated on December 28, 2010
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 21

Alright, firstly Kayle is really really really difficult to learn, using your E is going to become the bane of your existence as enemy champs get away with one hit left because your range spell ran out.


Ghost - Amazing escape and chase ability

Flash - Get out of jail free card

If you really want to, swap flash for teleport or ignite, I'd recommend teleport if your in a ranked game and you are going to be laning against someone that is going to give you a rough time.


9 0 21, I focus on cooldowns as Kayles E is what makes her so deadly but unfortunatly its not a permanent spell and it does run out sometimes at the worst times. You can run 21 0 9 if you feel it will work better for you but I much prefer the ultility masteries as it helps more early game and thats where it is make or break with Kayle.


Self explanatory really, your going to be playing a dps Kayle, not ap as dps is much easier to carry with and I find it a lot more effective than ap Kayle.


Start with a dorans ring

Next you want to buy your level 1 boots and if your really struggling for mana buy another dorans ring it helps a lot.

Rageblade is your key item you need to get this as soon as possible, I will generally buy the blasting wand before the pickaxe.

Nashors tooth is an item I really like on Kayle, back when Kayle was #1 champ in game around the start of season one Bigfatjiji recommended it to me (check his Kayle record in ranked games). But if you feel you don't need the cooldowns and attack speed you can opt for something like a recurve bow and upgrade that to a sword of the divine, they both work but the ability power, cooldown and attack speed make nashors fantastic on Kayle.

Infinity Edge, just a fantastic dps item, along with rage blade and nashors you will by all means **** **** up if you manage to ever farm this.

These are the only items I feel are mandatory for Kayle everything else I have listed is items that can be built later depending on what you need as games will rarely go long enough to even purchase your infinity edge.

Play Style

Kayle is a late game champion, she does not have a fantastic early game, you want to try get solo top if you have a jungler, I wouldn't really recommend mid on her. FARM, last hit creeps as much as you can, an unfarmed Kayle is a worthless Kayle, you need your items, if you can't get them your going to be no use to your team.

Now we are playing a dps Kayle, but you don't really start out dps, you build more into it late game which is where Kayle shines if you have farmed her correctly. Some really good supporting spells like heal and her ultimate plus 2 really nice dps spells one with a slow and one with splash damage.

I won't explain the skills to you, go out and play a few practice games, its easy enough to pick up but its really hard to master how to use them and I would say I'm not even that amazing.

Now my skill choices are not must picks, if you don't need to heal don't take heals, but if you are getting smacked up in your lane you want to prioritize heal obviously. Make smart skill choices and your laning phase will be a lot easier.

A proble I have is managing my mana early game, Kayle doesn't have much damage output early game and it is really easy to get out harassed in your lane and blow all your mana on heals which makes last hitting a ***** because you have no mana for your E. I would take teleport if your new to Kayle, its a quick recall to base, heal get mana etc and be back in your lane within 15-20 seconds from the start of your recall.

In team fights you want to be in the back, your squishy and your ultimate isn't going to keep you alive for long, use your E to smack kids (this is why cooldowns are very important as Kayle relys on her E and with my ulitity masteries, cooldown glyphs and Nashors you should be able to be permanently casting E. Heal your allies, nuke whoever you can and try use your ultimate on a carry like Ashe, kog and corki.

Heres a game I played with Kayle, was my first time playing her in a couple months, game was against a guy with 1k wins and the rest had 400+ wins so it wasn't against scrubs.


- At level 3-4 of reckoning you can 2-3 shot caster minions for easy farming

- Once you have rageblade and nashors buffs become really easy to take as your damage output really picks up a notch when you get a couple stacks on your rageblade

- You can use your shield to bait people into low hp 1 v 1 fights, they think they can kill you then you suddenly drop an ulti and they get ****ed over.

- Try land your Q as its a nuke and a slow then hit E and take people down, it you lose ground on them your W heal spell will increase your movement speed so you can chase people down easier.

If you have any questions feel free to ask

Check out and rate my other guides if you would like


Vertical Dsb