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Kayle Build Guide by killswitch5464

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League of Legends Build Guide Author killswitch5464

Kayle - Celestial Judge

killswitch5464 Last updated on March 20, 2013
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I stumbled upon this build quite by accident, however, I was pleased with the results I was having while using it. With this build I was capable of taking out turrets in a very short amount of time and I took out the more squishier champions with ease. Unfortunately, this build is a tad slow at the beginning of the game, but once the game picks up, so do you.

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The runes help by raising base health, mana, attack damage, attack speed,and cooldown percentage

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***Please note that these are the items you should have by the end of a game. You can buy something like Doran's Ring at the beginning, but a time will come where it would be a good idea to sell it for something better, such as an item listed below.***

The Bersker Greaves increase your movement speed by a great amount by the end of the game

The Hextech Gunblade increases your attack damage and ability power by a substantial amount while also giving you a fifteen percent life steal

Infinity Edge should be purchased third because it allows for a drastic increase in attack damage while increasing the chance for a critical strike as well as the amount of damage a critical strike does

Do I even need to mention the Phantom Dancer's? These bad boys increase your attack speed over fifty percent, your critical strike chance by over thirty percent and your movement speed by fifteen percent

I feel that Nashor's Tooth is underrated. I don't know of anyone who uses it, yet it increases ability power by sixty-five as well as increasing your attack speed by fifty percent while reducing your cool-downs by twenty-five percent

This beast of an item (I speak of the Rabadon's Deathcap) increases your ability power by one hundred forty while also increasing it by another thirty percent. Need I say more?

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how to use

Essentially, I would start my fights against other champions by first using reckoning to slow them down, then following with righteous flurry to hurt them even more and as an added bonus, you could also use divine blessing during all of it to speed up the process of killing them. I would recommend saving divine blessing for when the enemy champion is almost dead and they're near their turret and along with divine blessing during the chase, you can use intervention to ward off some of the turret fire so that you can claim the kill and still make it out alive. Also, don't forget that you will most likely have an ally helping you out throughout the fight.

Another high note is that divine blessing, added with your movement speed will help you escape most dangerous situations, especially if you have ghost readily available.

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Attack speed is fairly high
attack damage and ability power are very high
Plenty of mana (even though it doesn't look like it)
She has a high critical strike chance

Kayle does not have a ton of health
Her defense is not that great
She does not have any magic penetration
She does not have amazing magic resist

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This build is good for jungling, but you will suffer minor damage, so proceed with caution. The only two creatures I couldn't handle on my own would obviously be dragon and baron.

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team work

It's important to remember that Kayle is a support and even though she can beat the squishier champions with ease, she should not go against tanks by herself. One should always stay with a buddy (preferably a tank) and protect them while also attacking the enemy champions.

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This build is excellent with farming as it allows you to take out swarms of minions in a matter of seconds. Use righteous flurry when there's a lot of the little buggers to clear the way (by the way, your mana will usually be back to where it was before you used righteous flurry when your done defeating them). Thanks to the speedy take downs, it's a cake-walk to gather gold and XP so that you can finish the rest of the build faster.

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Kayle's attack speed is nothing to laugh at and her attack damage and ability power are both higher than most other builds would allow. A little bit of life steal goes a long way when you're almost dead and you find yourself surrounded by minions. There is a fifty five percent chance that your normal attack will cause critical damage. Also, keep in mind that I will be updating this build if I find something new