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Kayle Build Guide by Naztheros

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Naztheros

Kayle : Feel the Justice

Naztheros Last updated on September 4, 2011
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Hello !

This is my first build, about a champion I love : Kayle. It is a very fun hero, as you can do a lot of things with her, and make the other team rage a lot against you.

I've tried a lot of builds, and so I'll share the one I find the best in most of the cases.

Don't forget that, as a Kayle, you MUST assist your allies. It is important that you farm a lot of minions, so : last hit is your friend.

I hope you'll enjoy it, and don't hesitate to comment !

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Pros / Cons

Pros :
+ She hits pretty hard during all the game
+ She's a great support
+ She can save/support two people at the same time (S and Ult)
+ She moves really fast

Cons :
- No stun/silence
- A few seconds to wait before Righteous fury is up again at the beginning of the game, so can make minion farm a bit harder if you wanna play safe.
- Great with another champ, less powerful alone.

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: Most of Kayle's attacks are magic ones, so it's really useful for her. This will help you to make more damage when you'll fight.

: When under pressure, her early game can really eat your mana. This can still be a problem in end-game, that's why I advise you to take these seals.

: CDR helps a lot mostly because of the few seconds you have to wait before using Righteous Fury again. Moreover, you'll be able to heal more often, which is great to assist your teammates.

Quintessences will depend on what you prefer :

Either :

: To help you survive better early game and so take more risks.

Or :

: If you want to pewpew even harder.

Or put some :

: If you like to be faster.

I actually play with the second one, but it's up to you.

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What I recommand you to purchase :

: It's actually the first item I build directly after boots, because it grants the two most important things for Kayle : Attack speed and AP, the passive is also really cool.

: The attack speed boost is always good to take, and the AD+AP upgrade stacks well with Righteous Fury.

: Depending on how the game starts, I can also chose to buy this item really fast. You'll never say no to its mana regen, and I like my Kayle with a lot of AP.

: As I said, I like my Kayle with a lot of AP, mostly because I'm using a lot her heal to assist my teammates, and thanks to high AP, Judgement deals terrible terrible damage.

: Because of the high AP level, Lich bane's effect does big damages, also granting you moaaar AP. Again.

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Skill Sequence

Use your Q whenever you can : it'll grant your Righteous Fury additionnal damages against the target of your Judgement.
You can use your heal in an aggressive way, but be sure of what you're doing : you can heal your tank or someone who's chasing to grant him more speed.
For your ult, don't always use it on yourself : it is sometime more useful to use it on someone else, like a big carry-AD, so he'll survive a big focus in teamfight, and then nuke your ennemies. Early game, don't hesitate to say when your ult is up, so that you and/or your team-mate can dive an ennemy.

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Summoner Spells

: I consider flash as a must-have with every champ (except Kassadin, because of his ult). You can use it in an aggressive way to kill a weakened ennemy, or in an defensive way to flee with class - and so survive.

: Combined with her heal, you can flee or run to assist a team-mate really fast, making the adverse team mad.

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Kayle is a great champion and you can assist your team easily with her. Her gameplay is far from boring, and I hope you liked this guide. Don't hesitate to post here any suggestion, critic, nice words or insults (well... No, forget what you've just read.).

Enjoy !