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Kayle Build Guide by EferaTisPitses

AP Carry Kayle The Fast Carry

AP Carry Kayle The Fast Carry

Updated on July 19, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author EferaTisPitses Build Guide By EferaTisPitses 1,388 Views 0 Comments
1,388 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author EferaTisPitses Kayle Build Guide By EferaTisPitses Updated on July 19, 2013
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Hello there. I hope you will enjoy my guide. Its something different than usual but it works! As you know Kayle is one of the best hybrid heroes and what it happens if we boost her a bit? Well there's no other way than trying my guide. Enjoy! :3
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About runes well i choose The simple AD runes with resistances just in case to be good on top lane. You dont need that much burst dmg from the moment that you have your E spell.
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I believe that begging with ad masteries as well as runes is good for 2 reasons. First its gonna confuse or not ur enemy its 50-50. Secondly its easier to farm. So what i do is i choose ad masteries and runes and then i focus at AP try it!
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You gonna say are you crazy? 3 nashor's tooth? Well here is my answer. First of all it gives u a perfect combo of what kyle needs! Atk speed and AP. Secondly it gives you the basic attack magic bonus dmg. Its simple you gonna kick ***es! Then i choose zhonya's because u can use it for urself and use ur ulti at your team allies or simple enough again on you :D So its gonna be like 4.5 seconds invulnerable.
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I prefer Ignite and Flash because i like to play kinda aggresive. I would also suggest exhaust.
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All you need is farming. Thats the trick, farm farm farm farm... If you manage to have at least 80 minions slained in 10-12 minutes you are heading in a good way. Farm is the only way you can carry this game as kayle on top! Dont forget that!
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Team Work

In teamfights i would suggest to save your ulti for your carry mostly but if u see that u die then you can do it on yourself also. From the moment that you will make zhonya's its gonna be easier for you to decide where your ulti should be cast
League of Legends Build Guide Author EferaTisPitses
EferaTisPitses Kayle Guide
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Kayle The Fast Carry

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