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Kennen Build Guide by Rapadash0

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rapadash0

Kennen, coming in like a lightning ball!

Rapadash0 Last updated on January 11, 2015
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Karthus Karthus Q is easy to dodge with lightning rush, and just move around alot poke with q and ult when you get it.
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Hello everybody! I main Kennen and would love to share some tips and tricks with you, and i hope that you learn from this guide and have as much fun as Kennen as i do. I believe Kennen is one of the most under-rated champions, people say he is broken, but i rarely see him played. Without further ado! lets start!

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So the Runes i chose for Kennen are 9 Armor Yellows, 9 Magic Pen Reds, 9 Scaling AP Blues, and straight AP quints, this makes Kennen a powerhouse in the begging stage of the game, you can change the blues to 9 Scaling Magic Resist Blues if you want to be a bit more tanky.

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- Early game this helps you heal when you and your enemy are low.

- Has great MR and good AP, with the amazing passive of ignoring 20 of the enemies MR, it will surely give you more damage.

- It's Zhonya's, what else can i say? Well a good way to use it with Kennen is when you go into a huge crowd of people, ult, and Zhonya's, simple and you can also use zhonyas when you are caught in a fight so you can wait for you E to come back and get away!

- Merc Treads adds some extra MR to get Kennen a little more tanky, you can also use ninja Tabi if you are against mainly AD champions.

- Gives you 120 AP and increase your AP by 30% of what it already is, great for Kennen since he has huge burst.

- Gives spell vamp (every time you do Magic Damage you heal) which is really good for kennen when he ults into crowds! his tons of damage will help him recover alot, also the Cooldown Reduction helps for all abilites.

- 650 hp, 650 mana, and 80 AP, at 10 stacks that is, which takes 10 minutes, it is a very good item to give you some HP to you, which is always helpful.

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Skill Sequence

Always Upgrade Kennen's Q first, W second, and E third, you upgrade W second so when you do hit a Q you can W him as well, you can also build up the lightning shuriken with your auto attacks. Max your Q if you land easy skill shots, max your W if you are not so good at landing skillshots.

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- used to escape or to flash in and secure the kill

- Personally i always ignite as soon as i go in, but you should have igniting down :).

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Team Work

Kennen can work amazing with teams, especially when his ult is up. The best combo i have seen for ults is Fiddlesticks and Kennen because both do damage to an area around them, and both of them together is just deadly.

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Unique Skills

Kennen can put a mark and do bonus damage with every 5th Shuriken.

If a minion has a mark on him, and your opponent has a mark on him, but your opponent is out of your range, using your W on the minion will increase its range by 1.5 so it will also hit the enemy.

Kennen's ult does 3 lightning shocks, stunning your opponent.

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Farming with kennen will take some getting used to, use E to rush through all the minions, then press W and you will damage all minions, late game this will kill all minions in one combo, but use your Q to cs as well as timing your last hits.