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Kennen Build Guide by Uzumaki

Kennen, The Fulminant Shinobi.

Kennen, The Fulminant Shinobi.

Updated on November 24, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Uzumaki Build Guide By Uzumaki 5 3 7,581 Views 5 Comments
5 3 7,581 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Uzumaki Kennen Build Guide By Uzumaki Updated on November 24, 2011
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Hi guys my name is Uzumaki (in game Udzumaki ) i am playing EU West.

My main champion is Kennen , and i enjoy playing him in every builds , hybrid , ap and ad.

But i formed this build for new patch, and i think it is the best for Kennen.

Sorry for bad english, i am hope u will like this guide and it will increase ur skillz.


Kennen is a very very very strong champion, a Ninja with powerful thunder abilities.

Let`s do it (c)

Rate and comment please!
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Pros / Cons


Pros / Cons of Kennen at all.

Pros - Big damage .
Using energy as main resource
Small cooldowns(that means harras at line)
Easy farm.
Always have a chances to escape.

Cons -
Enemyes know,that u can deal a damage that will slay them all, so you are often a TARGET #1 for enemy team, so u will never have a moments to relax. If u stand mid , always get ready to escape gang.

Need pretty good farm and mobility to do a good damage and teamplay.
Very squishy.
Takes a big time to master that champ.
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Summoner Spells.

Well i pick Flash and Ghost as summoner spells for maximize my mobility.

With i can always escape/dive to teamfights successfully.

There is a big question to pick Ghost or not, its depends on your own playstyle , so if u are aggressive player its maybe best for u to take Ignite or smth,
u can also pick Cleanse, it is good for Kennen too.

But for me, lightining rush and with Ghost gives Kennen speed that gives probably best chances to escape/track your target. =)
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I use next runes
Greater Mark of Magic Penetration x 9 - it grants me good penetration,which Kennen need.
Greater Seal of Vitality x 9 - that gives us , more time on lane, more lucky moments ;) , more gang escapes ,well , u need that, that makes u less squishy.
Greater Glyph of Ability Power - Pure AP burst , nothing else.
Greater Quintessence of Ability Power - Pure AP Burst too.

Well, APP(Ability power penetration) and AP with some health is greeat for Ken , so i dont have to add any words there.
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Well , i played a lot of games with new masteries, i tried all variations of that.
And i think that this Hybrid Build 12 / 9 / 9 is the best.

Well, Kennen never was simple in build, so , he need all of 3 bonuses.
Arcane Knowledge with Havoc in Offense give us really all damage we need.
Durability with Veteran Scars in Defense + Greater Seal of Vitality gives us good health burst.
Expanded Mind + Swiftness + Runic Affinity in Utility , gives us + 10 energy that we need, gives us some speed burst, well Kennen need that too.

Thats why i am think my masteries are the best, hybrid Kennen dont have weak spots if played right,believe me.

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Skill Sequence.

Well its a standard skill build for Kennen AP.

With that sequence u will always have energy.

I am maximize my Thundering Shuriken first to have good harras.
i Maximize my Electrical Surge second and the Lightining Rush
OF course i am get Slicing Maelstrom on 6 11 and 16 lvls for sure.

WIth that sequence u will always have a energy.believe me.

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You should know that.

- During Lightning Rush, Kennen cannot attack but may perform other actions.

- Slicing Maelstrom is not channeled, so you can use Zhonya's Hourglass during it without breaking it. Similarly, with a Guardian Angel or Zilean's ultimate active if you take fatal damage, you are placed into stasis, but your ultimate continues.

- The time it takes for Kennen's ultimate to strike the same enemy champion depends on the number of champions in the radius of the spell. For instance, a bolt will strike a single champion every 0.5/0.4/0.3 seconds if that champion is the only enemy present, and the same applies if there are three enemy champions present since it strikes up to three enemies at once. If four or more enemy champions are present in the radius, the spell will prioritize champions without a Mark of the Storm, therefore distributing Marks as evenly as possible.

-Kennen tends to be an initiator or to follow immediately behind an initiator thanks to his ultimate. Using Kennen's ultimate wisely in a team fight, in conjunction with his other spells, nearly guarantees a viable amount of energy available for spells, even though cooldowns tend to end more quickly than Kennen's energy regeneration.

-Kennen is able to stun champions 2 or even 3 times (if he has enough energy) in a row:
Fourth hit of Electrical Surge and its active (2 marks)
Thundering Shuriken (first stun)
Lightning Rush (1 mark)
Thundering Shuriken (2 marks)
Slicing Maelstrom (second stun and 2 marks)
If he still has energy Electrical Surge (third stun)

I hope this information will help you.

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Laning is very easy(yes easy) for Kennen.

Because u can just stand and last hit minions with ur unendable energy .

Its the easyer and safer way to get good farmed(FARM IS EVERYTHING ^^ )

But u can play agrresive too.

To harras ur enemy good do the next : stack Electrical Surge for moment that ur next attack will apply a Mark of the Storm to ur enemy, now u must hit ur target with Thundering Shuriken or lightining rush( Thundering Shuriken better cuz i need to keep lightining rush always ready for escape), and then u pressing W Electrical Surge again, target stunned, another Thundering Shuriken for not moving target , big dmg, profit.

Well , how i said it all depends only of your own play style!

And an easy way to put big damage to creeps is just hit them all with lightining rush and then with Electrical Surge .

A only thing you must avoid is creeps , and always get some energy
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Team Work.

Well , the thing you must to know is when to enter to fighting successfully.

DONT RUSH ! its may be an last thing you do... Because enemy team will nuke you.

Stay behind ur team, harras with Thundering Shuriken and fight for moment till you feel you are ready to dive in with Flash or lightining rush and turn on ur Slicing Maelstrom, then Electrical Surge then back away, and harras with thundering shurikens from safe distance.

Thats the main strategy.

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Well it is standart items for AP Kennen,

The core is :
Rabadon`s Deathcap
Zhonya`s Hourglass
Rylai`s Crystal Scepter
Abyssal Mask

Will of the Ancients - i just love it, u can stand on lane sooo long ,even u got low hp , play safe and harras minions to heal yourself.

its only question what to pick first, Zhonya`s Hourglass or Rylai`s Crystal Scepter, if your enemyes is clever enough to nuke you in teamfights pick Zhonya`s Hourglass, if you are going to gang guys pick Rylai`s Crystal Scepter so it is will be harded for them to escape.
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Skill Usage .

-During the early game, Thundering Shuriken can be excellent for spotting enemies hiding in the brush. Due to Kennen's use of energy instead of mana, Thundering Shuriken can be easily spammed to spot foes. You just need to listen for the on-hit sound effect to know they're there.

Kennen is a great minion killer if you use Lightning Rush combined with Electrical Surge did i already said that?.
Using Lightning Rush to dodge skillshots and run away is a good idea too.

Lightning Rush can be coupled with the summoner spell Ghost to move at very high speeds, with Kennen's stun this is excellent for chasing. I already said that too..

The key to playing Kennen well is learning how to chain his combos together to be able to land free damage on the enemy while keeping them in a disadvantageous position.

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That was my first guide, i hope i helped you with that.

Soon i will ad some replays by playing my favorite champ.

Be brave and play that ninja good.

I am sorry for my bad language again, i will increase my build as good as it possible.


Rate and comment i will accept and listen any critics , only to improve my and your skills with playing our favorite champ! :)

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