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Kennen Build Guide by thehappypumpkin

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League of Legends Build Guide Author thehappypumpkin

Kennen: The Only Champ for Me

thehappypumpkin Last updated on May 16, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi, I am a silver ranked player who absolutely loves Kennen. He is my main, the first champ I ever played, and the only champ for me. I practically got to level 30 with only Kennen in the mid lane but have been experimenting and have decided that he is much more effective in the top lane. This is because most standard top-laners are melee so Kennen can counter them very well. The reason to take Kennen out of the mid lane is because I think that other mid-laners are more effective at bursting down enemies. In the top lane, Kennen can build tankier and farm more so that, come late game, he will annihilate. This guide will not teach you the skills of Kennen, but rather help you build and effective, bruiser Kennen.w

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Runes and Masteries

For a rune page, I use magic pen marks, armor seals, flat ap glyphs, and spell vamp quints. Magic pen don't need explaining, they are standard for ap champs. Armor seals are just to protect against basic attacks. I use flat ap glyphs to make up for the lack of ap quints. I choose flat to boost with early game damage. I choose spell vamp quints combined with the vampirism masteries for a combined 9% spell vamp to eliminate the need for a hextech revolver, saving 1200 gold. I max out the utility tree which is an unusual choice for anyone besides a support really. I do this because of the small benefits you gain like increased xp and +3 gold per basic on enemy champ. You can also max out the offensive tree and do well, I just like more gold and xp along with the spell vamp.

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There are two ways to start the game with Kennen. 2 wards and 9 pots or boots and pots. I prefer going wards against a jungler that can gank early or against a sustainy oppenent like Vlad. I use boots if I know I won't be taking much harass, for example, a melee champ. On your first recall, you should have enough for Kage's and boots, but if you don't, make sure you invest in Kage's first for the most benefits. Before you upgrade to level 2 boots, buy a giant's belt for the tankiness (a dead Kennen is useless), then buy sorc shoes and work into rylai's. Also, at the end of the build the void staff can be substituted for an abyssal but I find that a void staff is much better.

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When farming with Kennen, keep in mind that you deal bonus damage to creeps from your masteries. Also, early game it is EXTREMELY dangerous to farm with your w and e. Make sure you only do this when they have pushed to your turrey or if they have backed and the enemy jungler is not nearby. Try to last hit with basics, but I usually use my q on the seige minions because missing them can be costly. Keep in mind your own minions hp bars. If one of your minions is low, know that your opponent will try to last hit it, use this to your advantage to poke him down and possibly stun him. Make sure you keep your abilities spaced out so that there is always at least one mark on your enemy. The way I play Kennen is to not really help your team until later in the game. While it sounds strange, you will help your team more if you cs and then help once you are fed off of minions and have taken turrets. If you want to engage on your opponent make sure your w passive is up. Taking this into account could be the differenece between an extra stun and bonus damage, and possibly a kill.

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Defending against Ganks and Ganking

Ganks can really turn the tide of a lane especially early game. Since Kennen is a ranged champion and can harass your enemies down in the early game, you have to be careful of ganks. When your opponent is getting harassed and you are pushing your lane, you must always expect a gank. Starting with two wards should help to eliminate the threat of the enemy jungler, but sometimes they can get by your wards or catch you unaware if you have poor map awareness. If you are ganked keep in mind the mobility of your opponents. If it is at all posiible you should save your flash (use your e to escape and stun them, a good way to stun if 1 enemy is coming after you is to put 2 marks on them and then e back into them). If you you burn and end up dying, you are at serious risk of beng bursted down and dying. On the other hand, if your jungler os ganking, try not to make it obvious. If you suddenly start overextending then it is very easy to tell that someone else is in the area. You can also use this to your advantage. You can start doing these things to make them back off, just be careful not to get caught out.

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Team Work

Team fights are where Kennen really shines. His AOE ult is amazing for these. Try pairing up with another champ like Sona or J4 to really use it to the best of your abilities. If you have an ally like this, you dont have to flash or risk being cc'ed before ultying. If you dont have a good initiator, you can flash in, ult, and zhonya, though. Another good strategy is, when ur team is backing away and they are chasing, you can flash straight into them and catch them by surprise.

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Early/Mid Game:
On Blue Side: ward the tribush
On Purple Side: ward down the river
Mid/Late Game:
On Blue Side: ward tribush and enemy red
On Purple Side ward baron area and enemy blue

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I really hope this guide helped all of you Kennen lovers, please leave a comment and rate! :D

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Common Lane Match-Ups

You will wreck him early game. Just don't get silenced and stun him whenever he uses the movement buff. Keep harassing to stop his passive. Be careful late game and don't overextend. He can catch you out very easily.

Pick another champ.

Akali- harass pre 6. when she hits 6 keep marks on her at all times.