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Kennen Build Guide by gerBee

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author gerBee

Kennen Top Guide - I'm the Wind!

gerBee Last updated on January 20, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Who Am I?

My name is Brock and I main top lane. I love to play Kennen since he's such a great champion for poke top against melee champions. His ultimate is very powerful if used correctly in team fights and has great synergy with other champions like Ammumu and Leona because of their huge AOE ult. I have currently played over 14 games this season with Kennen, but have lost one game. He's a really good champion if you build him right and play him strategically, That's why I main top.

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Ranked Games Played as Kennen

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Pros / Cons


- Energy based
- Early poke
- A lot of CC


- Can't catch up late game
- Can easily die in team fights
- Energy based

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Laning Phase

Kennen is a real bully early game with his doran blade and he can dish an average 50-60 damage depending on their armor and magic resist. He can harass a lot as soon as he gets level 2 since he can have his passive + w passive and he can stun them with q + w + w passive = stun. He can also escape ganks most of the time if you're not pushed that much. If you freeze your lane, you'l be just fine, make sure to ward your lane a lot if you choose to push to prevent you from being ganked.

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Team Phase

You're really good at engaging team fights but can easily get stunned or picked off if you die before you can ult in. What you should do is poke people in the back with your q before you go in and engage with your e + r + w and zhonyas so you can get everyone into your ult to stun and make sure they die. Kennen is great at poking a lot with his q because it deals about 300-500 damage depending on what items you have, so if you want to poke you need someone else to engage. If you're falling behind, make sure to just peel for your ADC so you still have damage up.

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Counters / Countees

This guy will wreck you later in the game, Try to get your jungler to gank a lot and harass him a lot before he gets level 6.

You can easily win against this guy as long as you stay back and q him a lot. He might get a lot stronger late unless your jungler ganks.

You can kill this guy with q + w because he's melee and Singed q's can't reach you unless hes near you, stay back from him and WIN!

You will get killed, jungler can only save, you will die since he can constantly spawn ghouls on you, farm under tower your only hope.

You wreck Riven because you can stun her when she tries to engage you with q and you can just e away.

Don't try to fight him, He will just q and run away, Some Gangplanks will just max their w so they don't die to you, get your jungler to gank if you're going to fight.

This guy is noob, don't get pulled by his e otherwise you're done!

He is strong, if you get stunned by his e, you might die depending on your items, Get your jungler to gank top a lot so you don't get behind.

Don't get hit by his q's and you'll be just fine.

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I really hope you guys like this guide, read my other guide about Taric :D