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Kha'Zix Build Guide by imrealyaduck

AD Carry Kha'Zix Don't be afraid to die...

AD Carry Kha'Zix Don't be afraid to die...

Updated on December 31, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author imrealyaduck Build Guide By imrealyaduck 2,052 Views 0 Comments
2,052 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author imrealyaduck Kha'Zix Build Guide By imrealyaduck Updated on December 31, 2012
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Intro to Solo

Like the great Kha'Zix once said "CHANGE IZZZZZZ GOOD." In this guide I will give you some tips with him and tell you the best personal story with him I have. If you don't like it change it, thats the great thing about Kha'Zix. He can change. I got him the day he came out and loved him ever since. I am a noob at recording and editing so there won't be any videos sorry. This is my first real guide cause my other one was horrificly bad.
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About me... and Kha'Zix

I'm twelve. That's it i'm a young gamer. Now Kha'Zix on the other hand is a giant bug that eats and grows. Not like Cho'Gath but better(in my opionion). He was once small and fragile and now he is big and ready to fight (kill) everything. He's from the void, a area of dark and evil creatures.
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Farm Master
Invis Ultimate
Wants to eat Rengar
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Rengars out for your head
Leaps aren't always perfect
Everyone tries to kill you
Turrets will snipe you
Leap can't out run minion shots or turret shots
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IONIAN BOOTS OF LUCIDITY: Cooldown and Movement Speed
BLack Cleaver: Armor Penitration!!!!
Warmog Armor: Health and Regen
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Build attack damage for the extra damage.
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You decide your runes
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Skill Sequence

Passive: UNSEEN THREAT: An easy first blood or slow and poke
Taste Their Fear: Free win in a solo fight
Void Spike: Easy farm and finnisher
Leap or Extra Flash: Just in case you wanna get a kill extra bad or to "secure kills"
Void As.sault: Invisiblity and a free passive again, used for running or for combat
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Unique Skills

Evolution: The way in which you become even better over time.
This may be the best unique skill I've ever used, because you can grow and gain more kills.
My Order I Evolve
1. Taste Their Fear: Who doesn't want giant claws of death?
2. Void Spike: Easy farm if needed
3. Leap or Void As.sualt: Leap if you need a better flash or need to get out quicker and Void As.sualt if you want a little more invisibility time
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Possibly best farm in the game? at level 11 you get evolution on Void Spike, get in a group of minions and blast away. Free money and health possibly. I suggest going after empty lane to farm later so you can bunch them up and kill them. Early game avoid death while last hitting everything.
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Ganking and Ganks

Make sure to gank for the Unseen Threat bonus and free kills. Try to avoid ksing unless you really don't care about your teamates being mad. Ask for ganks if needed and ask for teamate to call mia if necasarry.
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I don't jungle often, but I assume you should gank as often as needed and keep your red buff. There isn't much else I can help here.
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Team Work

Try not to be rude and get mad. Just ignore trolls and cry babies who complain a lot, because all you do is make them madder or make yourself look foolish. Now teamates should always help if you go for 1st blood or dragon and baron.
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Short Story With Kha'Zix

This is a personal story on how to enrage tryhards. Once I was in a game and I saw it said Triple Kill for a really fed Ryze at about 8 minute mark. So I set up and waited at mid. The second he came I leaped and killed him with Taste Their Fear. I asked why he was so hard to kill and someone said he burst them all down. Later he said I couldn't 1v1 him so I said meet me at baron. We had a ward up and i went but I saw Amumu in the bush with him so I waited. The second Amumu was back to the jungle I leaped in and killed him. About 5 seconds later Amumu came back and finnished me. I really didn't care much about it until I saw what he put. This is an exact quote " Of course you killed me because ur a ad carry ". I replied " You asked for a fight and I didnt want it to be a 2v1 so I waited until Amumu left". Once again he replied "Well if you didn't turn invisible i wouldve won and i couldnt target you so i hit baron". I didn't reply because I knew he'd just argue. Later I saw him with 59 health with his whole team at mid, so I ran up and leaped went invis and finnished him while escaping with 609 health. He started going off saying I hacked and that I cheated to have my on personal bush(LOL) and that I would be banned(im not). Thats my story and if you have a funny story leave a comment and I might put it in here.
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My summary is that Kha'Zix is a soloing machine, epic farmer, biggest troll other than Blitzcrank, and he is OP. I will probably update this every week or two if I have time. Feel free to change items,masteries, ect.
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