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Kha'Zix Build Guide by Imusangeler

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Imusangeler

Kha'zix: Hunter of the Void(AD guide & Jungle guide)

Imusangeler Last updated on October 14, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first build, and I'd like to start by saying thank you for looking this guide over.

Kha'zix is universal, I've used him as a top, bottom, mid, and a jungler. I am trying to get into using him as a jungle more. I don't know why but I really like jungle Zix. This first guide though isn't jungle it's normal AD Zix.

My build for Kha'Zix is very circumstantial. CS is very important at the same time, not so important. If you can get the kills, the CS becomes irrelevant, if you get a lot of CS, you can build faster to become a great asset mid to late game. So; without further ado, the continuation of this guide. He is an AD Carry, like mad insane AD carry.

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AD Runes. 'Nough said.

Mark of Strength
Flat AD all 9 of em. Insane starting power. You will hit like no bodies business. Hard. It's truly beautiful.
Quintessence of Strength
Because damage is damage and starting damage means you will reap everything you sew.(Haha, Kha'Zix scythe claws, scythes used in gardening to reap wheat. It's a pun, laugh.)
Seal of Resilience
Armor. You need it so you can take damage and deal even more damage. Good defense will assist and improve your offense!
Glyph of Shielding
Magic Resistance to match up against those pesky magic users.. Really bad.. I really hate them.. Really really hate them.. So bad.. So very bad...

Utilize the runes. They are a great early game benefit to set the tide for your match!

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Starting Items

Doran's Blade

It gives you that beginning damage and lifesteal. It's a great starter for when you want a quick game and are really aggressive. I always choose this first because that damage bonus beginning game often saves lives.

Boots of SpeedHealth Potionx3

Generic purchases. Good for well, the not-so-aggressive casual ish player. Decent sustain, good speed to catch up to those who don't have boots. Yeah, I don't know how to explain this anymore.

Cloth Armor andHealth Potionx3-5

Dat defense early game. It's beautiful. I usually go this when I'm jungling without the proper runes or mastery. That and the early game armor can save your life when you gank or you are the initiator.
Berserkers GreavesGlacial ShroudMadreds BloodrazorZealWriggles Lantern

Mid-Game Purchases

Berserkers Greaves because Attack speed is bliss as Kha. Your passive is based off your basic attacks and the more you fit in the better especially if you are fighting in the grass.
Glacial Shroud because you start building your Frozen Heart and life is amazing.
Bloodrazor is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Armor, AND attack damage. Enough said, people. 'Nough said.
Zeal. Attack speed, basic attack, passive. 'Nough said people.
Frozen HeartInfinity EdgeTrinity ForceGuardian Angel

Late Game Purchases

Love em.
Frozen Heart Dat armor, dat mana, dat passive. Abuse it. Kha Zix isn't made to be played at range. His W(his only real range attack) heals you at close range. Dat passive. Abuse it. Abuse it so hard people complain and want to nerf you. Specifically you.
Infinity Edge Damage. Critical Strike. Critical Damage. Can you say anal abuse? Get some attack speed with Trinity Force. Yeah.
Trinity Force To many bonuses to abuse.
This is a real must grab.
Abuse. Everything. That. Moves. Build everything right, and this will be the icing on the cake. This will be the strawberries on the shortcake. This will be the pineapples and cherries on the pineapple upside down cake. This will be the sugar coating on the sugar cookies. This will put you so close to the edge you will feel like you belong in Happy Feet.

Guardian Angel Lost once? No problem. Free retry. Surrounded? You're screwed. This is your pause and rewind button. You get anally abused by a team and they're all low health? Revive, jump with E, lower their health even more or go for the kill, W to get the runners, Q everything. Got your R? even better. You can run faster, without being targeted for snipe kills, than abuse them when you get close. Yeah. Do it.

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Skill Sequence

Taste Their FearVoid SpikeLeapVoid Assault

Max out your Taste Their Fear first, it can mean everything especially because of that bonus damage when they're "Isolated". I personally don't find Void Spike useful at all. At all. Like. At all. So I max out my Leap cause it's a gap closer, insane. Jump on an isolated enemy than Taste Their Fear em? Pfft. No chance. For them.


I usually go Camo>Claws>Wings but that's just me. Those 3 are unbelievably important to a successful Kha'Zix. You don't need the Missile Pod that thing is as useless as a full pig in a slop eating contest. Recently, I've started Claw>Wing>Camo, cause the Claws give you more range on your Taste Their Fear and basic attack damage increase.

Your skill sequence depends on what you're up against and where you are. In the bushes? Wait so they can be alone for your passive than go Leap>Basic>Taste Their Fear>Basic>Basic and Void Spike for the finisher if they start to run and if you have your Void Assault chase em down.
Not in the bushes? Get in the bushes. That Passive is AMAZING when you have your Taste Their Fear all prettied up for a nice follow-up/starter. If they're close go Taste Their Fear>basic>basic>Leap cause you know they're gonna run when you get the jump on em than Void Spike to finish and if you have your Void Assault go Taste Their Fear>Void Assault>Void Assault>Leap>Void Assault(If you have Active Camo you get 3 Void Assault's to use and abuse before cooldown, if not you get 2) Void Spike. Feel free to mix it up cause with enough damage you will be a hunter and a fine diner(Kha'Zix Reference, read his lore.)

Basically, 1v1 you wanna go Taste Their Fear>Void Assault>Void Spike>Taste Their Fear>Void Assault. Use Leap to close distance.

Ganking someone, you wanna go Leap>Taste Their Fear>R>Basic>Void Spike>Taste Their Fear>Void Assault. Use Leap again if they start to run. If you went Camo, fit in that extra Void Assault to close distance or finish up.

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Kill the creeps! Use your Q, or your W, heck, if there are enough of them in a bunch, E W Q the rest abuse the system. I don't really know what else to tell you other than kill the creeps and kill the champs. Do both, it's very healthy. For you. And occasionally your team. Never for the other team. Never.

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This is the last note. Please realize that. Leave your comments and feedback at the comments and feedback thing I really do hope this is a good guide.

Kha'Zix is a great Champion, I really think he's a great asset IF he's played right. I hope this helps you play right.

He's an AD build champion, I haven't seen him played with AP or as a tank, though that would be kinda cool. Tank Zix.. That'd be hilarious to go up against. Kinda terrifying to go up with...

THIS IS JUST A GUIDE. A guide is designed to guide you on the right path not make ALL the decisions for you. That would be called an instruction manual. I do not follow instructions rather well and neither do most humans. Assuming you are human. The choices are ultimately up to you, ya'know? I can only tell you what has worked for me and what I feel is right. Don't chew my head off if you go 4/13/7 or whatever bad ratio there is. I'm just trying to help, ya'know? I'm not trying to tell you how to play the game.

My thanks go to my brother and best friends. They really helped me out when I first started playing him with what to build, and with the runes and masteries.

You can use and share(Not post it on some other site) this build without my consent. Posting it on a site would require my consent. Tis' all I have to say about that.