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Kha'Zix Build Guide by rush21

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League of Legends Build Guide Author rush21

Kha'zix Top....against DPS champ / AP champ

rush21 Last updated on November 2, 2012
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Hello and welcome to my guide
this is my guide to build khazix
some people say that khazix is a top some say jungler.. but for me, after playing him for a while, i prefer him as a top. EVEN sometimes people say that Kha'zix top will get fcked by the enemy, but i always say "i'll play defensive, until the jungler come" and it always ended up beautifully (i win the lane or the game :D)
i play my Kha'zix Hybrid which is a DPS & tank, but more of a tank than DPS
i will also post some of my videos of my khazix's play and some screenshots so that you readers can understand easily :D
i will try to make this guide as easy to understand and keep it simple
hope you enjoy my guide :D

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Pros / Cons


    You can sneak back during the war, and kill the adc easily
    The W skill can harass the enemy champ and last hit minions without getting harassed by the enemy champ
    With the Leap and the ult you can catch off-guarded enemies

    Khazix itself is so
squishy, that is why i made him hybrid
Leap can get stucked in some situation, like can't leap through some walls

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i have 2 page for my khazix, one is for against dps champs and the other one is for against ap champs.
basically the runes are the same just different in armor and in magic resist
why do i have movement spd quintessences? it's because khazix is so squishy in early game, that you need to backup to base a lot of time, and also this quintessences is OP until the late game because you can roam fast to other lane :D and get more kills/assist

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my mastery is simple 21 offense and 9 defense. it's basically like the most top player use (i think lol)

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start with boots and 3 red potion for an early sustain on the lane

next i usually buy a ward, ALWAYS buy a ward for top players because you're on your own when you got ganked, this is where top players usually messed up on a game (both normal and ranked).
Finishing boots depends on the situation, get a Mercury Tread if you're having a hard time against AP champs (AP Teemo and Vlad) or get Ninja Tabi to when dealing with AD champs (like darius, wukong, and riven)

Sometimes i also get the Faerie Charm or straight to Philosopher stone and HoG next. why a Khazix on top need a F*cking GPS items?! well i tell you this, with gps u can get more gold than your top enemy, or if you are falling behind in gold you can still keep the game close with the enemy, plus u get a mana regen and hp regen for you, making yourself much more sustain and keep dominating the lane, and lastly you can sell the gps in mid/late game with no loss of gold :D see philo is an op item broh!! >:D YEAAA

next item is the Phage, this is item can slow, give hp, and damage. it is so good that it got nerfed on the october patch. then i rush the Frozen Mallet to get more tanky

next item depends on the enemy, if your enemy mid lane (AP champ) is roaming a lot especially ganking top and your enemy on top lane is an AP champ, rush Hexdrinker because you need it. or if you're facing an AD top, get Sunfire because it gives you more armor and hp as well, sweet deal doesnt it? :D But get it both in late game, because AP champs can burst you down in late game. you can also make frozen heart if your team doesn't have a tank, it suits khazix well too ;) You can also build a Warmog for khazix so that u may last longer during teamfight, and help your teammates to win the fight

Now that you have made defensive items, it should make you more sustain, tanky, and harder to kill, it's time for you to make DPS items. GET A BRUTALIZER!! this item suits khazix well, it provides cd reduction, armor penet., and attack damage. dont rush youmu's blade yet, depends on the situation, get a Guardian Angel next or avarice blade (more gps, more gold)

Now that your item is finished, you got Mercury Tread/Ninja Tabi, Frozen Mallet, Maw of Malmortius, Sunfire Cape/Warmog, Guardian Angel, and Youmuu's GhostBlade enjoy your killing time :D

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Skill Sequence

i always take W first. why? because with W u can heal up yourself to make more sustain in your lane, u can also target minion for last hit easier with it, you can even check the bush with your W when your trying to leash your jungler in early game, and lastly u can harass your enemy with this awesome skill >:D hell yea!!

next skill to take is the Q so u can last hit minion or harass the enemy as well

the third skill to take is the Leap (E) use this skill wisely, because with this skill u can finish your enemy or u can escape with it. it's simple as that

the first evolution i ALWAYS take W because with this you can deal more damage and can slow enemies because it gain the passive effect.
second evolution i usually either take the Q or the E depending on the situation. but for myself i usually upgraded the Q because u can deal more damage because of the isolation+damage.
Third evolve i take the Leap or the Q, depending on what i took on the second evolution.

With the leap evolve you can get cd refreshed when u get an assist or a kill, this will bring a great advantage for you, you can either finish the enemy, to juke, to do kiting, or escaping

I never evolve the ult. Why i never evolve the ult? because for me it doesnt suit my play style and for khazix as well, because it only makes you stealth one more time, I repeat ONE TIME and it reduces damage 40% during the stealth is on. i mean c'mon you won't get damage while your stealth-ing o.O duh! probably yes you may get damage by area damage skills,
but still the other skill with the evolution will give you a better advantage for you (more damage, more kills, more escape route with the upgraded Leap, and infinite Leap when you kill/assist) and your team (by killing and slowing the enemy).

What i usually do with the ult? i used my ult to either juke, get the passive effect, kill, or escape. it's easy as that, but you need to be experienced and skill to use the ult

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Summoner Spells

spells are easy to pick for top champs, its either teleport, flash, ignite, or exhaust. but usually i use flash and ignite, to escape or to kill

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Guide's History

1/11/2012: Posted 1st draft for Kha'zix guide (no images, no link for skills and items)
2/11/2012: Added second build type, fix some problems