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Kha'Zix Build Guide by Ancient_doom

Assassin Kha'Zix When they're dead, no one can hear them scream.

Assassin Kha'Zix When they're dead, no one can hear them scream.

Updated on October 4, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ancient_doom Build Guide By Ancient_doom 14,589 Views 9 Comments
14,589 Views 9 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ancient_doom Kha'Zix Build Guide By Ancient_doom Updated on October 4, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Smite



This is my first champion guide, so reviews and statements are appreciated.
Kha'Zix, despite this being my first guide, is not my main. I have only had him a short time, and I quickly found a pace with him I find comfortable. I do not claim to be a professional with him, but there is such things as common sense.

This build with him is pure jungler, as that is the only way I have used him. He can start from both red and blue. This guide is written primarily with red buff in mind, but he can work just as well with blue.
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Pros / Cons

-He can recover from being counter-jungled in seconds.
Most counter-jungles leave behind 1 minion. Just Q it and move on. Or if they take your blue/red in an invasion, just take your other one or theirs. You can work with blue or red.
-He jungles fast.
-He has good sustainability (blue buff)
-He can do an impressive gank at level 2 (red or blue buff)
Red is still better.
-He can counter-jungle minions fast (blue or red buff)
-He can counter-jungle the enemy jungler well (red buff)
-Can be built for initiation or assassination.
-Isn't too mana dependant in the jungle
-evolves for versatility:
Evolved Q scales with enemy hp.
Evolved W does work.
It has a time and place.
Evolved E is just as good as Tristana's jump in utility + it scales with AD
Evolved R makes you extra annoying
-Is easy to figure out.
-Will make you feel like a badass.

-People fear you, and will focus you.
-His R and E are difficult to master.
-Very dependent on the mastery of R and E, and your intelligence.
-Lacks true CC
-Is easily focused if CC'd
-He makes your choice in evolutions obvious.

(He grows wings, and shines red. How much more obvious can you get? You look awesome, but in fighting terms this only harms you.)
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Creeping / Jungling

I am not going to explain the complexitys and art of jungling. This isnt that type of guide. But I will explain some of it from the perspective of Kha'Zix.

Scenario: Enemy Invades and steals your red

You: Go blue. You can still gank at level 2 with blue. You have a passive which slows similar to red. Plus, with blue, you can use Q a second or third time in a single fight easily.
When your done ganking, return to the jungle. You can farm easier with blue than red if you focus on W.

Scenario: Enemy Invades and steals your blue.

You: Counter invade. Give their blue to your mid, and then take your red for yourself with some assistance. You dont actually need blue.

Scenario: Your allies are not helping you with early buffing.

You: Pull the golem or king-lizard away from their bodyguards and focus them down. The two mini-lizards are ranged, and will not follow. Also their damage is 10-12, not enough to worry about. Kill them when you have the buffs.

More or less, it is remarkably easy to pull the golem/lizard away from their helpers. Since your Q focuses on dealing high damage to single targets, it will be like spamming smite.

Scenario: You are being counterjungled.

Here is where it gets funny. Most counter-junglers leave behind 1 minion or all of them. This is hard-wired into their brains. Its like double-or-nothing to them. There is no other way of doing it.

With Kha'Zix, you simply 1-shot the remaining minion with your Q (and finish with autoattack if need be) and move on. You actually are ahead as far as im concerned, because you haven't wasted your time crossing the river. They made the effort of walking over, they took the risk of your wrath, and you deal with it by snapping your fingers and moving on as though nothing happened. Your jungling hasn't been slowed much at all.

Now... in the case where you catch them in the act. You need to make sure to not attack them while they are standing next to minions. Let them be out in the open, then jump them and Q them. Use the bushes to your advantage and buy the precious milliseconds you need to use the extra Q's.
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You can gank easily as early as level 2. With both red and blue buffs. Here is why:

Red Buff:
Jump + passive slow + Q + Red buff slow/exhausted + potentially another Q

blue buff:
jump + passive slow + Q + Exhaust/another Q + potentially a third Q

They both share a remarkable number of traits in common.

This combo is painful. I sometimes find that the enemy is dead by the time you do the first Q, and you dont need more. By the time you land your first Q, the enemy is usually either flashed out or dead.

Either way, you did your job.

After level 2 ganks, you dont necessarily need blue anymore unless you spam W. You kill creeps fast enough that they dont do much to you with Q+red. This is why I prefer red buff. You may have faster creeping with blue, and you may have higher sustainability, but he kills so fast it dont matter to me. Just have the team spirit and give your mid the blue. He needs it more.

The only thing you should be worried about in ganking is this:
1. You lack true CC
2. You are squishy.

My primary jungler is Maokai, just cuz his CC in ganking is awesome, and he can tank like ab oss.

Kha'Zix is the complete opposite. He has good slowing, and he deals INCREDIBLE damage (you will find yourself KS'ing a lot) but he still can die and fall on his face if you dont have help from the person in the lane. I prefer to let my laner go first because of this.

One thing to note about him is, he can easily move from gank to gank. I have before landed 4-5 kills before I ever get my first item beyond the boots. He can creep well, but he is also a character who is able to constantly gank without end.
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Roles in a team fight

The nice thing about the items I picked are, they allow you to be multiple things. Since you KNOW the enemy will focus you hard, you can use that.

1. Initiator
Since you know the enemy is gunning for you, its time to use that.

This is the only time when Evolved W, I feel, has a true use. You build up a passive, then use W, leap in, use Omen, and use R.

When you use W, they are slowed. When you leap in, they will focus you. Using Omen will slow them down further, and then using R will make you disappear.

To me, it is a lot like wukong with a decoy.

Alternatively, you can choose to not leap in. You can use your evolved W at the same time as your entire team initiating, then wait a second before going in. Either way, this is the only true time I see evolving your W as being worth your while.

Now, granted, this slow is nice. if your team composition has say... Malphite, maokai, wukong or someone who is BUILT to jump in first, then your slow is extra nice. Esspecially wukong.

Otherwise, just dont evolve your W.

Still, when all is said and done, whether you choose to initiate, help initiate, or just sneak around is up to you.

2. Assassin

This is another role this item build is established with. Every assassin does need a little hp, but he primarily needs fighting power. That is why the ONLY item that doesn't help him offensively is omen.

One of the key things I like about Kha'zix, is his ability to jump a target, and stay on the target. He slows them down repeatedly and can gain a speed boost for a split second. And if he gains assists, then he can jump a second time.

omen, while not being an offensive item, also helps by slowing the enemy down itself.

But, to be specific, lets analyze.

Passive - slow
W - good for chasing
E - jumping like a boss
R - speed boost and refreshes his passive
Frozen mallet - further slowed (I think they stack with passive.)
Omen - slowed again
Phantom Dancer - attack-speed and among the best speed boost items besides boots

Thats a lot of ability to be one stubborn guy who will not let you go! A lot like a girlfriend who doesnt understand the concept of breaking up.

Now, just because your on them constantly doesnt necessarily mean you can kill them. So lets analyze this, assuming the enemy isnt moving at all.

passive - 220 damage (if u dont use evolved W)
Q - either 190+(1.6 x AD) or 280+(2.4 x AD) + 12% of their max hp when evolved (Let us assume 2500 hp.) = 628 (if target isnt isolated) or 938 + 300 (evolution) every 3.5 seconds (evolution only works on isolated targets)
W - 235 + (0.9 x AD) + 220 when evolved = 461.9 per target without evolution/passive or 681.9 per target (its aoe when evolved. it has a lot more target potential.)
E - 205 + (0.8 x AD) = 424.2 per target (its aoe)
Autoattack - 274 + 10armor penetration + 55% chance to 250% crit + attack speed of 56 (I think that means you hit twice per second.) = about 750 damage per second + 10 armor pen + red buff damage

In my mind, this means you leap in and just AA with Q spam for optimal damage. Most of your slows trigger from AA, and Q has a really nice CD and damage output. Only use W if they are beyond your reach. The health boost is only 160. That is perhaps 50% of one of their attacks. Not worth taking the time to use it in a fight.

Now... Just because you are a good chaser and have good damage doesnt mean you act like a complete and utter ******. Assassins are about intelligence and patience. To be an assasin, you can jump around, slow, and turn invisible, and use speed boosts. Very nice arsenal.

But there are those times the enemy all turns their eyes on you.:

E - this leap, when evolved, refreshes everytime you get an assist or kill. Which means if you provide any amount of assistance to your team (such as using W into the enemy midst near the beginning), you will benefit if even ONE enemy dies with your help (even if you only damaged them by 1.). If just 1 enemy dies, you have a refreshed leap.

R - This baby allows you to turn invisible for 1 second. Not much, I know, but during that second you suffer 40% less damage from all sources and have a 40% speed boost. Even better, you can use it 3x when evolved. This may not be enough to escape 5 people on its own, but running away with this should be able to buy you time to leap again.

Passive - It may not be the best, but if you hit someone chasing you in melee range, it will slow them down. Since Q increases the range of your autoattacks, you can time it so that you trigger your passive before they can hit you.

Omen - Not the best tool for running... But its passive slow or triggering slow anything. Now, if they have no chasing abilitys or flash or jumps, and if they arent faster than you, then it should be enough to buy you time for an extra leap if not get you out of a chase.

Exhaust - Never underestimate the slowing of a good exhaust when your being chased by something that has no chasing abilitys.

Now... there are times you cannot help but take a beating. You will be focused down often, and for this you have to have the stats to be ready. Kha'Zix has a little bit to help with that.

E - heals for almost 150 if you are in the explosion
R - reduces damage by 40$ when your invisible and its evolved

Its not much to say the least. If you get caught, your almost certainly dead. This build helps with that a bit, because 3010 hp, 160 armor, and 94 MR is nothing to laugh at unless the enemy's strength scales with your hp.
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Now that I have gotten through the concept of the build, lets get down to some of the actual build.

Runes are set up this way in order to provide a good early game, while at the same time leaving a little bit over for the late game. Its not much, but the extra armor and MR helps. It is really all about AD.

Now, I have seen people use speed runes instead of Armor penetration. That is a good idea with Kha'Zix, but I havent bought them yet myself. I would definetely recomend speed runes as an alternative, if you have them.
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Masteries here are balanced for a reason. You need a little defense to help survive, and the utilitys are to allow you to be a better jungler/ganker in general. You have a great deal of offensive power already, so going further down the offense tree to me doesnt feel worth it.

I would rather cover his weaknesses than gain what amounts to very little increase in his offensive capability.

Now, one thing to note is... most people in jungling in Defense mastery use touch skin, bladed armor, and indominatble. This is good in jungling, as it reduces damage of creeps from 12-13 to 8-9. This does count for something, but I have chosen this path because he kills creeps quite easily. Creeps, to begin with, pack very little punch, and I dont plan to be punched long. In some guys it is essential, like someone who gets hit by them a lot.

They hit me a few times, but not long enough to dent me. I would rather get armor and MR because the only ones in the game who DO dent Kha'Zix are other champions.

In jungling, I am almost never below 85% in hp. Once I get Madred, then its laughable. as Kha'Zix, you dont even HAVE to creep much. He can easily move from gank to gank and just keep ganking as long as he is successful.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ancient_doom
Ancient_doom Kha'Zix Guide
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Kha'Zix When they're dead, no one can hear them scream.

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