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Build Guide by Fenrae Vehiron

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fenrae Vehiron

Kickass build

Fenrae Vehiron Last updated on February 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ok so this is my first build, please be nice and give me any suggestions on how to make the build better if you have any! Ezreal is a great champion one of my favourite ranged!!!

The reason for that is because he can both lane and mid effectively though i do often get people playing Miss Fortune and Teemo shouting "Ezreal mid!!". I would have no problem going mid if i didn't play with my girlfriend, yep, we're sad and play LoL together but that's the reason i don't do mid so much; i prefer to lane with her. So yeah here's as best of a build i could do for him.

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Pros / Cons

Long Range
Large mana pool
Good damage early and mid game
Has his own flash skill for getaways or persuits
Looks awesome
Strong Ultimate

Minions CAN block 3 of your skills or weaken them.
Very squishie
Often Tergeted
Often forced to play mid.

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Ok so this IS an AD build before you start getting all angry thinking it was an AP build but AD Ezreal is just what i prefer.

Thus the runes i have chosen were Greater Mark of Desolation for the reds, simple really, to give you that little edge against people who get wise and start stacking armour stats against you (if they work out you're AD).

For the yellows i chose Greater Seal of Alacrity because that extra attack speed can do a whole lot for you early game if you want that first blood and could also possibly save your life a few times later game when you have your Vampiric Scepter.

For the blues i chose a bit of mana regen with some cooldown reduction, seems silly since his skills already have quick cooldowns but with this they become that bit quicker (And you get your ulti sooner).

Quintessences... right i did think over these and decided 2 Greater Quintessences of Desolation and then 1 Greater Quintessence of Alacrity

These are just suggestions, if you feel you could do better with the Runes then go ahead and choose your own. It's your IP that you're using for the runes not mine.

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Ok so masteries, i use the 21/0/9 build because i like the additional effects of the offense masteries ontop of the runes i use. Simple really but if you prefer them in another way, say 9/0/21 or even some in defence for that bit of survivability then go ahead and use them.

Both this are and the Runes are all about preference really.

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Ok so for these items... i just happened to be testing out Ezreal builds because the one i HAD been using which was Booshido's AD Ezreal, was great! Just it didn't quite suit my gameplay for some reason. So i decided to go ahead and look around for some other build only to find that all the AD builds were similar but anyways.

Depending on whether you want to stay in your land for a while or just to kill is up to you, if you'd prefer to start with a Long Sword instead of Meki's Pendant then go ahead i switch about also but make sure Manamune is your first completed item. The passive comes in very handy.

Of course Beserker's boots are a nice addition to your AS in the game but i sometimes use Ninja Tabi or Mercury Treads if i'm against tough enemies with a not so good team mate laning with me.

Vampiric scepter... GREAT way to stay alive and not need to use money on Health Potions! Later game if you want you can do something with the vampiric scepter and turn it into Starks fervor or something. I find the games aren't always long enough for me to do anything with it.

Infitnity edge, oh how i love this item, lots of AD and Crit chance for you! This makes you lethal if you manage to get it pretty early! Enough said on that i think xD

Phantom Dancer is good for AS and Crit, making you even more hard hitting than before! This is really just to emphasise on your AS and develope the crit chance from your Infinity Edge more so too, like a booster item more than anything.

Trinity Force, i like this item because of the Sheen ability and the survivability it gives you! It's a good way to finish off i think especially since you can buy it in stages. I usually start with Phage for the extra health, people target the ones with lower HP unless you have a good tank infront of you.

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Summoner Spells

Ok so the summoner spells i use are Ghost and Exhaust, Ghost is good for persuing and running away from potentially dangerous enemies and the same for Exhaust really. Exhaust is good for those nasty tower divers in the game. Just exhaust them and run around the tower if you're faced with a tower diver... usually works for me. They either die or give up.

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Ok so i hope this is a helpful build for you all! It may already be up on the site but i haven't seen it if it is. This is an AD/AS build for Ezreal with Crit chance in it also later on. For any lane really!
When i have a bit more time i shall probably put in a chapter somewhere on how i use Ezreal and what to do in different situations with him which can be a bit tricky! For now enjoy!

I'm happy for feedback on it if you don't think it's good, just don't down rate it please. If it's not for you it's not for you but keep the Rating above 50% so others have the chance to try it!