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Tryndamere Build Guide by Killamere

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Killamere


Killamere Last updated on October 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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So you want to learn How to be a Killamere... ? Being a Killamere is above those sissy summoners that get off from putting boxes ( Shaco) and shrooms ( Teemo) in a bush, running from fights ( Kassadin, Vayne, Master Yi, Wukong etc...), and stealthing around like a coward ( Twitch). A Killamere is a ruthless killer, a destroyer of dreams, a coward slayer; being a Killamere is an attitude. Before you read another line ask yourself this: can you handle being responsible for CHOPPING LIMBS OFF, severing heads, and making grown men weep tears of agony because no matter how hard they try they cannot stop your never-ending, butt-kicking massacre? Can you accept such a fate? If so you may proceed with my guide, but once you have gained the knowledge to be a pure-bred, cold-blooded, merciless killer there is no going back. For those that cannot handle such a burden, we will see you on the battle field with your tail quivering between your legs, while you urinate on yourself for fear that a Killamere might make you his next victim.

With that said I encourage you to read my through my guide with an open mind. There are many other great guides out there that are similar to mine, with very similar item builds, but mine is just a bit unique. Unique enough to warrant your attention. Any feedback is welcome and appreciated. Lastly, if you mind sarcasm then I would not read my build, and if you do don't take it too seriously. It's only a game after all.

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Pros / Cons


    - Viable at every stage of the game: early, mid, and late (if you follow this guide)
    - Best AD carry in the game
    - Difficult to kill if used correctly
    - Massive damage
    - Highly mobile
    - Great Ulti if used properly
    - Great farmer with a few items (you will be one-shotting minions)
    - Great Junglemere and Gankamere


- Hard to master
- Very susceptible to CC
- Countered by blind, exhaust, and stuns
- Horrible in lane early (THEREFORE NEVER BE A 'LANE-AMERE'- read below)
- Poor initiator
- Generally targeted first in a team fight
- Many good players will try to kite you during undying rage

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Tryndamere - Abilities, General Info, & Playing Style

Tryndamere is a champion above the rest if played correctly. He is able to put out massive amounts of damage in a very short period of time. Another tremendous advantage is his mobility. Lets review his abilities and their priority.

Ability Priority: Undying Rage > Bloodlust > Mocking Shout > Spinning Slash



This passive is extremely unique and is what defines him. Building fury is extremely important and is a source of crit chance. Understanding when to consume it is even more important.


This increases your AD and is amplified by your health missing. It can be activated to consume fury to heal yourself. LEARN HOW TO USE THIS ABILITY! Too many noobs use this far too often, and the use of this ability must be mastered or you will be a Wankamere not a Killamere! So if you decide to disregard my suggestion to become a Junglemere, which many of you will do, then please try to engage a coward with a reasonably full fury bar, and try your best to not active Bloodlust for the heal unless it is absolutely necessary. This is EXTREMELY important early game! Secondly, learn to active this for the heal AFTER Undying Rage not during and certainly not shortly prior to Undying Rage or else you are sure to die, unless you kill everyone. Learning when to active this skill, as well as how to use Undying Rage are two reasons trynd is so difficult to master. It takes practice and a lot of noobalishious deaths. O yes it is inevitable my friend you are certain to be a Wankamere on your journey to becoming a Killamere. Just enjoy the ride and all the **** you will take from your frustrated teammates.

This ability should be your main priority and leveled first (excluding Undying Rage which is always top priority).

Mocking Shout:

This ability reduces enemy AD dramatically when leveled and slows them significantly when their back is turned. This ability in combination with Spinning Slash makes Tryndamere an extremely deadly chaser. Use the ability often, but don't waste it too early in a 1v1. Let the enemy coward try to hang with you, one or two CHOPS and he will probably begin to fear for his miserable life and attempt a getaway. Then activate Mocking Shout, try as me might, fear begins to settle in as you close the distance rapidly,CHOP CHOP and do a quick jig dance over his mutilated corps. Don't forget to mount his head on a stake to demoralize him and the rest of his team, nothing is more demoralizing then trying to flee running at 60% speed and watching your champ get hacked/chopped by a Killamere!

Another tremendous advantage of this ability is that it can detect cowards in a bush or stealth. Use this ability anytime you are near the brush. Don't do a noob-check and get powned by five cowards hiding out. This ability will also trigger when super cowards like Teemo, Twitch, and Shaco are stealthing around. I use this anytime I suspect an enemy is near or in the bush.

Except for two early points in Spinning Slash for jungling, this ability should be your second priority to level (excluding Undying Rage which is always top priority). Make sure you take one point in this before level 6 to ensure you are on top of your Gankamere game!

Spinning Slash:

This is an extremely important ability for Killamere. This can be used to spin through walls, therefore makes you a great chaser, jungler, and very difficult to catch. In fact I often will advance a coward quickly using this ability to catch them off guard, or if I am already close I can get a few killer CHOPS in then Spinning Slash out. This is also used to avoid skill shots, but you must learn your enemies and be great at anticipating when someone is about to use a skill shot, like when Fire Crotch Brand is about to stun you with his skill shot. Goat him (or anyone else for that matter) by letting him think he has the upper hand, anticipate the Sear use Spinning Slash as a dodge and to close distance, then CHOP CHOP: Brand for dinner, he tends to be a bit on the well done side though, dry and mangy!

Undying Rage:

The LoL Gods blessed only one champ with such an OP utli you say ... I can see you licking your chops, eager to unlock its massive power, like unleashing pandora's box. Well I am here to say that this is a good ulti but for those that have not yet mastered its mysteries, it will lead you into death more often than not. Again another opportunity to exploit your Wankamereness, at least for a while!
Let me state the obvious: use this just before you are about to die, and don't be a hero and jump into a fight when it is on CD, YOU WILL DIE more often than not, unless you have a close to complete build. When you are in a fight, especially a team fight it is near impossible to see your health bar especially with cows like Alistar and fat boys like Gragas blocking your sight. This is where a seasoned Killamere who know his champ will rise above the rest. Knowing how to time your ulti without loosing sight of your target and everything around you takes skill, bottom line. It will take practice but once you have mastered that, you are on your way from Wankamere to Killamere. Again, as stated above only active Bloodlust after you are just about to end your rage and you should have already Spinning Slash'ed out of the fight (with one exception presented below).

The last thing I will say about Undying Rage is that you should learn when to stay in the fight for an extra few seconds to get a kill or two when raging. If you see two low champs and they are in your range you can push yourself to stay in the fight using Undying Rage. Try your best to take them out even if it means you die: 2 for 1 is always good, but this will require that you use Bloodlust at the right time to ensure you live long enough to get the final CHOP to end that poor sucker's miserable life. Activate it too early and you get one kill and one death = NO BUENO. Activate it just as you are almost finishing your rage and with enough lifesteal and a few mighty CHOPS you will live long enough to get at least two kills maybe more.

I want to end this section by reiterating that being a Killamere might seem easy enough but it isn't. So many people say, "O ya, so much skill just right click", and to some extent they are right, you are just attacking, thus right clicking. What separates a poser from a Killamere is more about timing his abilities, and doing all the small things well (cutting off angles for a quick chase-CHOP CHOP-kill, not initiating like a noobster, etc...).

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Lane-amere or Junglemere?

Let me begin my stating that I never enjoyed being in the jungle. I have used Junglewick Warwick, The Blind Dingleberry Lee Sin, and many more. It can be boring compared to trying to get a few kills early, but the jungle is great for Tryndamere. So for those that are saying, "O great another jungle guide ... this just isn't for me!". I encourage you to reconsider. I played as a Lane-amere for about a year before I ever considered trying a Junglemere. After the revamp, I am here to say that being a Junglemere is the most viable option and I have the results to back this statement!

Let Me Elaborate

Tryndamere is way to easy to harass during the early game phase. Go up against almost any decent raged player, Vayne, Caitlyn, Ryze, Teemo, Miss Fortune, Heimerdinger, Kassadin, Kog'Maw etc ... or a good melee such as Garen, Jax, Mordekaiser, etc ... worst cases present when you have to lane against a good ranged + a good melee, you could every easily be completely shut out of any farm simply because you can be harassed to death, so yo instead resort to tower-hugging, which leads to being underdeveloped. REMEMBER BOYS AND GIRLS being underdeveloped is much better than being the FEEDER!!!! Certainly if your lane partner is good, or you make a few good moves you can still come out with a few kills, but most often you will be hugging the tower; a place not suitable for one such as yourself aiming to become a Killamere! In order to become a Killamere you must be quite farmed, and the odds are much more in your favor to jungle than to lane especially considering how poor Tryndamere is in lane early.

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Runes, Masteries, & Spells

Please take note that I acknowledge to making this section relatively concise. In my opinion the sections here are quite standard, and I prefer to spend more time on the subjective or more detailed information.


The runes I have selected are quite standard for Tryndamere amongst the better players with the exception of the Quintessence, which I will explain.

Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
greater mark of desolationGreater Mark of Desolation
This mark is a given, and probably the most standard item for a typical melee AD champ. Enough said.

Greater Seal of Resilience
Since Tryndamere doesn't require pure crit anymore, armor is a much better option to select as a seal. More armor means you take less damage, but it doesn't scale on a one to one ratio. Nevertheless, armor seems to be a great option for your seals.

Greater Glyph of Warding
Again, this is just adding some sustainability. Straight forward!

Greater Quintessence of Swiftness
The quint can be a bit controversial. Some other options are: I have used each of the three and I prefer Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed because it provides enhanced mobility which leads to more kills because cowards like Master Yi, Kassadin, Teemo, etc ... cannot escape from you as easily. Secondly, it helps your farm during the jungle phase. Also, if you follow this build you will have more than enough armor pen to be a Killamere so greater quintessence of desolation is a moot point. Greater Quintessence of Health is a bit better for the jungle, but doesn't seem to provide a large payoff after that.



Again, quite standard for a melee AD champ: 21/0/9. You have some flexibility in your selection here especially in the offensive tree, but most are standard. You want Deadliness , Alacrity , Lethality and Plentiful Bounty , Haste to boost your spells. Shifting a point here and there will not be a game breaker BUT certainly do not go into the obvious ones Expanded Mind , etc...

I have tried 21/9/0, but I prefer the utility tree over the defensive tree especially for a Junglemere.

SPELLS: Smite & Ghost

Okay so this is where I may receive some opposition. Firstly I have addressed why you should be a Junglemere over a Lane-amere, so Smite is a must. Now for your second choice. I have tried all of the following numerous times:

A great spell and does help finishing off the cowards that try to blind you, dps you and run away for fear that you will CHOP their head clean off with one shot!

Another great spell and does a tremendous job of keep slippery cowards from escaping from their inevitable fate of mutilation.

O yes, my previous spell of choice. This is great for a quick escape, and allows you to jump into an attacking position for a quick kill.

** **

So why Ghost you ask? I prefer Ghost because its benefits are sustained longer. You can use an Ignite but if your opponent out runs you, gets a heal or potion, then he has escaped like the coward that he is. Flash is again only short lived and may put you in a good position for a moment but again cowards will be cowards and try to run from you. Ghost will allow you more flexibility if you have been slowed, cc'ed or the coward has used a potion. You can chase him down, CHOP CHOP coward for dinner!

This selection is controversial and I do feel the other options listed above are good spells. My preference after trying all the other spells several times is Ghost by far! In my opinion it results in more kills for Killamere, and kills => a more sucker-free map!

If you haven't noticed, I despise cowards who take out their frustrations on LoL and get off on doing dishonorable stuff because their real life is too pathetic to satisfy them!

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Now we are talking. So you have your runes, masteries, spells, and you are convinced that a Junglemere is the best way to go, you have out farmed the majority of the players, gotten a few ganks, and your gold is plentiful! Lets look at the items.

Note that I have listed the items which I purchase in sequence, but any item leading up to a primary item may be skipped if you have the gold to do so! Secondly, realize that everything is situational, and modification is necessary. See below for some viable modifications.


This build provides you with heavy AS, AD, LS, and enough armor pen with The Black Cleaver. Everything you need! My sequence is presented above, but lets review:

Vampiric Scepter to begin the jungling. After I kill the wolves, wraiths, and golems then I go back to get Boots of Speed for added mobility in the jungle. I continue to jungle and go back for Berserker's Greaves and a Dagger if possible. At round level 5-6 I begin to gank and jungle, and grab a Dagger (if I didn't have the gold before) for that extra AS boost. Then I am off to build my Infinity Edge. Once that is complete I round out my build with a Zeal and Targon's Brace to keep me distributed in all stats. From there I build my The Black Cleaver, and complete Zeke's Harbinger. I prefer to complete Zeke's Harbinger over Phantom Dancer because it provides great AS as well as LS, which leads to better sustainability. Phantom Dancer is the final core item. I used to build Phantom Dancer after Infinity Edge, then tried it after The Black Cleaver but after several trials, I feel this sequence is more viable.


Now you have your core and you are steam rolling with severed heads in your wake! What next? Here is where you must be resilient and use your best judgement. A few considerations are:
  • Am I struggling with CC?
  • Is the team building tanky?
  • Do I need more damage or sustainability?
If you are struggling with CC or facing a heavy CC team you have two options:
Switch Berserker's Greaves to Mercury's Treads and/or purchase Quicksilver Sash as your final item. Either of these options are great and should be used if needed.

If the team is very tanky Last Whisper should be your final item. This will destroy those annoying tanks Singed, Garen, Alistar, etc... that underestimate the power a Killamere possess. A few whacks and they will fall just as hard as the other cowards!

Another option for a final item is The Bloodthirster. I love this item but I do not feel it is as necessary as the items mentioned above simply because it provides additional damage and LS, but still does not address too much CC and armor from the enemy. Take this item if you are doing well and are not facing the preceding mentioned challenges.

Summary of Various Ending Builds

Game went well, no major challenges you went 21-5: Although I prefer Last Whisper.
NOTE: the above build w/ Last Whisper is also used for tanky teams.

Up against a heave CC heave team, you may end with:

I will end the Items section with a final word of advice. I generally do not need to use a Quicksilver Sash but at times will switch Berserker's Greaves for Mercury's Treads late in the game. My playing style allows for me to get away with all offensive items for massive damage. When I find an isolated enemy or even two, I will engage, but during a team fight NEVER initiate as trynd. What will happen is as follows: you feel you are invincible because you have been on a ruthless rampage most of the game. As the game progresses, the other team will complete their builds and team fights are more prominent. You rush in with a Spinning Slash get CC'ed, and the other team blows their CD's on you, you have to use Undying Rage and Spinning Slash to avoid a death. Don't make this mistake. Let the enemy engage and blow their CD's on the tank, then you know the drill, rush in there CHOP CHOP CHOP and you have a double, triple, or quadra kill without even using Undying Rage. On the other hand, DON'T be a coward and let your teammates die because you are waiting for the right moment to attack. The other team will fear you so be sure to engage before your teammates fall. Again this takes practice, intuition and some skill. Just to clarify, you are able to get away with some initiation during early and mid game especially if you are a bit farmed, but during late game, team fights you will get shredded if you try to initiate a team fight.

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Just as Rome wasn't built in a day, becoming a Killamere will not happen in one game. It takes a lot of practice. Get used to being a Wankamere for a while. You will use Undying Rage too early and too late. You will active Bloodlust at the wrong time and Spinning Slash into a wall without making it through and get yourself killed. Trust me when I say Tryndamere is easy to play, but hard to master.

Again, any feedback is welcome. I will continuously update this guide to improve it and make necessary modifications. Cheers.