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Volibear Build Guide by AngelOfChaos

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AngelOfChaos

Killer Beear!!: the terror of the snow - Jungler

AngelOfChaos Last updated on December 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello this is my firts guide in Mobafire, so dont be so hard on me hehe... Also im not an excellent english writter or speaker, so if you see some mistakes in any site of this guide, my apologies.


I build Volibear as a AD figther becuase of his, that gives us passivelly attack speed, and when stack three time you make masive damage in the early and mid-game. Anyways I'll explain this afther in the chapter of skills.

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For Runes i take:
, 3 Attack Speed (AS) marks, and 6 ArP marks: The three of AS marks for the maximization of the W passive, and the ArP to make greater true damage.

9 Armor seals: runes that almost all of the jungler most have.

9 AS gylphs: again, the maximazation of the W skill.

and three quins of ArP.

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For masteries i take 12/1/17. I find that very ussefull, but this is the part that im not 100% sure of it. If you have a better mastery page for him, don't hesitate in use it.

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Chosen of the storm: this is his passive. Ist very important that you dont think that because he repair the 30% of his life your inmortal, Because you´r NOT. Of course this is a very good pasive that makes him a good initiator in a team figths.

Rolling thunder (Q): the skill that make him a good ganker. Notice that he would be more fast when you have an enemy champion close, otherwhise this skill will only launch behind you and damage the minions, and towers. I'll explain later my way to use this skill in ganks.

Frenzy (W): This is the skill that you should and mots maximaze firts than the others. Why? cuz of his passive and the damage that makes when you use your active. This skills is a god finishim for almos any enemy champ.

Majestic roar (E): this skill is the one that makes this Bear a good jungler. And also, is a great skill fo enemy champs, cuz of the CC it alows you to make.

Thunder claws (R) : this is his ultimate, a VERY good skill when a team figth begins. It have a semi-nice CD, so you can use it a few several times. When you go for a gank, don't doubt at push R.

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Summoner spells

: Makes his jungle a way lot fasther.

: afther use Q skill, use this spell and you have a secure kill. Also, when the enemy is runnin, use this spell, hit him, and if he have life when this spells ends, use Q, another secure kill. Use it too when a scape moment or for the help of a friend.

You can also use but it will make your Jungle slower than when you use smite.

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Why this Build?

Well this build is made for the maximize of the damage that this sunmoner can make.

we all know thatis one of the best items for jungler player, so i don´t have to explain why i chose it.

Boots of AS: The most AS you have, the more easy stack on Q skill, sow thats why i use them. you can also go for but is your choice.

Trinity Force is one of the best items for this particular character. Gives AS, AD, AP, CC, health and mana. the health is pretty much important for Voli, sow this item stacks very well on him. Firts buy the seal, and go after for the paghe, that give us health.

Is very important let me say, that you buy anytime you can one of these for the amount of life that give to us.

We go now for the , the amount of healt and the CC that grant us is just great. firts buy the and them the mallet.

Whit that quantity of health, like 3200 hp at this moment, we go for the , grant a good quantity of AD cause of the healt we have.

If you get this far and the game isnt over, the you can buy an and you'll maximize the crit chance, and the crit damge you make. It stacks whit Atma very well.

Latsly, when the game in almos infinite and you have won a looot of money, you can sell your and buy a , that will make you an OP bear, that makes like 1000 dmg per hit to minions.

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Creeping / Jungling

I use for this summoner the Blue rute. Firts Blue golem, second wolfs, third wriths, 4 golums, fith Red golum, and them the others jungle monters that sholud be already respanw.

Note taht you can Gank afther golums. But is your choice do it or no, and is too ypur choice what lane gank.

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The secure level to gank is level 4 (following the skills secuence of this guide). Your q abilite is the most essential when a situation of gank comes in. Look that Q skills makes you faster and the hit you make shoot the enemy behind you. That's why you shold choice the rigth moment to use it.

When you comes out of a bush and the enemy is near your torret, the best you can do is begin the gank whitout Q, and them use it when the enemy run for his life.

You can use your Q firts in a gank when the enemy is in the mid or near their tower.

Remenber to coment pls, that way ill know if you like my guide or not. And thanks for your time.