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Kindred Build Guide by Nemesis42Izio

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nemesis42Izio

Kindred, The Eternal Hunters

Nemesis42Izio Last updated on October 15, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Kindred with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Kindred You should be better than another Kindred if you get your Frozen Mallet to kite them. Just claim the entire jungle as yours ~ kill their marked camps as soon as they spawn and then get to yours as soon as you can. May the better Kindred win (you).
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Alright! So seeing as how you are looking into this either you just unlocked Kindred or are just trying to see what kind of builds there are to test out. This is my first guide so it may not have all the information you are looking for, but I will try to include important things about the Eternal Hunters. So first off, Kindred is (in my own opinion) an extremely difficult jungle to play EFFECTIVELY. Kindred herself is easy to use mechanically, however being able to carry your teammates on your small Lamb back is difficult! Depending on who you are up against in the jungle is going to be one of the most important factors in your success in that game. Without further ado lets get into everything you will need to know to destroy your opponents effectively!

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Pretty basic AD runes here, since Kindred's base attack stats are so low you don't want only armor pen runes or you won't do any damage. Having a balance between AD runes and pen runes will maximize your damage output and lead to more successful games. Standard MR and Armor runes as well, if you intend on longer games they can be swapped back and forth between flat and scaling MR and Armor runes. Having two AS quints on this set helps a bit because come end game your damage comes from your passive that you worked on all early game. In order to use the passive you need basic attacks ~ so more AS is only natural.

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Pretty standard damage mastery page, you may opt to take Dangerous Game if you are worried about staying alive after securing the kill on your target. Killing your target within itself is your goal though. Unless the champion you die to is able to capitalize and take advantage of your death you gain the advantage because every stack on your passive makes a giant difference. That is why I opt to take Expose Weakness and Spell Weaving to optimize your damage output with your basics and your abilities constantly hitting your targets.

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The jungling item you use is completely based on your style, Kindred is more of a farming jungle as compared to a ganking jungle (for example Lee Sin is a ganking jungle he focuses more on lanes than he does in jungle, whereas a champion like Master Yi needs to farm his jungle to become strong enough to gank before trying any major ganks). Therefore with Kindred falling into the latter category getting Trailblazer is a good item to use because you ensure very quick jungle clears so you don't stick around the enemies camps too long to get your passive stacked. Using other jungling items, such as Stalker's Blade can be useful for the slow as a tool to kite with, but usually you will want to maximize your jungle clearing times.
The enchantmant debate from Warrior to Devourer is troublesome, with the nerf to Devourer and not being able to have Hurricane count as multiple basic attacks make it very tough to take seriously ~ even though it is the only enchantment that will help your attack speed I would say Warrior is a better option. You can always buy attack speed items to help you, but you will have a hard time doing anything with Devourer after it's massive nerf for ranged characters.

Kindred is an ADC, obviously Beserker Greaves here. Boots of Mobility would help get your jungle stacks early if you opted to buy it early to get stacks and then later sell it for Greaves. It is an acceptable tactic to do this, you just will lose the 15% attack speed which helps your clear times because of your %hp passive.

Blade of the Ruined King ~ 8% hp damage on my basics to champions you say? Plus a passive to slow them, speed me up, and take away their hp while giving it to me?? Sign me up!

Frozen Mallet this is a relevant item no matter what the enemy team comp is. This item brings so much to the table for Kindred it is impossible to NOT think of having this in my build. Kindred is a champion who cannot take a hit and needs enemies to stay in her W circle so Wolf can attack the enemy (the slowing of FM helps with that) however Kindred also needs to be able to kite the enemy so they are not smacking her around inside of her own W circle (the slowing is critical to her kiting) ~ plus all the while you gain more flat AD as well as 700hp to be able to not get 2 shot by the enemy carries! This is item is critical for Kindred in my honest opinion.

Your next item choice branches off between two contenders usually ~ Last Whisper and Runaans Hurricane. If you can't seem to do any damage to the enemy because they have a Zhonya's on them for 50 armor then you have troubles. LW is great for Kindred to ramp up the amount of armor pen so you can do consistent damage to ALL of the enemy, not just the carries (although that is who you should be aiming to take down anyways!). On the opposite choice we have the Hurricane, one of my personal favorite items. 70% attack speed on a champion who is doing hp% on each hit of damage is a beautiful thing! Also it will help you clear minion waves (in case you need to push a wave out or even defend against super minions) and camps much faster with the unique 3 shot passive on it.

If the enemies have no armor to penetrate so you actually do not need LW then you can opt to grab a Phantom Dancer. Although you are already able to hop around and through minion waves with your Q you still can use the attack speed and critical hit chance ~ as well as the movement can help for kiting enemies.

Lastly you can sell that jungle item if it is the absolute end lategame! For this situation you can go with a few options, if you wanted to have a bit more crit chance and hit harder IE is a great option, however if you are still having trouble with people who have armor even after your LW you can opt to go for a Black Cleaver and use that attack speed to shred their armor and end their miserable lives!

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Saves your butt from people when you can't reach the wall to jump over it with your Q or if you Q is on cooldown. Also chases to add that last hit of damage to secure you that yummy stack on your passive to get yourself fed!

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Pros / Cons


Excellent mobility with your Q to juke and to hop over small walls
Being able to give your entire team a Tryndamere ultimate is hilarious and effective at making split decisions in a teamfight to drag out until your teammates get there or keep yourself alive for that Lux/Jinx/Ashe ult
Kiting enemies has never been more fun trying to see them catch up to you while pegging them with arrows and chunking their hp% with your passive
Passive is broken atm against Dragon and Baron helping you clear both with insane speed and soloing dragon as a marksman even with only BORK's 10% lifesteal is a good feeling!
Counterjungling as a main objective to build your passive makes for always interesting gameplay
Super fun character design and animations
High Skillcap

Extremely squishy
Hard to escape slows and CC sometimes
Counterjungling is tough to do against certain enemy junglers, making your job extremely tough to do
Hard to master using her effectively

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Creeping / Jungling

Starting with your Q to output as much damage to Krugs (if starting from bottom of map) to help quicken your farm is needed, following up with your W to gain the sustain needed to stay alive to clear camps with your health steal, and finally your E to take care of scuttles, main buff monsters, drag/baron, and champions!

Your process should be (smiting if you need the buff from gromp, birds, krug), E (if a bigger jungle monster for the damage after 3 basics), Q, W, and then using Q every 2 seconds until your W wears off. This is for YOUR OWN JUNGLE.
For enemy jungle camps for your passive you want to make sure you have a smite ready always. It is the same process except save smite to use when the monster is at the hp you smite will do to secure your passive stack.

When going to do enemy jungle for your passive make sure to have a ward trinket ready to ward brush nearby to be safe, on certain enemy jungles make sure you know where they are. Making sure that they are busy in the other part of a jungle or ganking a lane that you know your teammate is safe enough not to die to the gank so that you can secure the passive stack without a hitch.

For the second part of your passive setting your champion target to someone who isn't doing too well in lane that you know your ally can get a kill on make sure you get a hit in~ because all you need is an assist for your passive stack to be added. If you get the kill yourself that is great too though! Make sure to have a target selected before you attack them, you cannot decide which champion to target if you are in combat with an enemy champion. In addition you need to give the mark around 5-6 seconds to activate so that you can get the stack counted ~ otherwise your effect is in vain and you won't be able to select another target for 60 seconds.

Using your mark psychologically if you are doing well already makes that person usually back off in their lane. I have tested multiple times and my mark on an enemy top laner makes them more than 50% of the time back off my ally if I myself am doing well in jungle. Simultaneously the bot lane might push forward at that point, you can use the mark to make enemies think you are going for a certain target while instead ganking the opposite lane, sometimes taking them by surprise!

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Unique Skills

Wall jumping! If the wall is around as big as the wall next bot lanes Gromp you can jump over it if you hug the wall closely you can click Q on the opposite side of the wall to jump over. Helpful for escapes, surprise engages, and speeding up your jungle routes. It takes a bit of trial and error to get it right but it is a very helpful tool to use in a pinch! So don't give up if you can't succeed at first with doing it!

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Thank you for reading my guide to Kindred! Please leave any feedback on thoughts and maybe anything you think should be added :D this guide will be updated as patches change this wonderful champion!