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Miss Fortune Build Guide by APailOfCheese

AD Carry King Kill'ems guide to the unstoppable Captain Fortune

AD Carry King Kill'ems guide to the unstoppable Captain Fortune

Updated on July 25, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author APailOfCheese Build Guide By APailOfCheese 2,979 Views 0 Comments
2,979 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author APailOfCheese Miss Fortune Build Guide By APailOfCheese Updated on July 25, 2015
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Learning Miss Kill'em

Miss fortune is good fun and has the best booty in the lego legend. Not to mention red heads are hot. It's not complicated either. Let's take a look.

Strut (passive) - Makes you fast. That's it. Best passive in the game. No more speed for you if you get attacked though.

Double Up (Q) - Your die move. ***MOST IMPORTANT SKILL*** Use it on one enemy to hit another behind for more damages and the such. Learn more in chapter 2!

Impure Shots (W) - Adds stacks that help you do more damage as you fight for a passive and gives you that sexy attack speed and giving your passive back for an active.

Make It Rain (E) - What a stupid skill. Takes long to use and slows a little bit without doing hardly any damage.

Bullet Time (R) - Otherwise known as your engager/finisher. Increases your max stacks for Impure Shots and shoots a bajillion bullets in a cone in front of you.

Get it? Got it? If you don't oh well, we're moving on.
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Your skills and you!!

Let's teach you how to use those bad bois now. Obviously you wont worry too much about your passive so let's skip straight to the best skill in the whole game

Double Up(Q)! This is your best friend. This baby is going to make your enemies cry delicious tears. Here's what you're gonna do. Obviously watch for that juicy farm so you can get your tri force of doom ASAP! Harass with Q by attacking caster minions before melee minions. Position yourself so that when the enemy marksman comes up to farm or attack you, you Q the minion and take half of that bastards health. MAKE SURE YOUR Q FINISHES THE MINION OFF FOR 150% MORE DIE DAMAGE!!! That'll be the extent of your early game as for harassing and farming. Don't worry too much about using your other abilities, lest you use up all your mana before a fight.

Impure Shots (W)!! You're going to duel the **** out of people with this skill. What's gonna happen is you're going to be farming your marry way. All of a sudden, a wild enemy ADC appears! Hope you lowered the health of the back lines of minions! Lead off with your Q making sure it kills the minion and deals tons of damage to your *****. If you got your sheen or tri, make sure it's up to proc then slam that W key down! Now you're gonna auto attack the shnitzle out of that ****sapien. Bing bam boom. Out traded or dead.

Make It Rain(E) - Don't use this unless 1. You're slowing for a gank. 2. The enemy is unable to move (rooted, stunned, etc.) 3. You're chasing multiple targets and 4. You're getting a buff/farming. NEVER USE TO DUAL SOMEONE! The cast time is drawn out and will get you killed quickly.

Bullet Time(R) - This one looks tempting to use at any possible chance but it's also really not the best. Save it for when you need it. Early game, you're probably going to use it to pick up dem early champion scores ( cs ). After fighting an enemy and kicking their sorry behinds, they'll want to run away. Nerd pls. YOU'RE CAPTAIN KILL ' EM! No one escapes you! Pop your ult and the stacks of Impure Shots you already added to the enemy plus the long range of this skill will surely get you what you desire most. Dat booty. Another fantastic use of the bad booty slaying ability is to clear that wave! Got a few champions eyeing little old you under your turret? Pop your ulty once more to get off a few of their hitpoint, get that juicy farm and discourage those pube heads from taking on the sexiest pirate of the hill and allow time for your team, who were all probably masturbating in the pool, to get their silly little bum bums over to you. Got your whole team with you? All five big bootied meat bags mobbing up in a close area? Someone engage so smooth it looked like butter? Well you have just the skill for that! Start shooting and get looting. And by that I mean kill everyone. It works, promise.
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Go my young one.

Now you know everything there is to know about the sexiest champion this side of the world has ever come to know. Just remember to time up those TriDad procs and get to know where double up is going to bounce next and you'll be just fine! But always remember one thing. Defeating a sandwich only makes it tastier. NOW GET OUT THERE MY CHILD!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author APailOfCheese
APailOfCheese Miss Fortune Guide
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King Kill'ems guide to the unstoppable Captain Fortune

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