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General Guide by xRavenEyex

Support Kiting (orb-walking) and Attack-move

By xRavenEyex | Updated on May 28, 2020
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Champion Build Guide

Kiting (orb-walking) and Attack-move

By xRavenEyex
This is guide is primarily intended for all those low level marskman players that are looking for a clear step to improve their level of mechanical skills, but learning about attack-move will benefit players on other roles as well. I decided to make the guide as I some day found myself at that point where I thought it was time to start learning how to orb-walk and trying to find useful information about it. Doing so, I had to invest quite a lot of effort into the research since the sources were lackluster and scattered. If you're anything like I was, you probably had a time in your marksman journey where you often died trying to deal a lot of damage. Dying a lot and risking was clearly not the move, you saw it on the damage meters and was told so by your teammates. Naturally, this period was probably followed by a time where you learnt to play safe and not die, but you soon saw the damage dealt at the end of the game wasn't quite where it was expected of you as a marksman. Well it's time for your next step on the journey, among other things you will learn how to deal the most damage you can while avoiding danger. So here we go, the orb-walk and attack-move guide, all in one place. It covers all from the very basics and explanations to how-to and practical applications.
Basics of Orb-walking Back to Top
How the autoattacks (AA) work is with repetition of a specific champion animation and after one is finalised, the new one begins. The actual damage or the attack however is applied in the middle of that animation, not the end, and finishing the animation has no impact on dealing damage. This means you can command a movement as soon as you see the missile airborne, which enables you to perform much more efficiently. Either way, new AA animation will be able to start exactly the same time the previous one would have ended. This speed cannot be affected unless you increase attack speed or use an ability that resets it. The act of using the window between the shot missile and shooting the next one in order to move is called orb-walking and looks like shoot and move shoot and move.

Such actions enable catching up when chasing, increasing the distance when retreating, more efficient pushing or wave clearing and dodging abilities or being unpredictable all while dealing damage that is ideally equal to the damage you would have dealt while standing still. Aside from that, stacks of the chargeable bonuses are gained by both attacking and moving. This means orb-walking results in more frequent effect procs of Fleet Footwork, Kircheis Shard and of course the items it builds into, namelly Stormrazor, Statikk Shiv and the Rapid Firecannon. Depending on which of those you've picked, the reward comes in a form of more damage, sustain, mobility, wave-clear or objective control.
How to Orb-walk Back to Top
Considering the level of your probable mechanical skill at the moment, the simplest way you can command a champion to orb-walk is by right-clicking your target to order an attack and then as soon as the missile has been shot, right-clicking the ground in the direction you want to move to. After the time passed enables the next attack according to your current attack speed, rightclick your target again to order another attack and then repeat these commands. There are more advanced methods to execute the same actions that are easier to use and more efficient once you get used to them that will be covered later on in the guide.

Efficiency of orb-walking can be improved passively by increasing your stats. Attack speed accelerates AA animation, which allows you to spend less time standing still while attacking and also lets you attack more frequently in between the movements. Movement speed increases the distance you can travel in between the consecutive attacks.

Here are some items that significantly improve your champion's ability to orb-walk, although that doesn't necessarily make them all viable marksman picks:

Berserker's Greaves ~ these obviously provide a huge buff by greatly increasing your movement speed and decently your attack speed which is the core upgrade to orb-walking stats

Zeal ~ basic marksman item that increases attack and movement speed, all of the upgrades enhance the effect even further

Phantom Dancer ~ apart from the increased stats it allows you to ignore minion collision after attacking and grants you a shield when low

Rapid Firecannon ~ another item with great stats, energized attacks have increased range, great for poke and lets you start attacking from further

Blade of the Ruined King ~ aside from the perfect marksman stats provided, the active let's you steal a champion's movement speed for 3 sec, ideal for kiting or chasing

Stormrazor ~ a charged energized attack slows your target which is useful for defensive and offensive applications

Phage ~ brief movement speed bursts after attacks are ideal for orb-walking, but it's only bought on marksmen that build it into either Black Cleaver or Trinity Force

Frozen Mallet ~ slowing the target with AAs makes it easier for you to maneuver around the opponent, it is nevertheless one of the weaker options for a defensive marksman purchase

Aside from the gained pros of using this method, there are also some cons compared to more advanced methods. You obviously aren't perfect with counting in the attack speed and will deal slightly less damage than you would have by standing still, depending on your skill and execution. Although this holds true, note that the priority of a marskman is always to survive while dealing decent damage compared to maximizing your damage by risking your life. Overall you will always deal more damage altogether if you are able to live as long as possible. Not to mention as a marksman, you are your team's essential tool for taking objectives after the fights.

Using this method also requires really fast mouse movements and precise targeting to differentiate the attack and move commands. If you make a mistake and miss the attack target and click on the ground, your champion will start moving towards the target you wanted to attack and if you miss the ground and click another target your champion will stop and attack instead of moving. Both scenarios might have devastating consequences on many occasions. Fortunately the use of advanced command methods solves these issues.
Attack-move Mechanics Back to Top
There are multiple additional buttons for more advanced commands such as hold position (H) and attack-move (A). The most useful one is the attack move click which can replace all others, depending on the way you use it. Because of its convenience I recommend using this one and will describe how the command is used. I also strongly advise investing into buying a mouse with an additional thumb button to bind this command to. There's no need for the fancy gear, many of those are very affordable. Alternatively, you can still use the regular two button mouse and the attack move key, which acts the same but requires both the key press and the mouse click every single time, or press hold position whenever you want your champion to stop and attack the nearest foe. Hopefully the inconvenience of both alternatives makes the superiority of attack move click even more obvious.

Rightclick is not used to command your champion to attack at all. It's exclusively used to click on the ground in order to command your champion to move to the location without attacking anything. Any command that involves attacking under various conditions will be executed by the attack move button. Here are the ways this method can be used to manipulate your champion with higher complexity.

Directly target the opponent:

It acts identical to a rightclick on the target opponent, prioritising attacking the chosen target above all other actions. If the target is not yet in range, your champion will first prioritise moving toward the target until it enters the attack range.

Opponent in range:
It acts as the attack move button, champion will start attacking the closest opponent in range. If there are multiple targets and you click the ground near them, it will somewhat prioritise the target nearest to the click and not necessarily closest to your champion.

Nearby with noone in range:

If the champion reaches the ground you clicked on without attacking anyone it acts as the hold position button, standing still and attacking as soon as any opponent enters or spawns in the attack range.

Far away while noone in range:
Champion will start moving toward the targeted ground but will stop to attack any opponent that enters attack range. If the location is reached without any interruptions, the champion will again hold position at the destination.
Attack-move Applications Back to Top
For a typical unexperienced player that is used to rightclicking it takes some time to adapt to using a new button for all the attacking but once it becomes automatic, it eases many manouvers and solves the problems other techniques have. The most obvious one is that when the desired target is isolated or clearly the nearest, the player no longer has to swipe the mouse all over the screen, instead you simply have the mouse in the direction you want to move to and keep clicking the attack-move and rightclick one after the other in the right AA rhythm. Additionally if you want to attack a specific target and you happen to miss and click the ground, with a rightclick the consequences could be devastating, moving your champion right into danger. By using attack move, champion will simply attack any target as soon as it is in range on the way to the target location, possibly even the desired opponent since the click was near. This prevents walking into harass in lane or towards a CC and damage from the opponents you were kiting or poking from a safe range.

Since the champion can also be ordered to hold position or attack as soon as possible, the command is useful when chasing into a bush to prevent any jukes by a change of direction compared to trying to click the champion with the right button. Similar applies to preparing to execute the untargetable foe after Stopwatch, Zhonya's Hourglass, Guardian Angel, and some abilities. If you are hiding in a bush with the last order being attack move and the opponent places a Warding Totem the first AA will have landed before you would have rightclicked it otherwise which allows you to clear it before the ward enters stealth, considering you have sufficient attack speed or some help from a teammate. You will never miss a wave or put an effort into targeting when moving to clear a wave later in the game and never miss a pink while roaming the map. Furthermore, if you get attacked along your long way to the the desired destination and you're caught off guard with your camera elsewhere, you can simply press space bar to focus the camera on yourself, while your champion has already reacted at least somewhat proactivelly.
Kiting Back to Top
This is the most famous and probably the most spectacular way of orb-walking, hence it's own segment in the guide. The idea of kiting is basically orb-walking in the direction away from the chasing opponent while keeping the distance of the attack range and preventing the foe from retaliating. The ideal goal is to receive no damage or crowd-control while dealing maximum amount of damage. If there are things to be juked or dodged, they obviously require a change of direction at a cost of the distance from the opponent.

It can be achieved by the rightclick swiping which of course has the previously described weaknesses compared to the better method that is using attack-move. You simply place the mouse in the direction you want to move to and interchangibly click the attack-move and move command. If the opponent is closing in the distance, marksman has to adjust the rhythm and put more time into moving. Fortunately, marksmen have tools to ease their kiting such as their items, mobility, crowd-control and a rightful claim to the crest of cinders , not to mention the help from the teammates.
Unique Examples Back to Top
The rift scuttler is a special exception since it never fights back and is consequently not recognised as a foe. In comparison, other neutral monsters become foes the moment they're provoked and turn hostile. As the scuttler only tries to flee, using attack-move on the ground will result in moving, not attacking it. In order to orb-walk while hitting the crab, you are required to specifically click on the crab to order an attack.

Kalista is very unique due to her passive Martial Poise which makes her AAs locked and unable to be cancelled almost right after the animation begins. Only after a javelin is thrown, she dashes in the direction of a well-timed movement order.
Using attack-move makes it extremely easy to use her passive properly. You basically don't need rigthclick at all, except when you specifically want to order movement and exclude any attacking whatsoever under any circumstances. It does take some practise in timing but you only have to attack-move click the location you want Kalista to jump to around the time she is casting the AA.

Draven players also benefit greatly from using attack-move as long as there are hostiles in range, which eases the Spinning Axe mechanic. Being able to catch the axes rewards you with more damage, reduced mana consumption and higher gold rewards for the kills.
Rightclick is used to reach the axe mark and then attack-move is used upon reaching it. As soon as you catch the axe and throw a new one, you move in your desired direction using rightclick. A well-timed orb-walk will force the axe to be bounced in the direction of the initiated movement, meaning your movement directs the axe landing spots instead of the other way around.
Conclusion Back to Top
That was my brief orb-walking and attack-move overview, I hope it was as helpful as I intended it to be. Feel free to continue the discussion or ask further questions in the commment section. Now go work on your game knowledge, positioning, decision making, map awareness, practice farming and improve your mechanics! Embrace your role as the carry of your team! As this guide was first created long ago, I am in fact no longer an acitve player and haven't been one for quite some time. Fortunately the subject of this guide isn't prone to large nor frequent changes and I shall continue to do my best to keep the content up to date.

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