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Kled Build Guide by CheesusBChrust

Top Kled and Skaarl, insanity and Cowardice.

Top Kled and Skaarl, insanity and Cowardice.

Updated on August 11, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author CheesusBChrust Build Guide By CheesusBChrust 2,225 Views 0 Comments
2,225 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author CheesusBChrust Kled Build Guide By CheesusBChrust Updated on August 11, 2016
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Passive: Skaarl the Cowardly Lizard

This is your biggest pain and your ace. What this does is you have two health bars, a green one that is you (AKA Kled) and a red one that is Skaarl. When you're mounted, you have a decreased attack range, a different Q, and access to your E. I'll get to both of those later in their own Chapters. You become dismounted when Skaarl's heath bar reaches Zero. When that happens, you become untargetable and any excess damage from what killed you is negated. That's right, LeBlanc, you're ******** one shot ain't anything but a single health bar. While unmounted, your q is different and your E can't be cast. In addition, you can't heal into Skaarl's health, you can only heal Kled's. Good news, by attacking towers, champions, Baron Nasher, or any of the drakes or dragon, you can get Skaarl back. You have a secondary bar that builds by damage to these creatures or champions. It also refills when you last hit minions, making it difficult for him to get Skaarl back in jungle.
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Q: Bear Trap on a Rope/Pocket Pistol

Bear Trap on a Rope: Basically your life in a skill shot. It's like a Thresh's hook, or a Blitz's Pull, if you miss it, you get flamed by the team and it hurts a fight. You'll want to max q because it's most of your damage and CC. It goes straight through minions, damaging all of them and only stops at the end of its rope or the *** of a champion. It can also catch onto Epic monsters and Scuttle. It's fairly short ranged, about 1/2 the length of a Thresh hook, but hitting it deals instant damage and slows them. If you manage to stay inside the circle area after you hit said walking corpse, you deal additional damage and pull them towards you. Great for keeping them just out of their tower range.
Pocket Pistol: Lovely dodges. Pocket Pistol is a five bullet shot sent in front of you that deals damage to the first thing it hits. When shot, it knocks you back, and can even knock you over walls. If you have an Udyr chasing you, just shoot him in the face and hop a wall at the same time! For every champion hit, it also gives your Courage Bar 5 points, same as your basic attacks. IT's a good way to last hit minions and deal damage to champs, plus, if they're not watching your bar and see an easy kill, you can surprise them with a quick shot and a return of half your health. Fun times!
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W: Violent Tendecies

Kled might have a screw loose, but it helps him knock heads off. Violent Tendencies is a passive ability that procs when you hit something. It raises your attack speed tremendously for four hits, with the last one dealing bonus percent damage. Then it goes on cooldown for what seems like forever. You'll notice a lot of the items in the build have CDR, that's because this ability deals a good chunk of damage and you need it often. While Bear Trap on a Rope is your go to control and hard damage, Violent Tendencies is your burst damage and objective destroyer. W gets maxed Second only because of its ridiculous cooldown and the fact it procs of you hitting ANYTHING. It doesn't help that when you basic attack once, it procs and you have to use the next three hits within the ability time or they disappear. Use it like you would Jhin, save that last hit for the enemy if you can, last hit a minion if you can't.
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E: Jousting

Get away, or punch them in the face and back. Jousting is another skill shot that can only be used on while mounted. Skaarl and Kled jump in a certain direction, dealing damage to everything they hit. If they hit an enemy champ or an epic monster, they can reactivate it and charge through them again before a set duration of time. This ability doesn't really do a lot of damage, its mostly for getting to an enemy before or after you Q them, so that you can Q them or stay close enough to them to get the pull. Multiple enemies hit lets you joust through the last enemy hit again. Very good for getting to the back line and keeping them there.
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The name says it all. This ability causes Skaarl to curl in on itself, making Kled jump on top of him and rolling like a circus bear in a set direction. When activated, you choose a specific point on the map and they roll to it, gathering speed and a shield, as well as giving allies behind them movement speed. If an enemy champion is close enough on any part of the path, Kled and Skaarl leap at them, dealing percent damage and knocking them back. This ability can only be used while mounted. It is a terrific intiater, especially considering you can get half your team to wherever you're going in half the time. The knock back is slight, the shield is fairly small, but you also gain CC immunity while ulted. VERY IMPOTANT NOTE--- If you take enough damage to lose Skaarl, YOUR ULT WILL END. This ult is NOT A GOOD TOOL TO BE USED TO GET AWAY. Don't try. You will die, unless you're far already enough away. At that point, it's a waste of an ult.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author CheesusBChrust
CheesusBChrust Kled Guide
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Kled and Skaarl, insanity and Cowardice.

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