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Build Guide by MrSkumtomten

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MrSkumtomten

Kog'maw is carry?

MrSkumtomten Last updated on January 4, 2011
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Awesome Kog'maw build by MrS***tomten!

Kog'maw is a champion who has the potential to make tanks look like squishies and that is why most people target kog'maw in an attempt to save the tank and win the fights. He is very fitting in teams with good teamwork and teams with much crowd control. He can be used as a carry but is very easy to stop with crowd control spells. If he gets to a point were is carrying it is very hard to stop him if he got good tanks that keeps enemies in a distance. With this build people can carry at mid/late game if they haven't died too many times.

+ Extremely long range
+ Armor penetration
+ Extremely good against champs with low magic resistance
+ Nice skins
+ Easy to keep pushing your lane

- Easy to get ganked
- It's hard to survive in a 5v5 because you are often the main target
- Squishy in the beginning


I use some of The Dorian's blade because it makes him less squishy in the early and mid game but when you have got the trinity force there is no use for them anymore and they are only taking up space for the other items. What I mean is that you sell a dorians ring when there is no room for it.

Early boots are helpful for kog'maw because with them you can outrun or atleast run along with opposing champions that you are hunting.

The Madred's bloodrazor is mainly purchased because it fits perfectly with Kog's W skill and the earlier you get it the more power it gives you to both kill your enemy and dive if necessary thanks to the armor given although it doesn't give you too much armor so be carful when diving towers.

The Malady gives you more magic penetration and makes your bloodrazor and W skill make more damage when the enemy is struck a number of times.

The Trinity force is good because it gives alot of things but the main reason why to buy this item is for the attack speed, the health, the movement speed and the slow. I choose this item instead of the Frozen mallet because it gives both movement speed and attack speed and with a lizard buff the slow is not needed in the item. As a carry you need something to make you harder to be avoided and/or to be killed which movement speed is very helpful at. The movement speed you have after this item is about 418.

The last two items are good both for making damage through the Q ability which Black cleaver enhances and for the small amount of life steal you get through Bloodthirster. Although the last two items vary depending on how the game is going if you want to increase the damage from madreds i strongly recommend a void staff or if they got many cc spells you could play using a Banshee's veil. So the last two items is bought depending on the game.

If the other team has loads of crowd control spells or is targeting you with the cc spells they have I would reccomend a Quicksilver stash as it can cancel an exhaust or stuns etc.

These items are very expensive which makes kog'maw depending on how good farming and ganking/killing other champions you can do. After you got Malady there should be no problem for you to get kills.

The summoner spells:
These summoner spells that I have picked is mainly for escaping which is quite hard for kog'maw in the most scenarios but can also be used for ganking.

Sometimes it's also good to use cleanse if the other team has lots of exhausts but it's hard to know if they have exhaust or not, but there are often at least one exhaust in most teams.

Kog'maw runes:
Why do I use the runes that are given?

The marks and quintessences i use is for giving Kog'maw a boost in attack speed and they are really helpful for kog'maw in both farming and ganking.

The seals are for making Kog'maw less squishy.

The glyphs are there so that your W and the Madred's will make more damage.

Kog'maw's ability sequence:

I use the spittle mostly for the attackspeed and it really helps early so that kog'maw can get a push in his lane which makes him harder to kill by his opposing champion('s) depending on if he is mid or somewhere else.

After the spittle is finished i try to max Bio-arcane and at the same time I am usually having a Madred's and on the way to a Malady.

Kog'maw's abilities:
The Caustic spittle.
I often use it in the beginning of a combat because in early game it helps very much with the amount attack speed it gives through it's passive and because of the armor penetration it gives and also through the damage it does itself. In later game it is helpful against tanks although it doesn't give your W skill any help.
The Bio-arcane barrage.
This spell is the main reason why I play kog'maw because it gives both range and the damage depending on the other champs health. This ability is very power when combined with a lizard buff thanks to the slow it gives and the little extra damage it does and the Madred's which gives it a good extra power.
The Void ooze.
The void ooze is a good slow spell which gives kog'maw the potential to either run away or to kill the enemy who is trying to run away.
The Living artillery.
I find this spell useful in two scenarios:
1. Spotting a champion waiting for you in a brush or behind trees waiting for you.
2. Champions that came away with really low health can be sniped down with this spell.

This build makes wins:

I know that I am kind of sloppy with my deaths but I usually stay in the battle longer than actually needed which I mostly die of (shame on me).

Tips and tricks:

- In early game I usually rather farm than harass because you don't have enough mana to keep using spells and it is really easy with the attack speed you have.

- If you see that the other team are towerhugging with 400-500 health you can run there and dive them easily from behind and if you can reach with the Q spell they are as good as dead.

- Attack speed is Kog'maw's best friend.

- In mid game when kog'maw is ganking or killing his lane opponents a lizard buff is very helpful because of the slow that makes it easier not to let the opponent slip through your fingers.

- I prefer to get the mid lane but other lanes are good too but remember to last hit as much as you can so that you can get items.

Yours faithfully!