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Kog'Maw Build Guide by Ryze-Guy

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ryze-Guy

Kog'maw Tankbustah!

Ryze-Guy Last updated on June 24, 2011
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Hello summoners!
If you enjoy playing Kog'maw then I have a little build Im working on. I have been playing Kog'maw for some time. Actually he was my first 6300 champion and I have had him as a favourite ever since I bought him. This is my first build btw. I prefer playing him as AD or hybrid. Mid is prefered BUT he can also be very strong in lane. However avoid sololane with him vs 2 opponents because he is at risk for being dived and killed due to his squishy nature. Enough chatting, lets look at our freak from the void!

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Summoning spells

There are a few good choices BUT I would strongly recomend some form of escape spell like Ghost or Flash. Ghost is a little less effective as escape in teamfights but it also offers you a great chase ability which can sometimes be useful. Also if you are able to spot the person coming to gank you, ghost offers a quick way to put a lot of distance between you and possibly turn the tables around with your long range. Also Clarity is a great spell for Kog'maw. Kog'maw gets extremly manastarved early game so if you want to avoid wasting itemspace on manaregen items, runes and clarity will usually do the job.

Other possible spells: Exhaust could be good for keeping runners in place, but you do have a slowing spell so its not your best option. Ignite not... that bad, but its kinda rare to be in the range for it to be used late-game.

Bad spells: [Heal] to squishy for it to help you at all lategame. Rally (obvious reasons, you are not a support of any kind)

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Greater Seal of Critical Chance is a good choice as he is a little dependant on crits in ganks. Greater Mark of Replenishment very important due to his costly spells. Then you can mix a little. As Kog is a hybrid champ there are many choices. I try to get good mana regen, AS and crit.

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I often rush Berserker's Greaves if I get mid. As Kog'maw lacks escape mechanisms, movement speed is very importants early on! After that I try to grab a Madred's Bloodrazor asap. To make him a little more durable it can sometimes be worth putting in a [Vampiric Scepter] after you get Madred's Razors. After that you have a couple of choices. Phantom Dancer - Zeke's Harbinger - The Bloodthirster are all good second items. It all depends on how your laning goes. If you find youself getting very harassed Lifesteal is a good way to make you more durable in lane. For lategame I often finnish of with an Infinity Edge and a The Black Cleaver. If you find yourself manastarved consider a Tear of the godess early on. If you have to replace an item then The Black Cleaver should be the one to go.

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Pros and cons

Very strong mini-cannon behind your allies. With this build you can litterary make a tank turn around in horror in a teamfight. Or if you prefer devaste a squishy target in seconds with your Bio-acrane Barrage.
As long as you are able to stay ranged and have a bodyguard: you will be a huuuuuuge pain for the enemy team. If they charge you bio-arcane barrage will make them regret it and if they stay far behind your ulti will cut down their hp until they are forced to close in and take the punishment. Also this build is effective vs enemy tanks. The AS and [Madred's Bloosrazor] can make short work of tanks and stop the entire enemy push.

Cons: Can be a bit manastarved early. Best countered with runes.
A little dependant on team-mates in the early ganks. However this will turn as your bio-arcane barrage starts to hurt the enemy melee.
Your ulti wont do that much damage and is best used as a finnishing/harassing ability.

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This build largely makes you a possible carry in mid-late game. Keeping at the back and blasting away with Bio-arcane will make many champions underestimate you and stay way to long in the ganks. Remember: it takes TIME for enemy champions to outrun your range so dont hesitate to blast away. If you get focused down fast in a teamfight: dont worry! you still have a nasty suprise that many players forget! Kog'maws passive can be very good if used correctly. Never chase a single target with the Flash spell because it will render your suprise harmless. The best use is to detonate in a large teamfight. Sometimes (not rly recomended) you can "sacrifice" yourself if you are oom or know you wont be able to escape. Using bio-arcane and Living Artillery to soften your pursuers and then try to grab a kill with your passive. Sometimes it results in double and even tripple-kills if the enemy forgets your passive! Your role is to cut down fleeing enemies, cut down tanks and if you get ganked: blast the enemy team with your passive.