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Sona Build Guide by Aeaithwen

Support Lane Sustain Sona

By Aeaithwen | Updated on November 8, 2017

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Biscuit Delivery
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Font of Life


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This is my very first guide I have ever made and I apologize if it's not that detailed. Sona has been my main support champ since I got her and I play her as support quite often. In my opinion she is the best healing support because if you build her right, she can dish out a good amount of damage and also heal for a lot as well. Plus her ult is amazing in team fights. With these new runes, she is even better. With this build, I can quite literally just move around poking and healing and my mana does not run out. That is because of the Kleptomancy rune which drops mana pots at a pretty decent rate, so don't be scared to click on one if you are low on mana and you have no regular pots or biscuits, not that hard to get more to drop.
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I like to start off with W, then get Q and then E. I max out W first, then Q and E.
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Rune Choices

Kleptomancy is a pretty awesome rune. It allows for unique potions to drop after you attack a champion or minion after casting an ability. Gold pots that you can click on and mana pots, even wards that lasts for 3 mins. This enables you to stay in your lane way longer than other supports who don't have this and are able to continually poke enemies and heal your adc without backing to get more mana. With this build, I don't normally have to back until after about 10 minutes in and with a good adc, you should have some assists by then as well or at least first tower. Add that with the pots you get when you start out and the biscuits from Biscuit Delivery, you very rarely run out of mana early game (or at least to the point where you can't heal your adc).
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aeaithwen
Aeaithwen Sona Guide

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Lane Sustain Sona
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