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Team Guide by dudeofthefuture

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dudeofthefuture

Late game carry op lee sin

dudeofthefuture Last updated on November 4, 2014
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Aatrox Build

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The retun of the weedwick

It was a dark and stormy night
the weedwick was on the prowl his e active with the smell of a low health akali
the weedwick runs 2fast2quick 5 akali to respond and gets another kill
and lee kills him and then gets a penta because hes full build with this guide
so the morale of this story is to always ban lee sin unless you can first pick him and use this build to gain some freelo and now he goes home and has some weed from the weedwick
and he lights a e ciggarete and then gnar jumps in through the window presses tab and just drops dead because he realises that lee has "The Build" anyway i have to go eat elise with my op lee build and its definataly ranked worthy and you dont need to test it at all

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shush also farm and dont gank and play passive 4 pentas

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Ranked Play

I find when playing as lee sin with this build its best to hide and play safe and just stay away from fights and the reason for this is because if you dont you might end up with a bad KDA so that must not happen or you will disgrace "The Build"

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Anotha stowy

Once upon a time deep inside the league of legends 10 Dravens where chatting about how awesome they where when all of a sudden Teemo came and said "IMPORTANT MESSAGE LEE SIN APPROACHES *SPLAT!* Draven "Now this is where Draven shines (killing Teemo)
Draven2 "not Draven Draaaaaaaaven" *applause* then Lee Sin came in and stepped on Teemos vile rotting corpse and was like oh S@#~ I need to clean my shoe brb 5 evah



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