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Veigar Build Guide by TheHjort


By TheHjort | Updated on April 19, 2018
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Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band

Cosmic Insight
Magical Footwear


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Why Veigar Support?

Why play Veigar support?

This is not how to troll your team, but a viable pick into certain enemy team compositions which allows you to solo carry games.

With the changes to his passive, it is possible to get AP power on all your abilities. And due to the new runes, he is even stronger than before Season 8!
With the changes and introduction to MANAFLOW BAND, it is a legit way to play veigar.

Its all about spamming Q - Baleful Strikein order to stack your Ability Power from Phenomenal Evil Power - Passive . If done correctly, you should be able to nearly keep up with a midlane Veigar in terms of ability power from passive.

And the mana expendure is much easier to control, since you do not have to focus on lasthitting, but only harassing and hitting abilities.

When playing Veigar support, it is necessary to ban out champions as Thresh or Alistair at the moment. Since he is an immobile support and rather squishy in terms of defensive stats and slow movement speed, watch out for these kind of supports.

But when to pick Veigar???

Veigar works really well into shield bots and slow tanky supports like Tahm Kench or Braum. They are really easy to hit and they will have a hard time engaging on you due to your stun and its easy to predict their engages.
But they are just sitting ducks for your Baleful Strikes, and while you just watch those stacks going up. You are actually just getting started.

Veigar doesnt just shine when it comes to stacking Ability Power, but the gank potential in your lane is insane. Not a single champ in this game, got as easy setup for a great gank than veigar - PLACE CAGE - EVENT HORIZON and watch your teammates do the job.

With the changes to his ultimate, its really effective to execute lower health targets and with high burst potential - MAXIMUM DAMAGE: 350 / 500 / 650 (+ 150% AP).
This means around 425 Mag DMG when hitting level and combined with your easy stun, Q + W its pretty much the easiest kill you can get.

The thing about veigar support, it just doesnt stop here!
Getting ganked as veigar support is rather easy to stop with his Cage - EVENT HORIZON in most situations.

But when you're getting to teamfights those stuns are going to turn the tide, since it is probably the strongest CC-Tool in the game that is not an Ultimate.
It works really great as a Zoning tool, for disengaging or engaging. It works on everything.

And this guy just does it all.

His item build can be customized just as you like. His damage output without Ability Power Items will still be significantly higher than any other standard supports, and therefore its possible to go itemize exactly as needed in every single game.
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Items ☼

Coins is preferable starter item on Veigar, it is not always easy to predict the outcome of the lane. But with coin you're assured steady gold income along with some sweet stats and mana coins for extra Q-spamming on your enemies.

But you probably think, but I NEED THE AP FROM SPELLTHIEF??? The answer is NO!
Doing damage 10 times from abilities and you'll have the same AP, but this just give better stats and Gold+Lane effiency.
Within the first to 2nd back, you should be ahead in AP on the midlane mages. This is just how strong he is, picking up the Ability Power from his passive.

Veigar is a HIT&RUN champion when playing him as support. You do not want to get too close to your enemies, but still in range to lay down the stun and then make the call if you want to continue on the play.

This is why I recommend the Boots of Swiftness on him, since he's kinda slow and making it harder to get that sweet Event Horizon perfectly on your enemies.
Swifties combined with Shurelyas makes it the easiest job in the world, and gives the right stats at a reseaonable price.

This is the supporting you're giving to your team.

After that item, its all about the ABILITY POWER!!!

With the changes recently to 40% increased AP on Deathcap, its the GO-TO item as veigar. He is hitting the AP-sweet spot 1 item before anyone else in the game, thats why its recommended to get early and running a low economy build with INSPIRATION TREE (Boots) and the cheap support item - Shurelyas.
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Lay down your EVENT HORIZON and let the cage do its magic!
It often doesnt matter if you aim for the tank, if it manages to zone out the enemy team in teamfights, then use it to pick off even tanky champions.

It can give you some precious time where the enemy tank cant do anything but soak up all of your teams damage and hopefully getting him in the process.

If they got a hard-engager. Try to place the stun between him and the rest of his team. This can make the fight 1v5 if done correctly putting him in an awkward spot!

And when getting Deathcap, you will have around 500+ Ability Power making you more of a threat than your own midlaner. Keep this in mind!
This is why we try to get Movement Speed from the cheap item, while just farming the Ability from your passive instead of buying it!
League of Legends Build Guide Author TheHjort
TheHjort Veigar Guide
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