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League of Legends Build Guide Author P.DiddyXD


P.DiddyXD Last updated on December 28, 2010
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Hey guys!
As you can see, this is not a comprehensive guide explaining how to play these mages (see some of my other guides) but rather, this resource summarises a few of my tried and tested builds with mages (cos i love ap characters!) as well as a few good tips on how to master them. Anyway, it's a useful resource for when you suddenly want to play a mage and dont know where to begin :)


LEBLANC - THE DEADLY DECEIVER (9/0/21 with and )
--> Max out Q Sigil of Silence
--> Atk combo is Q, R, W, E, Ignite, Q
--> Fave tips:
1) Always 'trigger' your sigil by casting another spell so that you cause silence and further damage! (hence the atk sequence as above uses chains to trigger the 'ulted' or 'mimicked' sigil for further damage, rather than begining with chain).
2) By using your teleport (W) you can get within range to throw a sigil, and then 'flash' back without taking enemy fire. This makes for good harassing and slowly brings ur opponent health down (constant harassment and silencing is facilitated via mana regen runes rather than by buying a tear since she is better with ap items early game).
3) When escaping, use W and then R to have 2 'teleports' that can also take u through walls. Sometimes, if you are clever and take risks, you can teleport into the bush and continue running for about a second and then 'flash' back to ur original spot (since you have about 3 seconds to active the 'reflash'). This fools ur opponent into thinking that uve gone in one direction when in fact uve gone somewhere else and ported back to base already :D
4) Be aware of junglers, a good jungler will rape leblanc before you realise what happened (no time to activate ur escapes either - especially if they hav a good rammus or fiddle).
5) Use her good silencing ability to shut down those aoe ults like nunu or kat or mf. Theres nothing more pleasing that shutting up that crazy mf and watching her shocked face as u flash in and destroy her :)
6) Be aware of which walls you can and cannot flash through, this takes some practice because her flash is actually a speed-dash compared to kassadin's full-on teleport; since i play them both, ive had a few cases as leblanc where id flash through a wall that kass would normally cross, only to realise that id accidently run into it and wasted my only escape. My fave escape walls are at dragon and blue golem (u can escape via baron but it is possible to hit the side on a funny angle and get stuck down there).
7) 'Flashing tricks': some of my fave tricks with her (im feeling badass) is to flash through the enemy base wall and dive the low health caster with sigil, ult and ignite. If u throw this in like under 2 seconds then you can really really quickly hit reflash and u will appear back outside their base and can run to safety :)
Another cool flashtrick is through the jungle wall at the bottom tower, you can flash through it and kill ur opponent and then flash back - proceeding to run from the dragon up towards the blue golem and flashing through that corner wall as well (i will try to post pics of this later but hopefully u know wat i mean).

--> Max out E
--> Atk combo is Flash, R, Ignite, E, Q
--> Fave tips:
1) Always harass with malefic visions and silence attack (call of the void - cotv). This will help pull them on low health for use flash-ult-combo-death move :)
2) To land cotv, always aim behind them since they see it and instinctly try to kite backward, thereby running into it 90% of the time (i used to find this impossible to do when i was a noob but it gets easier with practice).
3) Use malefic visions on low health creeps and atk the 'poisoned' one so that it continually jumps and restores your mana.
4) Try to throw null zone infront of ur enemy walking path so that they run into it by accident and you can ult them whilst they are stuck ontop of it! This deals heaps of damage since the void acts like a madreds!
5) Always, always always kite ur opponent so that you can land easy malefic visions and cotv on them.
6) Never overextend if u dont have ur ult, its not worth losing mejai stacks.
7) Oh, and you can check bushes by casting cotv into it, revealing enemy champs that it hits (note: this can be done overwalls e.g. dragon/baron/golem, so you can check it and avoid or setup ganks).

--> Max out Q
--> Atk combo is R, Q, E, W, Ignite, R, Q
--> Fave tips:
1) Harass them down with Q (also silences them), and dont 'jump them' until they are about 25% health (in order to guarantee a kill with ur combo plus ignite).
2) If you are doing well then grab mejais after tear, if not, then continue making ur archangel since this solves any mana problems and provides good ap!
3) Remember to use ur riftwalk as an atk when needed (sometimes this is the only way to kill them on a chase since rifts stack up for great damage). You can also rift between bushes for an ambush. Dont forget to use teleport to sightwards in order to 'assasinate' the carry.
4) Always keep on the move and watch ur mana bar because you need enough mana to use riftwalk for an escape.
5) Also, most people dont realise this but the reason i get 1 point in netherblade is because it is a cheap ability that helps charge his force pulse for when you need it! Otherwise u rely too much on ur opponent using spells or on the cd of ur null sphere, so 1 point in it is definately worth it!
6) When in team fights, try to stealth around the flanks using bush/jungle, this will help you target their carry or silence their aoe ults.

VLAD - THE BLOODTHIRSTY (9/21/0 with and )
--> Max out Q
--> Atk combo is R, Q, E, W, Q, Ignite
--> Fave tips:
1) Try to save ur pool until u really need it - it is vlad's main escape (note that aoe effects will still hit u since u are only 'untargettable').
2) When diving opponents at mid, start off with ghost and try to continue running towards the wall and then blood pool around the corner to get into the bush.
3) Harass them continuously with Q, and note that if u keep using E then it will continually increase in cost (this can be harmful at vlad's lower levels so i suggest not to spam it but rather keep it active at 1 stack so that he still has that increased health regen all the time).
4) Always initiate team fights with his ult, but do not make urself the target by running in blindly cos 1 stun and vlad will get dropped so fast u cant even pool. Also be aware of opponents who can silence you before you can activate ur pool, this can be very annoying.
5) When in the middle of a fight, after ur atk combo if they are still alive and are hitting u hard (and uve already used pool), activate zhonyas. This does 2 things: 1- it gives you time for ur spells to come off cd and 2- it causes most opponents to begin fleeing. Now all u hav to do is chase after them with pool and finish that kill with transfusion. This is why an ap vlad is so deadly; because he can stay alive and deal high ap damage even at low health.

SWAIN - THE CROWMASTER (9/0/21 with and )
--> Max out E
--> Atk combo is E, Q, W, R, Ignite, E, Q
--> Fave tips:
1) Always begin with torment since it makes all damage that swain does to that opponent increase. Plus torment is a good harassment since it is a decent dot spell (especially when used with ignite for getting first blood!).
2) Try to cast snare behind them or in their movement path (just ahead of them), this is just brilliant for ganks and team fights since it gives ur team something to focus :)
If you find it difficult to use the snare early, then you can always slow ur opponent with lazer bird and then cast the snare as they try to flee. (Wasting mana on trying to snare before atk combo is just not worth it)
3) When laning, always move about and only last hit - this keeps ur opponent guessing at wat u are trying to do and also lets u gain mana back from those last hits (due to his new passive giving ~10 mana per last hit).
4) If you are in a side lane then you should try to remain in the bush as long as possible, this will always setup ganks since opponents wont see the snare coming at them from nowhere :)
5) When attacking, keep an eye on where ur crows are going during ur ult, u dont want them attacking minions for no reason when there are 3 good champs infront of u that u want to damage. Conversely, if u are on low health, then u do want to leech as much hp from nearby enemy creeps or champs.
6) Learn when to turn off (toggling) his ult; turn it off too early and u run the risk of being attacked without ur main offensive/defensive power. But if u leave it on for ages then u waste almost ur whole mana bar and are practically useless! I like to use his ult in about 8-15 seconds bursts otherwise the increasing mana costs just eat chunks of ur mana bar. For this reason, always prioritise getting the blue buff (this really makes the difference for the whole team when u seem unkillable and have a good aoe ult).


Mages are ****in awesome, play them right and they carry the team better than dps champs, enuf said :)


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