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LeBlanc Build Guide by Mage_Omega

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mage_Omega

LeBlanc: Beginner's Guide

Mage_Omega Last updated on February 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Well, welcome to my first guide. Before starting out with LeBlanc, I used Lux so I had experience with other casters before; LeBlanc was no stranger to me.

I did not read any guides or builds for LeBlanc, I simply winged it. I know it sounds stupid, just playing without learning about your character first, but I think that experience and experiments are the best way to find a strategy to suit you. Before you go straight to the bottom and comment; remember that this is a beginners guide, and I used Tier 1 Seals, Marks, Glyphs and Quintessences because I don't expect everyone who uses LeBlanc to be level 30. As I said, it's a beginner's guide.

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Pros / Cons


-LeBlanc can easily dominate Solo Mid lane until around level 9-11 when she needs to start killing her opponent and gaining her levels faster.
-She can easily gank; just ask your teammates to ask when/where they want a gank, and LeBlanc can easily slip away and gank.
-Her movement speed is generally quite good, so getting away from ganks is pretty easy. If you desperately need to, use as a getaway card (try flashing through walls).
-She is extremely Powerful throughout most of the game. Use it to your advantage!


-Without the right runes or masteries, she is very weak and susceptible to other Casters and AD ranged champions.
-She is quite a daunting character in teamfights, generally other people think she is a support character and the fact that she does insane damage means that she is almost always focused on.
-Without the right runes and masteries, she runs out of mana quite fast.

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My choice of runes were mostly Mana; along with a bit of Health. A lot of people flame me and call me "Overpowered" or "OP" because of my boosted Mana and Health which allows me to stay out in the field longer than normal.

If you are not yet level 30, I would suggest going for Mana and Health runes first, before looking at Ability Power. I also used Tier 1 runes because this is a beginner's guide; so that means that a level 1 through to a level 30 could be reading this.

When you have all of your Tier 1 runes, start to look at upgrading them into Tier 2 runes, then on to Tier 3 runes.

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I used these Masteries to get more Ability Power with some Magic Resist and Armour (people don't expect LeBlanc to have higher Armour or Magic Resist, you see).

I often surprise people because of my runes and masteries; these selections allow me to have more stamina and to be able to stay out in the field longer without having to recall. If you are not level 30 yet, don't worry! Just go for the Armour and Magic Resist, then work your way through Offense as you level up and get more Masteries slots.

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My choice of items are very gold demanding; but being the mid solo player helps a lot. Start off by farming minions, using the last hit method (Attacking minions when they have a small piece of health left, then killing them and taking their gold) but I wouldn't recommend engaging your opponent until level 4, when you have your Distortion ability and a level 3 Sigil of Silence.

If you are ever up against Twitch (I doubt that Twitch would ever be mid solo) make sure you buy an Oracle's Elixir. This will enable you too see Twitch when he is stealthed (works with Teemo as well) and this consumable will work until you die. It is quite demanding at a low level when you need to save money; but as I said I doubt you'll ever need to face Twitch solo mid.

I chose the Rabadon's Deathcap to go first, because once you get LeBlanc's Mimic it gives you a major ability power boost. After that, the Rylai's Crystal Scepter will help you by slowing your enemies when you use an ability on them, enabling you to give chase.

Sheen has a good passive ability which increases your basic attack's power equal to your ability power and also provides a bit of Mana.

Sheen then adds up to the recipe of Trinity Force which comes with lots of attributes and also possesses the same great passive that Sheen had.

Last but not least, Mejai's Soulstealer is an extremely helpful item once you gain your stacks. With these stacks, your AP will be off the charts. Please note that when you die, you lose your stacks, so be careful regardless of being drunk with power.

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Skill Sequence

As I have mentioned earlier, my beginner's LeBlanc focuses on Ability Power. I go for maxing out the Sigil of Silence first, (also beginning Distortion) to maximize it's AP potential. With Mimic, this Ability does massive damage.

I find her Ethereal Chains pretty useless early game (others may disagree) but I tend to leave this ability till last, as I find it the most unimportant one.

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Summoner Spells

With my summoner spells, I normally use Exhaust, because if my opponent decides to take a run for it, I'll probably be too slow, so therefore a zap of Exhaust can sort that out.

I also use Flash to use as a quick getaway if needed (often is if the enemy team decide to gank).

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As my item list demands a lot of gold, start farming early game without engaging with the enemy too much. Mid solo is the best place to farm as you are the only one last hitting, so there shouldn't be any problems with that. If you are desperate, try to farm some creeps on your side of the map. Only attack the enemies creeps if you have destroyed at least two of their first turrets.

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A Cause for Concern

Thank you for taking the time to read my guide. I didn't want to make it too difficult to understand, so it doesn't have as much detail as other guides but I hope this will start you off somewhere.

LeBlanc is undoubtedly one of the most feared champions on League of Legends because of her massive damage and ganking abilities.

LeBlanc really is a cause for concern (for the enemy team)!

Thanks for reading, please don't judge too much as it is a guide for beginner's so I didn't want to make it so detailed that you'd fall asleep in front of your PC.