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LeBlanc Build Guide by marzzo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author marzzo

LeBlanc for dummies

marzzo Last updated on September 27, 2012
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Hello, i am Marzzo and this is my first guide. My playstyle for LeBlanc focus on as much survivability and damage as possible. And aim for almost true damage from masteries and runes and items. You will have a very strong burst and be very hard to kill even as a super burst chammpion

I will not cover what abilities do and stuff like that becouse you can easly read it ingame.

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-Brutal lane control vs squisy mid
-Very good ganker
-Almost impossible to gank
-Got snare silence mobility and burst

-Not viable in ranked due to easy counter.
-Focused in teamfighs
-Bad lategame
-Very squisy

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Masteries and Runes

-The magic penetration marks are needed to reduce their magic ressist for extra damage.
-The ability power seals and quintessenses are needed to get more damage.
-The magic ressist glphs are needed so you can stay in lane longer.

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Summoner spells

Flash is needed for suvivial and offense.
Ignite is needed for extra burst and to finish people off.

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Why i dont start with Boots of Speed and pick upp a dorans insteed is because we got Distortion for mobility and we will be carefull enough until level 6 anyway. So the potions are not needed.

Sorcerer's Shoes For extra magic penetration.

Rabadon's Deathcap Good AP and a good passive effect.

Void Staff This item has really good magic penetration and a fair AP boost.

Zhonya's Hourglass Gives you armor and AP and a gamechanging passive effect.

Abyssal Mask Gives you magic ressist and AP and even more magic penetration.

Athene's Unholy Grail Gives you AP cooldown reduction and mana regeneration and even magic resist.

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Playstyle during the game.

Level 1-6
When you reach your lane and your minions finaly are in the middle you should last hit and basicly ignore your enemy. When your level 4 and you got your 3 spells combo, its time to haras.
But save mana so you have more then half until level 6. Then unlease your deadly combo
W-Q-R-E Ignite. use flash to get in range for W if needed. if you cant kill at level 6 just keep using the combo. It got low cooldown and you will get a level advantage if he plays defensive.

Level 6-18
Now it´s time to start ganking the other lanes. Try to look for low health people and gank them with your combo. Pick up as many kills as possible and shutdown the enemy team as much as possible. You will need a decent amount of kills if your going to be viable late game.

Level 18
Now it is very important that you stay with your team and try to do as much damage you can. You must aim for those who die quickly. Do not run around even if your feeded.

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Team fights

Do never initiate a fight. Try to always aim for their AD carry or AP carry, or other squisy targets some seconds after the teamfight has started. try to get their attention and use your Zhonya's Hourglass so they just waste time.

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Toys and enemies

LeBlanc counters most AP squisy mid like Veigar Brand Annie You should kill them very easy with just one burst combo. and your silence will make them not being able to fight back.

Champions that counters you are Tanky mid champions like Sion Kassadin Galio they will be very hard to kill but you can win your lane by getting help by your jungler.