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LeBlanc Build Guide by arnoldthecow897

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League of Legends Build Guide Author arnoldthecow897

LeBlanc Hyper Carry

arnoldthecow897 Last updated on February 12, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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LeBlanc Overveiw

LeBlanc is a very strong early and mid game hero offering great kill potential on most other mid laners. Because of her high burst damage and roam potential she can work in most team comps. She is also very hard to counter in lane; the only counter being fizz and galio. The only thing that truly brings LeBlanc down is her wave clear; she doesn't really have any. This makes making her W ability highly effective, making Q however is still strong as it is guarantee damage.

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The main build forces mainly on high damage and cooldown reduction. DFG start works the best giving you that early burst you need on lane and to roam effectively. Void staff start also works well laning against hero's such as galio or mordekaiser as they tend to build tanky. The magic penetration is also highly important for LeBlanc to work well and to be good in team fights around the mid-late game, this is why most times I tend to go haunting guise before laning phase ends and upgrade it mid game. I also find myself going for an early morellonomicon because it is highly cost effective and gives alot that benefits LeBlanc highly to help her stay in lane and gives her a huge power spike around the 10 minute mark. Mejais is strong also but highly situational and only worth buying if the enemy team is very squishy. Rod Of Ages is also strong giveing extra survivability and lots of AP damage. Abyssal is also highly situational and only worth buying if you are repeatedly getting killed on lane and by the jungler but still quick weak on LeBlanc beacuse with it you cant deal huge damage. Deathcap is nearly essential on all AP midlaners giving then huge damage as well as the Void Staff. Finally, Zhonya's is great on most AP midlaners especially against a heavy AD team and also a team with heavy CC.

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LeBlanc Tactics

Early game LeBlanc is very kill depended and needs early kills to transition into mid and late game. This mean that and levels 2 and 3 you must go very aggressive on your enemy. Using your Q the W will silence and deal massive damage and then chained with her E, ignite and another Q you will most likely forced them to recall or have gained first blood. You will then look to roam, stealing jungle camps and pressuring other lanes. As well as getting kills and applying pressure around the map you should be putting your enemy midlaner behind and constantly denying experience and CS. When you hit level 6 and you get your ultimate there are several different combinations you can use to get toms of damage off on the enemies carries. The first and by far the strongest is using your ultimate when it is on your Q and then using your Q straight after followed up with your W. This will give you maximum damage for 2 reasons, Firstly using you ultimate and then Q will proc your silence and have the silence available straight after which will be proced by your W. Using DFG at the start of the combo will multiple your damage. The second combo you can use is using your W and then ulti to catch the enemy and then using DFG, Q and E after reactivating your W to get away. This is strong because it allows your to travel large distances and kill carries in the back of fights and to fly back to your team. Also your W on your ulti does the most base damage and has the highest AP scaling of all LeBlanc's abilities.