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LeBlanc Build Guide by aloisfancy

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author aloisfancy

Leblanc Mid Guide

aloisfancy Last updated on March 1, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to LeBlanc with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Fizz Fizz is fairly weak now in the mid lane, so Leblanc will easily push Fizz out of lane and all in him. Keep in mind that Fizz can still 100-0 you if he catches you out when all of your skills are on cooldown. Knowing this try not to blow all of your skills on an engage unless you know you can kill him. It's also useful to buy a second item Zhonya's against him.
Kassadin As a melee, Leblanc will bully Kassadin out of lane, and with his new shorter ultimate you will be able to counter it by landing a E at close range.
Xerath Xerath is an extremely easy match-up as LeBlanc can avoid all of his abilities with her W and lock him down with her chain. Just as Lux, Xerath can poke Leblanc down before she can attempt to all-in him, so Leblanc should try to all-in before she is poked too much.
Orianna Laning against her is difficult at first as she will block the damage from your Q-W with her own W shield most of the time. After LeBlanc gets her ultimate, she can outplay Orianna and heavily out damage her as well. You can avoid her ultimate very easily with the second activation of your W. Call for ganks as well because she is fairly immobile and easy to lock down with LeBlanc's chains.
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Hello, I am aloisfancy, a Platinum MID main on the NA servers, and this is my fourth guide on MOBAFire. I chose LeBlanc because she is a very complex champions with many different combos' playstyles, etc. She is a mage/assassin with incredible damage at all points in the game and a high skill cap. To give some reliability to my guide, my LeBlanc Ranked stats and recent games are shows below.

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Pros and Cons


+ Very high damage mid-late game
+ Very high mobility
+ Great assassination
+ High skill cap
+ Variety of combos for different occasions
LeBlanc has extremely high mobility because of her low cooldown W dash that can be mimicked by her ultimate for a second dash as well. Both dashes allow LeBlanc to return to the original location of the dash, giving her even MORE mobility. Her high base damage and incredible AP scaling along with her high damage kit allow LeBlanc to assassinate with ease. She has the ability to 100-0 squishy targets with 2-3 abilities, in less than a second. With a high skill cap she has the ability to outplay other champions as well, with many dashes, lockdowns, and a variety of skill combos, thanks to her ultimate that mimics other abilities, LeBlanc is able to adapt to any situation whether its killing a single target, fighting extended fights, reaching the back line, kiting, etc.


- Difficult to master
- Hard to farm under tower early
- Pushed in easily early game
- Harder to assassinate late game
While LeBlanc has a high skill cap, allowing her to outplay many champions, this high skill cap makes her slightly harder to learn than most champions. She will require some getting used to because of all her possible combos. with very little pushing potential early game she can be pushed to her tower very early where she cannot farm as easily. Is is more difficult to assassinate people during late game team fights because of the CC and peel that a lot of teams bring. Enemy champions can also buy Banshee's Veil to make assassinations incredibly hard on her own as well.

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greater mark of hybrid penetration

The marks of hybrid penetration and quintessences of flat ability power are standard on Leblanc and provide the flat early damage that she can use to bully people in the early game. The hybrid penetration is preferred over magic penetration because LeBlanc has a relatively high base AD and should therefore be auto attacking a lot during the early game as poke. you will also be auto attacking very often during the early game when you are using your chains early game because your skills will be on cooldown while the enemy is being chained, and your high damage auto attacks will also be very useful when they are locked down by the chain as well. The hybrid helps with last hitting as well, which is always great. The flat armor seals provide LeBlanc with proper early resistances against AD laners. They are especially useful against AD champions with heavy early poke such as Zed. The scaling AP glyphs provide a lot of AP during the mid game and are very efficient on mid laners because they gain levels quickly.


greater mark of hybrid penetration

When against an AP laner or AP team, simply switch out the Flat Armor Seals for Scaling Health and switch out the scaling AP glyphs for flat magic resist. The flat magic resist gives Leblanc the early resistance against AP laners. The flat armor runes will not be needed against AP laners, and even if they have an ADC, AD top lane, or AD jungle, you're not LANING against them, so the armor is still not necessary. Leblanc will have Zhonya's Hourglass by the time she is fighting against the AD enemies such as the top laner and ADC. Therefore the scaling health runes are much better against AP laners because it gives you the extra health to survive burst damage and is very eficcient because mid laners gain level quickly. The hybrid pen marks and flat ap quints should stay the same because there is no need to switch them.

Blind Draft/Early Damage

greater mark of hybrid penetration

This rune page provides incredible early damage with the glyphs of flat AP at the expense of any early resistances. This rune page is primarily for Blind Draft where you don't know if the enemy laner is AD or AP. Even then, most mid laners as of the latest patch will be AP, so it would be better to just run the VS AP rune page. The high damage provided by the rune page can also be used for level 1-3 kills, as you will have incredible damage from your Distortion and Ethereal Chains. This is a very snowball oriented rune page, so only use if you are experienced and understand that you are risk. Use this page against easy matchups or incredibly hard matchups ( Lissandra, Nidalee, etc.) if you feel like you can get early kills to prevent the enemy from countering you later on. If you are just beginning to play LeBlanc then I don't recommend running this rune page.

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The four points in Sorcery is very important because LeBlanc's skills are on long cooldowns at early levels. Points in Spell Weaving and Blade Weaving are not necessary and points in Archmage are much more preferred but if you really believe in early kills with your Ethereal Chains and auto attacks then put 1 point each in Spell Weaving and Blade Weaving and 1 in Archmage opposed to all 3 points in Archmage. The 1 point in Butcher is useful for last hitting but, just as before, if you prefer early kills with Ethereal Chains then put a point in Arcane Blade instead. The 9 points in the defense tree are very standard for most champions; it's recommended that you don't stray away from these 9 points in defense as they will help you survive early ganks or hard matchups.

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mirror image

Mirror Image(Passive)

LeBlanc's passive activated when you are below 40% health and makes you invisible for a short amount of time and created a clone of LeBlanc. This helps you survive when someone all-ins you because LeBlanc can escape during the short period of invisibility and the enemy may target the clone instead. The clone can be controlled by holding ALT and right clicking which allows for possible outplay. You can stand still while controlling the clone to make it seem like it is the real LeBlanc. The enemy will go for the clone so that you may escape. Try to not do this very often because it is much easier to just run away most of the time; only use this tactic when in extremely dire situations because it rarely works.

Sigil of Malice(Q)

LeBlanc's Q is a target select damaging ability. It doesn't do a lot of damage initially but using her Q leaves a mark on the enemy that can be proc'ed with any other one of LeBlanc's abilities (including any ult ability) dealing a much larger chunk of damage. Level Q up second because you will then have W and Q, giving you the ability to proc the mark of your Q. Max this ability second because not only is it LeBlanc's second most damaging ability, but it provides reliable burst because it is a targeted ability.


LeBlanc's W allows her to dash in a chosen direction, dealing damage in the area around the location and leaving a mark when she initially dashed from. Reactivating her W will bring you back to the mark. Level this skill up first because not only will it help you escape if you run into a bush with 5 people in it at level 1, but it is the best ability to bully the enemy laner at level 1 because Q deals little damage without a second skill to activate its mark, and E is very hard to land with minions in the way. Max W first because it provides great wave clear and maxing it will lower it's cooldown, granting you more mobility. Most important, W if the most damaging ability in LeBlanc's kit especially considering it's AOE, giving her huge presence in mid game team fights.

Ethereal Chains(E)

LeBlanc's E is a skillshot that deals damage and attaches a chain to a single target. The chain will reactivate after a short amount of time, rooting the enemy. Level up this ability last because it's base damage does not scale well with levels and its AP scaling is good enough that it does not require early levels. It is also primarily a utility spell that provides CC (which does not scale with levels).


LeBlanc's ultimate allows her to copy whichever ability she used last, giving it substantially more damage. This skill allows LeBlanc to deal incredible single target burst damage with her Q-ULT. Her W-ULT gives her increased mobility to get to the back line, to make a quick escape, or deal massive AOE damage. Her E-ULT gives her better damage over time and heavy CC lockdown/kiting.

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Doran's Ring is the obvious start for LeBlanc as it is for most AP mages. It provides a fair amount of AP for good early damage, health for survivability, and mana regen which is useful as you may find yourself using your skills to farm under tower, and harassing with your skills very often during lane. It is not necessary to buy cloth armor against AD laners because your Doran's Ring already gives you enough survivability, and the AP from Doran's Ring is much more useful in poking the enemy laner and driving them out of lane.

First Buy Options

Both Fiendish Codex and Forbidden Idol build into LeBlanc's first core item Morellonomicon. Neither of the two items are preferred over the other, it's only matter of which item you can afford.

You should only buy these items on your first back if you plan on building Zhonya's Hourglass as your first core item(primarily if you're going against an AD mid laners: Zed, Talon, etc.). The same rule applies that you buy whichever item you can afford because no one item is preferred over the other.

If you cannot afford any of the item's above on your first back, possibly because you were ganked very early or just bullied out very early, then just buy a seconds Doran's Ring to help you get back into the game. It's a very cost efficient item, for the early game at least, and will make up for the fact that you had to back so early.

Build Sequence

Morellonomicon is LeBlanc's first core item. It provides her with the mana regen that see needs to spam her abilities, adequate damage to start bursting people down, and cooldown reduction to deal more damage over time. Be careful not to spam your abilities too often because you have the mana regen, because it's not a significant amount of regen like what Athene's Unholy Grail would give. It's overall a great item for LeBlanc and almost all mages.

Complete tier two boots immediately after your first core item. It will be useful in catching up with enemies, running away, or juking skill shots. It's also a very good idea to prioritize boots after your first core item so that you don't forget to buy them for the entire game, as many people do every few games. The magic penetration is also great as it will amplify your damage heavily, especially considering the high base damage of all of LeBlanc's abilities.

Rabadon's Deathcap will increase your AP exponentially because of the high base AP that it gives and the unique passive of the item that increase your AP by 30%. Rabadon's Deathcap is an essential item to bring LeBlanc to her prime assassination period in the game. At this point she will have substantially more damage than anyone else in the game with her two items and high damaging skills. She will now be able to completely delete the squishy champions in the game.

Void Staff is will be your third core item on LeBlanc. It provides an adequate amount of AP and the magic penetration needed in the mid game to break through the magic resist that people will start to build. It will also help in dealing even more damage to the squishy champions who have their base magic resist and magic resist from runes and masteries.

Zhonya's Hourglass is a great fourth item as it gives you a substantial amount of armor to protect yourself from the ADC that is slowly scaling into the late game as well as a large amount of AP to help LeBlanc with her assassination. Zhonya's hourglass is also very useful as a FIRST core item against champions such as Zed and Talon who have terrifying amounts of AD burst damage. If this is the case, then you should build Sorcerer's Shoes as your second, Morellonomicon as your third item, Void Staff as your fourth, Rabadon's Deathcap as the fifth, and Guardian's Angel/Banshee's Veil as your last.

Guardian Angel will be your last item as it will provide you with adequate armor and magic resistances to help you live through late game team fights, and an extremely useful passive. The passive of Guardian's Angel allows you to revive with a percentage of your health after you die. This passive will allow you to play more confidently and risky in team fights, so that you can go all-in towards the backline and kill the enemy carries, even if it means you die because you will come back to life anyways. It is also useful if you just simply get caught out and die, because it will give you time to get your cooldowns back or just to get your team to catch up with you. Keep in mind that Guardian Angel's passive can go on cooldown, meaning the item will become fairly inefficient, so you should sell the item for Banshee's Veil as soon as you can.


Banshee's Veil is a good item to replace Guardian's Angel in the situation that the enemy team has a long range skill that can catch you out or potentially one shot you such as Blitzcrank's pull, Ahri's charm, Thresh's hook, Veigar's ultimate or stun, etc. It's also a good item to buy when the passive of Guardian's Angel is on cooldown.

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I hope this guide helps you get better at LeBlanc. If you have any suggestions on how to improve this guide or making guides in general, please leave a comment. Also, if you enjoyed this guide, check out my guides for Irelia Top, Zed Mid, or Azir Mid!