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LeBlanc Build Guide by TheDoctor364

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheDoctor364

Leblanc - The Instakiller

TheDoctor364 Last updated on August 22, 2012
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Standart LB


Ganking Specialised LB

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Hello im the doctor and this is my first guide about LeBlanc which is an awesome champion because of her huge and fast damage output. This guide will inform you fully about LeBlanc . she is not the most common pick in games but it doesnt mean that she is not a good champ. So lets get started...

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About LeBlanc

LeBlanc is an AP carry/assasin. She has one of the most devastating combos (QRWE) in LOL. She is a really good ganker (generally your target dies before react). She can harass very well. She can escape from everwhere by using Distortion. She is kinda squishy. In this build Rylai's Crystal Scepter gives some survivability but she is definately squishy.
LeBlanc is a perfect early game champion, but for mid and late game she really needs good item support. LeBlanc is devastating against any champion which is not tanky.

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Pros / Cons

- She is an awesome damage dealer.
- She has the highest DPS in lol.
(if you can cast QRWE in 1,5 sec youll se what im
talkin about)
- Its really enjoying to play with.
- She can escape every situation
by using Distortion.
- She can gank easyly and extremely effective
V E R S U S Cons
- Squishie
- She is item dependant in mid and late game

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For LeBlanc 21 0 9 is perfect because she doesnt need defence but need Runic Affinity as youll be taking blue.
To gank as you need movement speed i prefer Swiftness instead of Meditation

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
This is my standart sequence but you can modify it acording to your needs. Well sigil of silence is like a must because its LeBlanc's highest damage dealing skill, but if you need mobility and an escape mecanism you can use Distortion. If you need longer stun, level Ethereal Chains.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
This is my ganking sequence this is a little different than the other one, because while ganking you need all your burst, and i prefer Distortion over Ethereal Chains. Well if there are minions around while ganking it can be hard to land that chain but distition is just way easy to land.

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  • - This is LeBlanc's main damage output.
  • - Dont forget that sigil is silencing enemies for 2 second which can be really useful when escaping ganks just silence gakner and use distortion to escape.
  • - Always try to activate its bonus damage, when you dont want to kill your enemy use QEW combo to harash.
  • - A good damage dealing skill.
  • - Can be used to escape.
  • - Can be used to catch a champ with low health.
  • - Can be used to travel fastly but not recommended because of its cooldown.
  • - Can be used to land [etherial chains]
  • - Better than etherial when activating bonus of sigil.
  • - A good stun prevents your victim escaping.
  • - Small but double damage which can be useful against targets who dont know LB well.
  • - An awesome ult.
  • - Kinda no mana cost at rank 3 (just 1 mana)
  • - A low cooldown
  • - Can be used to multi Distortion which is just an awesome escape (if you have flash youre kinda immortal)
  • - Can be used to multi Ethereal Chains, just stun 2 champ same time. You can use this whenever you want even to catch a double kill (ex distortion to catch 2 low healt champ and double ethereal to finish em both if sigil is on cooldown)

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These items in my guide may be expensive but as youll be able to kill lots of people that wont be a problem. I aded situational items too.


You can chose combinations different than the builds that i recommend it depends on your playstyle. I wrote here items and what they provide you

: I highly recommend swiftness as many carrys (which is your main target as LB because it is easier to instakill em) prefer enchanted movement 2 boots, bos will help you to gank em way easy.

: I prefer this item because it gives you a good amount of health 80 ap and an awesome passive after this item you can prevent any kind of escapes from your ganks, your target dies 90, 95% when you gank em.

: This is another awesome item. It gives you a good amount of AP and 54 MR which makes you real AP carry killer. Its passive is just devastating -20 MR is really something. BUT BE CAUTIUS WHEN GANKING, ITS PASSIVE AURA MAY INFORM YOUR VICTIM THAT YOURE THERE.

: Good amount of ap and CDR which is always good on AP champs as you have blue too youll be able to combo more frequently. Its active is just really good for LB because with this item you can intakill any carry as you can think tthat it has only %75 (base as you have more ap itll be less) of its health.

: Lots of, lots of AP who doesnt want it?

: 70 Ap and +40% magic penetration this much magic pen. makes your target suffer a lot.

: Again ap, a little ms bonus, a little mana, and a devastating passive with this much ap you can accidentally kill someone while pokeing.

: This item provides you 100 ap which is too much but i dont recommend it when you dont need armor. Because it is really expensive and you can buy more ap by adding a bit more gold and buy Rabadon's Deathcap instead. But its active can be really lifesaving because if distortion is on cooldown you can use its active and when distortion is out of cooldown you can escape easyly.

icon=Athene's Unholy Grail size=55 : This item would give you a huge amount of AP. this compleately solves your mana problem you can cast skills like crazy as your mana never ends.


: I dont but if you have more than 1700 1800 mana with leblanc just take this item itll provide you a huge ap boost but i recommend going directly ap with deathcap.

: If you have many enemy with high MR you can prefer this instead of swiftness but itll be harder to gank as you have less ms.

: If you need armor but you cant take zhonya's take this itll give you some mana, cdr and armor and it is relatively cheap.

: This is an interesting item on LB you can think that this is useless but its not first it gives you ability of using your basic attacks against champions and sigil after a few attacks will be more effective. This will also makes your farming easier as youll be having more att speed. This little item also gives a small amount of AP and it is not that expensive. If you want your basic attacks and better farm this is a really good item.

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A Little Bit Math

well i calculated how much LeBlanc's skill will damage enemy with 460 ap and 18 level, results are insane. In this calculation magic rerist and magic penetration is not included. Well results are:

-Sigil of Slence: 505+(bonus damage)138
-Distortion: 521
-Ethereal Chains: 320*2= 740
-M.Sigil of Silence: 707+(bonus damage)193
-M.Distortion: 729
-M.Ethereal Chains: 518*2= 1036

QRWE combo will do this much damage:


this is riddiculusly large, this is needlessly big. you can even instakill a tankwhich gone only for armor but not mr or health. 2805 XD. too big and his is dealt in 2,even in 1,5 second.

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Early Game

Early game LB is an awesome champion. Your main aim is to harash too hard to force enemy to recall, and try not to die or recall. you can harash way easy than any champion because QW is an awesome combo and you can also return to your starting location. You can even harash under tower if youre fast enough. Last hit as many minions as you can, well LB is not the easiest farm champ but with some practice you can farm pretty well. You really should dominate your enemy levelly to leave lane to gank easyly. Once youre lwl 6 GO GANKING. This is really inportant you should prevent enemy team leveling, especially enemy tanks as you want be able to kill em easyly mid or late game. Take as many kills as you can. I recommend to take blue before going gank. Taking blue alone is really hard with LB so ask for help. Once you have blue you may have mana problems just take a Sapphire Crystal you can go directly to Athene's Unholy Grail if you want thatll solve your mana problem for rest of the game.

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Mid Game

In mid game continue ganking. I really recommend going for instakills because if you cant intakill youre in trouble because thay can chose to fight istead of runing away and youll be dead if they have enough DPS. Try to lead in level. Itll give you a good advantage. Once youre lwl 11 just intakill evrybody who is not tank. QRWE is just an awesome combo. You can asist a kill while taking down a tank. Just QRWE and your stun will help others to finish the kill. In mid game team fights start to occur. Your main objective is to take down enemy DPS. They usually dont have enough survivability to survive from your attacks if they have 70% of their health you should be able to instakill em. If you have Deathfire Grasp use it and than instakill em when they have full health. If enemy DPS goes for MR just go for magic penetration and isntakill em. Well be cautius because you can be focused when you "distorte" in enemy team so turn back immediately because you dant have enough survivability. Try to finish that poor DPS with QW combo as your ult wont be ready soon.

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Late Game

Late game is just like mid game try to intakill enemy low healthed DPS. You shouldnt forget that you cant push effectively so let somebody else push.

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While ganking if you have Rylai's Crystal Scepter you can be sure that youll finish your QRWE combo but if you dont it may be a problem to finish it. If your target DSP has Boots of Swiftness and Phantom Dancer itll definately escape. You can try EQRW instead of standart QRWE. Thatll secure your combo but your target may esace sa its not silenced, and also you should be sure that you land that chain. If you cant your gank will not be succesfull. If you have Abyssal Mask be cautious because your target may understand that youre there. You can prefer magic penetraton instead, But an aura helps your teammates also while a teamfight.

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Farming with LB is not fast because she doesnt have a farming skill and her basic atack is not that powerful. You can use distortion to farm but only in late game. To farm better you can take Malady, that would help a lot.

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This is all ill say about LB. I hope you enjoyed. Please leave comment thatll halp a lot.