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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kunzar

LeBlanc: The Mobile Nuker

Kunzar Last updated on November 3, 2010
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LeBlanc: The Mobile Nuker

Welcome to my guide. Before you read on please understand this is the way -I- play her. She is an extremely bursty champion and has some very good survivability through her blinks, mimic, chains, and flash, so I don't go for survivability. If played correctly, you shouldn't really be dying because you should know when and where to burst and how you will escape. I play partnered with my sister in a sidelane, so my experiences are from sidelanes, but I'm sure she's a good mid with her escapes and very reliable lasthitting/bursting.

Pros and Cons about LeBlanc

  • Incredible Burst
  • Really nice mobility
  • Good support via Silences and Snares
  • Really great Tower-Diver

  • Squishy Hero if caught without Distortion up.
  • Your passive doesnt always get you out of Harms Way.

Tips and Tricks with LeBlanc:

  • "Storing" the Mimic of your Sigil of Silence before a gank creates a HUGE burst opportunity/silence chain.
  • Escaping is VERY easy if Mimic is up (should almost ALWAYS be). If you find yourself stranded, use Distortion, then Mimic to gain even more distance. If they're still closing in, you can Flash. There is no excuse for dying, just have good positioning and map awareness.
  • Still on Distortion, using it to go through a small wall and re-hitting it a couple seconds later to juke an opponent is very effective.
  • One more note on escaping: You can use Ethereal Chains on a chasing Melee champion to not only slow them, but if they're still chasing you, snare them allowing you an easy get-away.
  • Just because you are low doesn't mean you can't burst that full health person down. Pick your fights wisely based on you and your opponent's cooldowns.
  • Using Ethereal Chains and Mimicking it. VERY helpful if you need to save someone or your team is chasing someone down. Can be used on more than one target (ie: Chains one and Mimic another) and can ALSO be used on the same target for a double snare.

Item List:

  • I rush a Kage's Lucky Pick for the tiny bit extra gold that it provides and the early AP.
  • I then go for Sorcerer's Shoes for the added speed and Magic Penetration. Sometimes against heroes like Galio or Rammus I'll get Mercury Treads to avoid their taunts/ults.
  • Getting Mejai's Soulstealer next is KEY for me, since you shouldn't be dying, you can get to the 20 stack relatively quickly, and the 15% extra cooldown reduction is very nice with your Deathfire Grasp CD reduction and Seals.
  • If you are not able to keep up your Mejai's, get a Tear of the Goddess in it's place for the mana and to make Archangel's more effective when you eventually pick it up. Thanks animorte
  • I then get Deathfire Grasp for the added cooldown reduction and burst potential. Many say you don't need it, however I don't build without it because it is VERY useful in eliminating some tanks healthpools and adds to the effectiveness of your already ridiculous burst.
  • Getting an Archangel's Staff next just for the added AP. It is a huge AP jump and makes your mana efficiency skyrocket. (Even though it is unneeded)
  • Lich Bane. Love it. With your ridiculous AP it just adds to your damage TREMENDOUSLY. Nothing like hitting a good 600-700 a couple times during a fight when your real burst is on cooldown.
  • Zhonya's Ring. If the game even lasts this long, kiss dying goodbye. Not only does it add an absolutely ridiculous amount of AP, it makes you invulnerable for a couple seconds. Maybe just enough time to get off a distortion or two? :)
  • And lastly, I would get another Archangel's Staff. More AP? Yes please.

Alternative Items:

  • Void Staff. Useful against magic-resist stacking champions. Use it in place of an Archangel's Staff.
  • Rylai's Crystal Scepter. You can use this if you're feeling squishy and can't finish off some champions for some reason, the snare helps a bit.
  • Rod of Ages. Health, AP, Mana. A good alternative.

Okay, so onto the Game tips.

Early Game

  • Harass. Your Sigil of Silence is decent damage, and a Sigil/Distortion combo at the low levels can force opponents to use their potion or back. And if not, you can gank them relatively easily.
  • Remember to use Distortion defensively as well as offensively. Some champions can really pound on you early game.
  • Her Last-hitting ability is AMAZING. If you aren't last-hitting most of the creeps (if you're the carry for your lane, which you most likely will be) then maybe she's not right for you.


  • Harass Harass Harass. I cannot say that enough. And MAKE sure you are going around with your team and ganking. Your burst is ridiculous. Make use of it.
  • By now you should have Deathfire. And you having Deathfire is VERY SCARY for the other team. If your burst wasn't enough, how about ~30% of their health gone before you even burst? Amazing.
  • Remember you can help teammates escape/gank with your Ethereal Chains ability. It is very helpful.

Late Game

  • This is where you should be putting your burst to use. Picking the target is normally the hard part. "Should I pick the caster, or maybe the physical carry? Maybe Sona who can aoe stun my team..." It doesn't really matter. You can pretty much burst anything. Just make sure its a high priority target like a farmed-up Ashe or the "Tank Destroyer" Annie.
  • STAY TOGETHER. If your team just scored a few kills, push. And if they're ressurecting soon, grab a golem buff.

Method of Burst:

This is the order in which you should be using your skills/items to burst a champion into a pile of ashes and send them back to their base with a res-timer.
  • Deathfire Grasp
  • The Sigil of Silence you saved for your Mimic
  • Distortion on top of them for more damage and a silence
  • Your regular Sigil of Silence
  • And if they're still not dead, get more AP! (No, really, just chase them using your skills/Ethereal Chains and you should have a nice gold reward :) )

Hack and Slash my build/guide, I'd love criticism :)
Ask for things and if it is useful enough I'll post it in with a shoutout to you.