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LeBlanc Build Guide by Lemonhead13258

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lemonhead13258

LeBlanc the powerful Black Rose

Lemonhead13258 Last updated on March 19, 2014
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I've been playing LeBlanc for some time now and her mid lane ability is very powerful. This build is one I find works really well, and wanted to share with you guys. Feel free to switch items up to fit your needs depending on the situation of who you're going against mid lane. This is my first guide so please recommend what I can fix. Thank you! If you would like to see another guide please tell me! FYI I am aware that my two of my Quints are not tier 3 and one of my marks is tier 2 just if using this guide make sure they are tier 3 or tier 2 depending if you have purchased the runes.

Possible add-ons?
Liandry's Torment been curious of trying this on LeBlanc don't really think it would work but I don't know.

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is an awesome champion to use she is able to get multi kills if she is built right and her abilities are used properly. She is able to escape from the stickiest situations fooling opponents with her passive. Although getting use to her takes sometime the payoff is great.

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+ Mid lane is very dominant able to cause lots of damage by level two.
+ Quick escape routes.
+ Able to juke enemy champions making them wonder where did you go.
+ Can make champions vanish due to the amount of damage she does.

+ Eats Mana like crazy.
+ Very squishy doesn't take much to kill her.
+ Champions like Morgana and Kassadin always seem to counter her.
+ If first time LeBlanc user, her combo abilities take time to learn and master, also farming takes lots of time. Recommend spellthiefs edge for higher gold income.

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The runes I use are pretty basic for AP champions, have 9 Marks of Magic Penetration. With 9 Seals of Armor , you can use Mana Regen runes instead of seal of armor, but I find the armor always a necessity for mid lane or any lane, later during the game Mana Regen isn't a problem. The glyphs are 9 Greater Ability Power runes giving you a good amount of AP in the beginning. The Quints are Ability Power.

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The Masteries I have set up are 21/0/9 which I have found work really with AP champs. the 21 in offense consist of maxing out Sorcery which offers 5% cooldown reduction and Expose Weakness maxed out good for increasing damage Mental Force I use to increase AP which is always a bonus for an AP champion Arcane Mastery I use to just increase AP while Executioner will increase the damage dealt to champions below certain health. Archmage increases ability power by 5%, and Dangerous Gamne which restores health when you kill a champion. Devastating Strikes I use to increase the magic penetration of LeBlanc's abilities. Arcane Blade will increase the damage of basic attacks, this good for when you use Ethereal Chains and stun them using a basic attack has more effect. Lastly for offense Havoc which increases the damage. The 9 in utility are Fleet of Foot increasing movement speed making dodging easier, Meditation maxed out I use to increase Mana regen, always something you want for an AP champion. Summoners Insight reducing cooldown and Alchemist increases the duration of potions by 10% giving you a bit more health regen per potion. Lastly is Runic Affinity excellent if you have any type of buff specifically blue buff, the duration last longer offering an advantage.

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Starting Items

When you first start off go with the recommended Doran's Ring and 2 Health Potion along with the Warding Totem. This is the standard option, although there are some who start Flask and health pots, that is just useless.

Core Items

Your core items consist of Sorcerer's Shoes, Deathfire Grasp, Athene's Unholy Grail, and Void Staff. What I recommend you build first is going for Athene's Unholy Grail allowing you to have many benefits which include the CDR as well as the Mana Regen. Next is Sorcerer's Shoes boots are a must of course, they offer the magic pen, which makes LeBlance a deadly assasin. Deathfire Grasp this item is a huge necessity, it increases cooldown by 10%, increased AP by 120, when active will deal 15% of the target's health as magic damages, and increasing the amount of magic damage 20% for 4 seconds. This item is vital to playing LeBlanc properly and should be one you get no doubt. Void Staff increases the magic pen you already which is always useful. Rabadon's Deathcap is just to increase the amount of AP it never hurts to have more.
Remember LeBlanc is an assassin/ Mage this doesn't mean go and try to take all five champions at the same time. Only go if your team is around and you feel sure of being able to get the kills.

Full Build

Along with the core items some of the additional items you can get are Enchantment: Homeguard good for getting back onto the field quicker not having to wait for your health to regen. Abyssal Mask another addition increasing magic penetration and AP which never hurts. is optional gives 120 ability power and protecting you for 2.5 seconds if you're ever in a huge commotion.

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Skill Sequence

Choosing the right abilities to level up first is very vital to any champion. Here is are the abilities I like to level up first.

Sigil of Silence I like to level this one first because it uses less Mana compared to the other abilities.

this ability I always use as my second level up, with this you're able to run away quickly and cause damage being able to retreat quickly.

this ability is my 3rd level up and from here the combo works well.

this obviously is the ult allowing you to do marvelous things.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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Skills and Explanations

Of course isn't able to get the kills unless you know how to you use her abilities. The way you use her abilities are very crucial to getting kills and you shouldn't rely on just button mashing to help you. In this section I'll describe the skill sequence and skill combos that work the best.

Mirror Image
LeBlanc's passive allows her to make a duplicate of herself when her health drops to below 40% this is something that will save your life, if you're able to fool your opponent. This passive does have a cooldown of a minute so be aware of that when trying to get into a fight and are unsure of escape. You can control her duplicate with holding alt and then clicking the direction you want the duplicate to travel.

Sigil of Silence
LeBlanc's Q is the ability I first start off with mainly for the reasons of it having lower Mana cost. This ability offers two benefits it deals damage to the enemy and will then mark them for 3.5 seconds,if you cast another ability to the target that is still marked it will then silence them and deal an additional amount of damage. This ability works well with LeBlanc's W. You want to use your Q when your opponent is fairly close you and requires not having to chase him to land the spell. Remember if you wish to silence them you have 3.5 seconds to cast another ability. If you're getting harassed a lot then using this works well.

The W ability is one that will allow to do crazy things, escape, tower dive, and silence the marked target. This ability works well with LeBlanc's Q, if you mark a target, using the W ability on the target will silence them. W allows you to dash to the location and when you use this ability pressing W again will return you to your casting location. This ability comes in handy for situations for example, an enemy is weak under turret and you know you can finish him, using W allows you to dash and damage him and then pressing W returning you quickly back to safety. You want to use this when your Sigil of Silence is active working well to Silence your opponent. Don't be afraid to use your W to tower dive a weak opponent.

E Ability
LeBlanc's E ability throws chains to the enemy damaging and slowing them down, and if they remain chained for 1.5 seconds, it will deal and additional amount of damage stunning making the target unable to move for 1.5 seconds. Use this ability if you ever see an opponent close to your tower and want to stun him so they take damage from tower. Or for once they silenced throwing the Chains will stun them making them a free target for you to auto attack.

R Ability
LeBlanc's ultimate allows her to cast the same spell she used previously but with the added bonus of more damage. Basically you are able to use the same spell twice within a matter seconds, the cooldown for her ult is aboout 40 decreasing as she levels it up more and more. This ability is incredibly fun to use, if you're ever getting chased by an entire train of enemies use your W and then R to mimic the same spell you just did making you dash twice instead of once. Or if you've stunned an enemy once with your E using your R and landing it will stun them again. So instead of the enemy being stunned for only 1.5 seconds you double the time to 3 seconds.

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Skill combo

Once you have to level 3 it becomes pretty easy to harass and kill champions going against you. When going for a champion the combo I like to use and that works really well is first casting my Sigil of Silence onto my target, I then proceed to using my on the same target, this will then silence them not allowing them to use any abilities for 1.5 seconds. While they are silenced I use to chain them, if they remain chained for 1.5 seconds the target becomes stunned and and from there your Sigil of Silence ability should be done cooling down enabling you to finish the target usually. If not then use ignite to ensure the kills is guaranteed. This combo works amazingly, it becomes hard for the person your going against to do anything, If you are up against or the combo becomes slightly difficult due to always using his silence ability.

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Counter/Easy Lane Opponents

When playing whether it be top lane which I have tried and works actually good, or mid lane. Always be aware of who you are going up against, some of LeBlanc's biggest counters are , ,this is partly due to their abilities.


With Kassadin, you'll find yourself being silenced with his Null Sphere ability, making it hard for you to land lots of your abilities.The times I've gone up against him, doing anything becomes hard for any champion not just LeBlanc. Remember to always keep a good distance from him and if going for an attack silencing him is the first step, the problem with Kassadin is he and LeBlanc are very similar with their abilities, both having the ability to dash, and silence so if one attacks the other countering each other becomes tricky. If you're ever going up against Kassadin, what I recommend is try landing your Sigil of Silence Q ability first. While Kassadin is still marked then proceed to using your the reason I don't recommend using second is because if Kassadin does silence you, your ability to dash back to your casting location is disabled. So by using Q and E you silence him, and stun him for a few seconds. At this point use your to cause more damage to him and to ensure you get the kill or scare him away making him recall using never hurts. Tip:If unsure about taking out Kassadin by yourself or find yourself being harassed constantly buying a will help reduce the damage from his combo


I've found myself always struggling against Morgana partly due to her AOE she has and the Black Shield you will find being used constantly. With Morgana in the beginning you'll find her using her Tormented Soil ability making you adjust position and change your angle towards her. When Morgana has her Black Shield you will find this to be your worst enemy, always being used and it being just overpowered. Remember Morgana needs Mana to function No Mana= Useless Morgana. If you find Morgana spamming her abilities let her do so but make sure you do not allow her to push too far into lane. When you see Morgana will little to no Mana at all that is where you begin to harass her and bully her. Throwing Ethereal Chains to stun and auto attack a few times, by then your Q should be cooldowned.

Easy Lane Opponents


If you're ever against Ahri you'll find it fairly easy to accumulate tons of damage on her occasionally making her use her ult to dash away. Just be aware of her charm and predict when she'll throw it. You'll know she's about to use charm when she approaches you, that's the only time Ahri actually has to land it directly on you, advise is stand behind minions so it makes it hard for her.


Nidalee is also one of those champs who you'll fine fairly easy going up against. Nidalee will depend tons on her Javelin Toss ability against you, because she knows if she gets to close the dangerous combo of LeBlanc will most likely occur. Make sure you stand behind minions that way those Javelin Toss cannot hit you.


Quinn will occasionally go mid and if you're ever against her it's the easiest thing ever. Quinn will try to blind you and if she does then wait a few seconds and proceed to attacking her.

Matchups I'm Amazed Actually Worked

Xin Zhao

So a few days ago I decided to go top lane and was going against Xin Zhao, being pretty sceptical about him I was very cautious. I found that he was just getting melted by the burst attacks LeBlanc has and winning my lane fairly well. If you do happen to decide to go top lane and run across someone like Riven, or Fiora, or even Xin don't be afraid LeBlanc can do amazing things.


Just like Xin, Yasou being the new champion I thought it was going to be a tough one, but rest assured he is someone you can take on.