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Lee Sin Build Guide by blackdwarf

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author blackdwarf

Lee Sin, he is blind, but can still kick you.

blackdwarf Last updated on June 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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well this is my first guide, so yeah. english is not my main language, so there can be some errors in the guide.

welcome to my Lee Sin guide. i have played this character for awhile now, and i love him, mainly for his difficulty. some say he is UP and that he is broken. i disagree with them. yeah, he is hard to play, yeah people can easily kill, but if you are playing him right, you can kick them bakc and hard!

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although i don't have a rune page totally dedicated to Lee Sin, i do use one that works on him.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation

you want the mark for the AD, that will work with the passive of sheen. because of your passive, you want the seal for the attack speed. becaise the CD RED is handy for Lee Sin you can get the glyph, but i think that the glyph is personal, because there isn't really an alternatieve that really stands out on Lee. and as least you want the armor pen, because you want to do your dmg output with your basis attack.

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ofcourse you want to get offensive, but because your surviability isn't that great, you also wont to spends some points in there.

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and now the important part: the items!

you want to start with Doran's Shield. it give you the surviability that you will need early game. and because you have the runes with AD you also can do some DMG. first time you get back you want to buy the Mercury's Treads. why? because you want to get away when you can, and being slowed wont help you then. the magic resistance is nice, but not the main reason you want those boots. the next item you want is Sword of the Occult. if you play Lee right you will get many assist or even kills, so it will be easy to stack it. i suggest you will sell doran's shield now because it is not very usefull now, and you will need the gold to rush sword of the occult or the next item: Leviathan. again a stack item, but again you will get many assist so thats no problem. in the teamfights you will get focused, so you need the healt to survive.

well that were the three first items. at this point you are probaly in mid game.

first you want to buy is Sheen. yeah the AP is useless and you dont is Mana, so why get it? because of its passive. 100% extra dmg on your next basic attack is a must-have for Lee. you want to follow that with a Phage. this is just a great item for Lee. ofcourse the reason for those 2 is to get Trinity Force.

at this point you already are a killing machine. the next item you want to buy is The Bloodthirster. you want it to stay longer in teamfights, and when your low at healt but don't want to recall you can use it at monsters to get soem health back.

the last item really depends on your situation and what you want. i normaly buy Gaurdian's Angel because i like the armor and the resist and at this point i already to the DMG i want. bit if you want you can buy a main DPS item.

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Summoner Spells

i always use Exhaust and Flash with him, cause it let me escape ganks and give me kills.

but this rather personal for your playstyle.

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How to play

now you got the build, so now you want to know how to play with him?

Lee is all about: Skill, 2 Hits, Skill, 2hits, repeat. and because you have Trinity, you first hit will do plus 150% dmg. the thing is that he needs get close to do dmg. first you will need to use his Q to get close on your target. then you hit the guy 2 times, and you will use your E. again hit him 2 times and hit E again. the follow up skill of R slows the target.

you can use your W for a couple of things. its a great escape ability. i can save your friends, and the follow-up skill gives you lifesteal, so you can regenerate easy on the minions if you are in lane.

your ulti is not the greatest ability, but in some situations it can be usefull. you can kick enemy's away from you, you can use Q, then your ulti and then use Q again with the follow-up, to get to him. it does some dmg, but nothing really specail.

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so yeah, this is my first guide. please give comment, and if you have something to say please do. i must say that i miss some parts, and at some points, i didn't tell enough, so that is for the future. if you think the guide is usefull, please say, if you think that there are some probelms with it, pleasy say... again. :P thank you for your time and enjoy LOL.