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Lee Sin Build Guide by lZombiEl

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lZombiEl

Lee Sin - Imagine if he wasn't blind

lZombiEl Last updated on March 4, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys, I`m Zombie and I`m gonna teach you how to play with Lee Sin, The Blind Monk. Lee Sin is a very powerful champion and you can build him into almost everything.

I am laning with Lee Sin, so you won't find any jungling information in my build.

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Pros / Cons

-Good damage the whole game.
-Can easily turret dive.
-Good ganker.
-You can escape easily.

-Squishy before Warmog's Armor or Trinity Force.
-If you can't hit your Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike it will be a lot harder to fight an enemy.
-You need good positioning to use your skills.

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Summoner Spells

Flash + Exhaust is a perfect combination. Flash opens huge opportunities for your combos. Helps you kick your enemy away from his turret, or near your turret. Exhaust also helps you escape, catch, and simply DESTROY your enemies.

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I go for Armor Penetration on Marks and Quint's because this is a must, especially on champions like Lee Sin, Olaf, Wukong, Graves and so on. From the runes you will get a nice 25 Armor Penetration bonus. That means that 25 of your opponent's Armor is useless. When I start, my Armor Penetration is like this: 31|10%, and this makes a huge difference in early game.

Armor Seals and Magic Resist Glyphs gives you early game sustainability, and makes you more durable in lane. You can take either per level or flat, but I prefer the ones per level because it gives you more Armor and Magic Resist at lvl 18.

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On Masteries I go 21-9-0. I take 21 points in masteries for maximum Damage and Armor Penetration bonus. Also the Lifesteal helps you heal up faster, especially if used with Safeguard / Iron Will. I put 4 points in Sorcery because, before doing this, I died lots of times because of the cooldowns.

I like to put 9 points in Defense for the bonus Armor and Magic Resist, that fits very well with your runes. Also the Health Regen gives you an early-game boost.

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-This item is one of the best items for Lee Sin in early game. It really helps you stay in lane longer, and it gives you a great advantage in jungle. With this item you can easily kill the dragon[on 3v3] at level 7. Also it helps you kill creeps faster and it gives you a free ward.

-Berserker's Greaves are the best boots for Lee Sin. They give you attack speed, and you need that to take out your enemies faster.

-This item works very good on Lee Sin, especially with Atma's Impaler's passive. Also it gives you a very nice slow per hit that helps you catch up with running enemies.

-More crits, more damage. Infinity Edge really helps you shine in battles and you can take your enemies out very fast.

-This will give you much more HP and will help you be more durable. You will become more tanky and you won't be squishy anymore.

-Armor+Critical. And with the bonus health from Trinity Force and Warmog's Armor, the passive that gives you 2% damage from the total of HP, you will receive some extra damage.

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Lee Sin is very strong in lane against almost every champion. Try harassing your enemy with Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike and dash back to a minion with Safeguard. When their health is low enough you should attack, trying to get a kill, but do not risk. In a fight, try to use Exhaust on your enemy if needed. Move in with Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike, give him 2 normal attacks, Use your Tempest / Cripple, 2 normal attacks, Safeguard / Iron Will, 2 normal attacks and so on. If your enemy gets too close to his turret and you can't turret dive, flash behind him, use your Dragon's Rage to kick him away from the turret and follow him with Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike. Lee Sin can also handle very good a solo lane against 2 enemies, but you have to play him carefully or you will end up feeding and loosing the turrets. If you are single in your lane, try to harass the opponents with low health and defense like Vayne, Shaco, Janna, Sona, Caitlyn, etc. If you are having trouble holding the lane, ask the jungler to help you with a gank.

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Ganking and Escaping

Lee Sin is an excellent ganker. You can move in fast, hit your target hard and then get outta there. Get near your enemy using Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike. If he is a tank, hit him to with your ultimate and send him at your team so you can take him out fast. But if he is an assassin/mage with weak health and low armor, just take him out fast and try to save your ultimate. Use Dragon's Rage only if you can't kill him before he gets to the turret.

Also you can escape very easily if you use your skills correctly. If you are followed, use your Dragon's Rage to knock back the enemy and than use Safeguard / Iron Will on an teammate/minion/ward. Also, in jungle, you can hit your Sonic Wave on an monster, and go through the wall with Resonating Strike. If you don't have your ultimate up and you are chased, just be sure that you exhaust your enemy, and flash if you don't think that the exhaust is enough.

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Team Work

Lee Sin is able to jump in and out of the combat very fast and that's why he is very effective in team fights.In a team fight, let the tank from your team initiate the team fight, and once he is focused, move in on the enemy champion with the highest damage output and take him out fast. Try protecting your teammates with Safeguard and use your Iron Will to get some extra lifesteal to stay longer into the combat. If you are focused, try to move out of the combat and rejoin when you can. In late game you will be able to run into the jungle, get the red buff and refill your health with that awesome lifesteal from Wriggle's Lantern and from Iron Will.

Also you can help your teammates escape to safety if they are being chased with just one well-placed Dragon's Rage, that will knock back a few enemies, and give your team a chance to survive.