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Lee Sin Build Guide by Azul Gremory

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Azul Gremory

Lee Sin - Mastering The Enemy

Azul Gremory Last updated on December 13, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi,i'm xvelishady.For the past few months I've been playing lots of lee sin and decided to make a guide about the things I learned from playing him.This is my first guide so hopefully you guys would understand If I make some mistakes.Enjoy ^^

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Jungle Pattern

If you are starting on the blue side then you should ask your top laner to leash you blue and then straight away gank top and hopefully burn the enemy's flash.I would camp that lane after completing my buff(if you burned the enemy's flash,if not then gank another lane).If you are on the red side then complete red buff with a leash from your top laner and proceed to gank top.

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Ganking a lane affects the outcome of the game.By ganking a lane succesfully your laner will have a high chance of carrying the game.How do you execute a lee sin gank?

Before you start ganking I suggest you smartcast your q and your ward buttons.It is easier to ward hop and you will less likely miss Q

Lee Sin Level 2 Gank
Executing a level 2 lee sin gank is fairly simple,your goal here is to burn a summoner(mostly flash) so that your laner has an advantage against his/her enemy,as you complete your first buff you wanna head down to mid or top,98% of the time they are not yet level 2 which would then force the enemy to flash as he/she does not have the abilities to fight back against you and your laner.This is also why I like to do the pattern I mentioned in "Jungle Pattern"

Lee Sin Level 6 Gank
Ganking at level 6 is fairly easy as you have the ability to kick your enemy away from his/her turret. Now ganking a lane is all situational, let me explain how to gank a lane with 2 most common situations when ganking a lane.

When ganking an enemy laner with lots of escape (zed etc)

You do not wanna use your Q instantly after the first cast,you wanna maximise the duration of your Q before using it. So before you intiate a gank you want to tell your laner so that she/he can be ready to jump on the enemy. You wanna ward hop first and do the following combo
Q>R>Wait for Q to almost expire>Q>E>E (Your Cripple(2nd e) slows down your enemies giving your laner enough time to catch up)
The reason why u wanna wait is that the enemy will most likely burn flash and use all his/her abilities to try and run away from your laner as you kicked the enemy back.By the time she/he used her summoners/abilites your Q still can be casted for resonating strike.

Ganking an enemy with no escapes (Karthus etc)
Ganking an enemy with no escapes is rather easy.You just ward hop>Q>R>Q>E>E
You will not have to wait for your Q to nearly expire as the enemy has no escape.

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How to be a hell of a Ganker

As Lee Sin said "Master yourself,Master the enemy" you wanna make sure that you have analyzed every possible scenario and what the enemy is gonna do to try and outplay/escape from you.For example,fizz's q,you will always need to think ahead.What is fizz gonna do with his q? He is gonna dash to me so that he can then e and get back to safety.So know that you know you are always gonna ult him to your laner before using any other abilities to prevent him from using his q on you.

In short:
Always predict the enemy's moves in order to be a hell of a jungler

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Jungling Mid Game

The thing I enjoy alot about lee sin is that he can make plays despite the enemy being pushed out as his ult can kick the enemy away from the her/his turret. Remember always complete your buff before ganking as you don't want any counter jungling to occur while ganking a lane. When ganking a lane you wanna make sure that your laner is alert that you are about to attempt a gank and to make sure that he follows up. I always look for enemys that are really extended,it gives me a really easy time ganking that lane. However if all your lanes are winning then proceed to complete all your camps before proceeding to gank a laner than can really snowball. If your laner is even with the enemy laner then you can ask your laner to not push his lane or simply just dive the enemy(if you think it is possible).

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Late Game

Now your late game depends alot on how you performed early game as you are not dishing out the damage you are the tanky playmaker late game.You do not want to be that lee sin who can't complete his combo or make plays without dying 1 second after he engages.My build entirely depends on how fed you made your laners so that you laners are the one doing the damage while you are being the supportive cast and making plays for them so they can eliminate the carries that you kick to them :)

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Summarisation Of Lee Sin :D


Lee sin is by far one of the most high-skill capped champion to play. To summarize it,lee sin is a champion that requires "mastering the enemy". Predicting the moves that the enemy is gonna dish out to you is what counters your enemy as you already "mastered" them . Lee sin needs alot of decision making in a short time...."Should I Q then r flash or should I Ward hop,r then flash away" It all comes down to the situation that you are in and the best way to make plays is to see through the enemy and predict what he is gonna do next.

Hopefully this guide teaches you a little about lee sin.It is my first time making a guide and looking forward to make more. Can you guys please give me some feedback on how I did on this one.

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Pros / Cons

+Able To Carry
+Fun To Play
+Has Alot Of Potential To Steal Objectives
+Great Synergy With Most Champions

-Falls Off If Bad Early Game Performance
-Mess Up A Combo = Dead Most Of The Time
-Hard To Master

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Streamers To Learn From

Gripex is just one of the best lee sin playmaker,I learned alot from him.
Gripex,Lee Sin Master...

Nightblu3 is a high elo jungle mainer,unlike gripex he is not a one-trick pony but you have to repsect his mad skills with lee sin.I started playing Jungle because of him.
Nightblue3,Lee Sin Playmaker...

BoxBox is a one-trick pony with riven but that doesn't mean he can't play Lee sin.He has good mechanics with lee sin and is a good example on how to setup flash plays ;)
BoxBox,Lee Tricks