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League of Legends Build Guide Author PoppaMan

Lee Sin- Survivability with burst

PoppaMan Last updated on April 30, 2011
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Hello! Welcome to my Lee Sin laning build. To start it off, i want to say introduce you to Lee Sin. He is a great harasser, with some great burst and survivability. He is able to deal great damage at mid/late game due to his great skill damage. He is also a team player due to his Safeguard / Iron Will and his Dragon's Rage. In team fights he is good at moving around to get into position and focusing a single champion. He is also great for finding stealthed champs due to his Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike and Tempest / Cripple, which reveal any hit enemies. In this build, you will learn how to play him, what to build and his pros and cons.

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I choose these runes because the extra AD from the marks is good for your Q,E and early game. I chose this rather than ArP because i find it makes a greater difference than the ArP because you wont really be focusing champs with high armor anyways. The health seals are great for surviving early and mid game, and just generally give a nice HP boost. The glyphs are pretty obvious, as the CDR is useful for every champ, but great for Lee Sin since he is cool down based. The health Quints are basically a cherry on top, giving you an extra 78 HP for early game so you wont be easily focused and burned down.

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Pretty simple, regular AD masteries. Giving Crit chance,needed CDR, AS, some nice ArP, AD and crit in offence. For defense i just take the resistances so i can at least reduce the damage i take by a bit. Then i get 1 point in Good Hands because its always good for a smaller death timer. I also get the masteries for Ghost and Exhaust because those are the summoner spells you are using.

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The Wriggle's Lantern is great for taking out minion waves and recovering health while doing so. The Mercury's Treads are just great for heavy CC and AP teams, so its just great for getting away from people with stuns, slows or disables. The Trinity Force is an amazing item for Lee Sin, as it gives tons of stats that are quite needed (except for the mana) and the passives are just great for bursting down an enemy. After that i get a The Black Cleaver because it gives some nice damage, attack speed and a passive that is great for getting an enemy's armor low so that you can easily kill them. I get a Sunfire Cape for some nice survivability and armor. Plus, the passive is great for when you Jump to an enemy using Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike or Tempest / Cripple. Then the Guardian Angel is great for it's defensive stats and its always very nice to be revived in a teamfight or just a 1v1.

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Skill Sequence

I use this skill sequence because Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike is your main source of DPS, so definitely max it out when laning. If you are jungling, just max out Tempest / Cripple first so you can take down mobs of neutrals faster. Then, i hire Safeguard / Iron Will so that you can shield yourself and an ally under attack; that helps a lot when you are in a fight with somebody who can do some harsh damage like Veigar, or help you survive Karthus's ult. Also, Iron Will is great for regaining health after a fight. Tempest / Cripple just doesn't have enough damage change between levels, so i keep it at one until the end. Dragon's Rage is absolutely great for finishing an enemy off or knocking them into your allies.

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Well, the guide is now coming to an end. But wait, you still need to know what to do! When you see an enemy, or know that they are somewhere, use Sonic Wave. Then use Resonating Strike to get to them quickly. Use Tempest to hit them and to reveal them if they decide to go into a bush. Quickly use Cripple after so that you can slow their getaway. Try to hit them with another Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike combo and if necessary, use Dragon's Rage to finish them or kick them into your allies. In a team fight, use Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike to get to them quickly, and if they are focusing you or your ally use Safeguard. Next, use Tempest to hit as many of the enemies as you can and then use Cripple so that they get slowed and they have reduced attack speed. Use Dragon's Rage to either kick someone into your allies, finish them off or to use it so the person you kicked hits some of their allies. Well, thats all i have to say on Lee Sin. Remember to like this if it helped, and leave a comment telling me how i can improve this. Please read the build first BEFORE commenting or rating. SORAKA SAYS HI!