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Lee Sin Build Guide by i eat ur nom

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League of Legends Build Guide Author i eat ur nom

lee sin the blind monkey

i eat ur nom Last updated on August 25, 2012
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Hello this is my first guide and it is on Lee Sin. Lee Sin is a high mobility, good jungler, and perhaps imo one of the best gankers in the game. Lee sins disadvantages come late game which will be explained later on. This guide will pretty much cover most things you will need to know in Lee Sin jungle.

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For runes i take attack damage marks : this is so you have that extra damage.

next for my seals i take armor : some people say health is good but i say armor is better, reason being is that the armor will help you against ad and early jungling. it also helps you have sustain early game.

For glyphs i take magic resist : this also applies with the same reasons for taking armor.
If they have a ad team its good with the armor runes but if their ap the mr is good to take.
usually they would have both in one team thats why i mix these in my runes.

For my quints : i take armor pen quints. the reason is so u have that armor pen. for early damage and some late game damage.

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For masteries i take the standard ad 21 9 0 build. Lee sin does so much damage early game that it will scare the kids away. These masteries help you maxamize your damage output. the early damage will give you a higher chance of getting first blood on your first gank.

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The items that is shown should be your end game build. The build order you should be going is wriggles (wriggles gives you the sustain for the jungle so you can jungle more and gank more before going b). next item is boots (what boots you get is very dependant on the enemy team if they have magic dmg then go merc treads or if they are ad then go ninja tabi. if not known what to decide i usually take ionian boots for the cdr because it will help you reach your skills faster for more damage output.) the next major item is phage.(phage is godlike on lee sin. the slow proc plus the damage and health will already set you up for mid game.) the you upgrade your phage to a trinity. (lee sin's mobility + tri force = 20 min surrender, this item is possibly the best item you can get on this guy). the next 2 items are warmogs and frozen mallet. (lee sin falls of late game for the lack of survivalbility and resistance against him. this is why you build tanky so it is hard to not pay attention to you while you do lots of damage.) the last item is atmas impaler. (no explaination is needed for this.)

This should be your order for items

cloth aromor + 5hp pots / vampiric sceptor - wriggles - boots (dependant on team) - phage - tri force - frozen - warmogs - atmas - change wriggles to bt.

by the end of this build you will do enough damage so the enemy pay attention to you but you are to tanky to focus down which you want them to do so your carries get fed as hell.

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Skill Sequence

For skill sequence i take 1 point in e early for aoe dmg and slow for level 2 gank.
the you go crazy and max out q. q is the main sorce of damage in lee sins early game.
max out q the w. the w's ability to give you so much lifesteal and spell vamp is awesome on lee sin. it gives him so much sustain even in teamsfights. also the shield gets better as it goes.
Lee sins e is maxed last. i max this last because it doesnt do as much dmg and i only use it to gank for the slow. this skill is not used for dmg but should be used for the slow. and as all ultimates i max out my r levels 6,11,and 16.

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Summoner Spells

i take Smite for obvious reasons with the jungle.
i also take Exhaust because it is such a good summoner spell.
when you gank and you use exhaust they are slowed and cant do any damage.
this also procs with your e which lowers there attack speed and movement speed.
this will make then USELESS no matter who they are.

you need flash to catch up : YOUR Q

summoner spells that wouldnt be horrible:
Ghost : lee sin may need ghost for positioning but thats about it. as long as you get boots and triforce you will run fast enough.
Teleport : only good for top lee sin which is another story.
Heal : BAIT GG.
Clarity : BAUSS SKILL. lol no if you do this then you are ******ed. xD.

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Pros / Cons

pros : high mobility
very good ganking skills
ward jumping
q can do more damage if targets 40% lower hp
has high damage
early to mid game your godlike
dash to enemy and teammates
aoe slow
shield with free lifesteal spell vamp

cons: blind
hates smelly people

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Creeping / Jungling

in jungle Lee Sin, jungling is very important.

i have 2 different ways to start in lee sin jungle.

1. i start at red and do a level 2 gank which is the best way since ur e slow + red buff.
then i go back to jungle from stone bros to wraith to wolfs and blue and b.

2. the second and most fun way i played was i start at blue and get my wolfs. i cross river take enemy stone bros and wait at his red. when he passes and comes back seeing you took his stones he will either go to his red and start or wraith. if red, wait for him and attack before he smites. this will usually cause him to panic and not smite and run. you smite and go for the kill. if he jumps back to wraith wait 2 to 3 seconds in the bush and go get em.

3. when ganking : always go in and DO NOT USE YOUR Q TO INICIATE. that is the dumbest thing a lee sin can do. run in use your e and slow the guy, aim your q and get him. there is the highest chance you land your q this way. Another thing to remember is that if you get counter ganked save your w in order to get away.

4. ive seen a lot of stupid junglers that say they finished there jungle route and need to gank when the lanes are all pushed. #1 the teammates are stupid for giving enemy jungler a chance to gank. #2 lee sin has enough mobility to finish the enemy small camps pretty fast.
if the enemy starts at blue then there blue will repawn aproximitly 7:00 to 7:30 in the game.
(note : blue and red have 5min timer). this means never waste time. you see a ganking oppirtunuty than go ahead and gank. if you cant gank jungle or counter jungle.

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Team Work

there is no such thing as teamwork with lee sin. xD.
no im kidding. teamwork with lee sin is not really important as long as your team goes in with you when your about to kick someone in the face.

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to conclude my lee sin guide, lee sin is a high mobility damage dealer. this allows lee sin to jump around places and do lots of damage. if you see this guide i highly suggest you go in a custom game with a friend or even co-op vs. ai and test out his ability combos. they are quite powerful. this is my lee sin guide thank you for reading and any comments or questions i will get back to. thank you.

ONE LAST NOTE : GET A ward , save a life xD

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these are a few guides and a song for my favorite champion, Lee Sin the blind monk.