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Draven Build Guide by Legendary Draven

AD Carry Legendary Guide To The Glorious Executioner

AD Carry Legendary Guide To The Glorious Executioner

Updated on October 13, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Legendary Draven Build Guide By Legendary Draven 8,123 Views 8 Comments
8,123 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Legendary Draven Draven Build Guide By Legendary Draven Updated on October 13, 2013
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Introduction the The Glorious Executioner

Alright.I have a lot to cover, but let me tell you one thing. Draven may be a little out dated in terms of utility considering many champions nowadays such as Ezreal (Arcane Shift), Corki (Valkyrie), Jinx (Flamechompers,Zap!, and Get Excited), and Caitlyn(90 Caliber Net) have great escape mechanisms and can ultimately doing more "complex" plays, BUT his potential early game aggressiveness, Spinning Axes and overall use of his ultimate makes up for it. Lets get started!
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Summoner Spells

* Ignite Please dont choose this unless it's a kill lane, even then, this is not a wise choice.
* Barrier This is a good spell because it will shield you from lethal blows.
* Flash Escape spell. Use wisely, never go fully aggressive and flash for a kill. Sometimes, it is smarter to back off and cs than chase.
* Ghost Viable, but not recommended because you have infinite Blood Rush when kiting away with your q (watch your mana)
* Teleport Viable, but not recommended because when you teleport somewhere and leave lane, you will lose potential cs and maybe a tower.
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Pros / Cons

*Draven is a heavy damage dealing carry
*With his passive, he can snowball well.
*His ultimate is very fast and powerful and reverts back to the champion.
*He is very easy to kite with.
*Stomps AD carries such as Ashe, Ezreal, Corki, Tristana, and Twitch.

*With new Draven players, they tend to believe that he falls off by a huge amount where he does no damage end game. That is not the case here if you play him well, but your mindset is important and it will impact the game.
*Easily countered with the likes of Caitlyn,Varus, and Kogmaw
*New Draven players might not know how to mana manage especially when a person is not used to catching axes.
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For Draven, use a standard AD carry rune page containing the followings.

Flat AD Marks
Flat Armor Seals
Scaling MR Glyphs
Flat AD Quints
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Items and Support's Items (with Support Disscusions)

Okay. With Draven, you want to rush a Bloodthirster. Always get it as your first item. You will do more damage, farm better, have great sustain and many more. BT is the only LS item you need because your support should have Zeke's Herald giving you extra lifesteal and more importantly, damage!

People may criticize me for not having Last Whisper or Black Cleaver in the core build, but let me make this clear. LAST WHISPER AND BLACK CLEAVERS ARE GREAT ITEMS for Draven. Depending on the scenario, i would highly highly recommend to get Last whisper when going against a very very tanky team. Black Cleaver if you are going against a very tanky team and need more survivability. Finally, Warmogs if they only have 1-2 tanks and really hurt a ton especially if u are in a very long game of 40+ minutes. You better make sure u don't die or else your team will be verbally firing bullets at you.

Your support should peel for you and KEEP YOU ALIVE in lane AND team fights.
A good item on a support that matches Draven is Zeke's Herald(LS and DMG) and Iron Locket of Solari(Shield and Resistance). Remember to popyour ILS active at the BEGINNING of the fight.

Good supports for Dravens are Nunu(Slows and Blood Boil), Thresh (Stun+Grab,Knockback, and Boxed Ulti), and Leona. Some unorthodox supports even work with Draven (get aggressive enough, and it might even turn into a kill lane) such as Jarvan (e-q combo will send them chills) and Annie (High burst damage with your Spinning Axes and Ulti. What a treat!)
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Under construction
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Early Game

Use Draven's early game aggressiveness to your advantage! He can slice through many AD carries's HP and Armor away 1-6 like butter! But it is also important to CS. You will NOT have much time to CS mid game to late game because you will most likely be in 1) Teamfights 2)Fighting for Objectives 3) Pushing to their base 4) Defending your base. Also, IF POSSIBLE WITHOUT ANY HARD RISKS. Stay until you get a B.F. Sword. If your first back is a B.F. Sword, you are all set to start reaping your opponent's soul like you are Thresh.
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Mid Game

It's mid game now. You are probably about to finish BT and have Berzerker Greaves. Okay, so you have to options here. It's either to 1) Go get Infinity Edge or to 2) Go get Phantom Dancer first. By this time you will actually start to have to rely on your raw AA and not catch axes. If you believe in bursting your opponent down quickly, Phantom Dancer is the way to go. If you want heavy damage and rely more than larger lifesteal drainage than quick damages and smaller lifesteal drainage , pick Infinity Edge.

Consider these things into effect. The amount you heal, how much golds you have, and what play style do you preffer? Do not worry about this too much though. By end game, you should have both.
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Late Game

This is the most crucial part of the game. Do NOT die. It's a must. This is the worst thing to ever do. You are the carry. The Damage dealer. This also means you should consider on getting mroe defensive items such as Warmogs and Guardian Angels. Make sure you tell your team to peel for you. Do NOT attempt to catch axes in a team fight unless you are retreating and attempting to kite (Please do not do this until you get good at it or perfected it in whether it is norms or customs). To Kite, you will need to catch ur Axes and Blood Rush as fast as u can when you are running back.
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Do Not Underestimate YOUR PASSIVE. It was changed. NOT NERFED. If you CS WELL and CATCH your axes, you will get rewarded with maximum snowball potential when getting kills. Imagine it this way. While your old passive gives you insurance of giving maximum pain and even securing kills. This new passive gives you an insurance of NOT falling behind. As long as you cs well, catch your axes, and not die too much, you will eventually catch up to the enemy adc and might even be able to carry the game. You are the carry. MAKE SURE you carry.

Spinning Axe
This is your damage dealing spell through out the game. Although in mid-late game, it would be wiser to just use this whenever u can and not catch it for bonus damage because it deals less damage when trying to catch the axe, when you can just auto attack. Always keep an axe spinning at laning phase and find that opportunity to poke them. Make sure that when you throw it, run back before it hits the enemy so that it BOUNCES BACK ,so you won't get poked. YOU DECIDE where it goes. If you run and chase, it will bounce shorter and land in front of u, standing still, it's mostly going to land beside you.

Blood Rush
This is your escape skill. It RESETS when catching an axe. Use this as an advantage to KITE the enemy. Keep watch of your mana.

Stand Aside
This ability can be used on so many ways, to intercept a person from getting you or your teammates, escapes, intitiations (possible because of the 2 second slow of 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40%) and much much more. I will make videos later showing people how versatile this skill is. Use it well.

Whirling Death
This ability can make or break a fight, save teammates, and many other things. I preffer to use this at the beginning of the fight to do maximum damage and insure that you HIT THEM. Waiting will only lessen the chance of you hitting the whole team. Before a team fight, most teams are grouped in huddled groups, punish them for that. Better to hit them now or not hit them at all.
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Learning how to get the most Creep Scores on Draven

This is quiet simple. I cannot teach you how to farm as Draven, but i can teach you what to do and what not to do with Draven when csing.
1) Make sure you don't spin your axes until u poke, spinning your axes at the beginning will make it easier for you to cs by damaging the minions more, but it will push your lane even when you only last hit.
2) Don't get poked while catching your axe, it will ultimately zone you when you are low enough and maybe force you to even recall.
3) Have map awareness. It would be better to lose farms and not die than die and lose farms. This also means you are not the carry until mid game. Hell, the support is carrying you so you better help your support and ward when you have extra golds.
4) Don't type and smart talk your support. You will lose creeps because you are focusing your attention on scolding your laning partner. He/She is a human being and you both have jobs. Dont mistreat him/her.
5) Don't worry about any other lanes unless you want to help them. This will only get you frustrated. If it bothers you enough, quickly tell your support and jungle to help you break the enemy's bot lane tower so you can roam.
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How to carry in Ranked Games. (General Guide for AD Carries)

I have been a summoner for a year now and have played the adc role quiet a lot. Since then, whenever i play solo qs and play as an adc, i mostly always end up with an unwilling support. I highly recommend of finding a support duo when playing adc. It helps you out much better and hopefully, will help you rise quicker. The trick to winning games in ranks is to make sure your team's morale is happy and easy going. It is easier to lose when the team is flaming each other and overall turning each other down.

You cannot carry the game until you get 1) Fed up by cs 2) Set your opponent's lane back (first blood, zoning, etc). To carry as Draven, all you need to do is have your top and jungle peel for you, support to keep you alive, and maintain tons of damage(Im not Phreak rofl). Late game, you should get beefy as possible like having Warmogs and Guardian Angel or if they are heavily CC and AP based, get Mercurial Scimitar or Banshees. After getting the three items (BT, PD, and IE), you will most likely do enough damage. If they have alot of armor, give up Warmogs for IE and BC like i previously mentioned.
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Creeping / Jungling (e-e...... why is this here)

e_e........ No, just no. But whatever.

Replace 2 AD Quints with Lifesteal Quints

Get Dorans Blade. Start Red, go blue... Wait, i dont need to make a ridiculous guide on this subject. If you want to learn about how to jungle as every champion, ask Phreak or something..
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Hope you enjoyed and get better with Draven! If you need anything or question me about my decisions or builds, please message me :).
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Thank you for the revisers out there such as
More names will come out once i get permission from them.
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